Monday, February 9, 2009

Sirota's masterpice: Obama NOW OWNED by the INSANELY GREEDY BANKERS who got America IN this financial wreck -

Jane Hamsher over at points out that (JPMorgan-) CHASE bank is now EXTORTING its customers for... $120 per year SERVICE FEES (with interest and penalties for those who don't notice and miss a due-date deadline)
EVEN THOUGH the insanely greedy JPM-Chase bankers were BENEFICIARIES of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of TAXPAYER SOCIALIZED BAILOUTS, and now the insanely greedy bankers HAVE THEIR HANDS OUT FOR MORE -

And here is Paul Krugman, saying that "the Right-Wing Plantation-slave-owners, and Neo-Conservative Northeast Financial Scam Artists, have pushed the nation's perceptions SO FAR TO THE RIGHT, that the "middle" is now DESTRUCTIVELY RIGHT-WING... and Obama SELLING OUT to the "DESTRUCTIVE MIDDLE", and NOT CRACKING DOWN on TENS of BILLIONS of BAILOUT FRAUD - is DOOMING his own recovery hopes -

To which we add, "Barak Obama is now OWNED by the fat-cat bankers....
Mr. Obama has NO more interest in TRACKING DOWN the missing BILLIONS that the bankers EXTORTED from the previous 110th Congress in September of 2008 and have squandered since then, than the bankers themselves do."

Even though one report explains that CITI and AIG, ALONE, were "OVERPAID" some $25 BILLION dollars by previous Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson - $25 billion OVER and ABOVE the $15 BILLION they needed to clean up their mess!

THAT is TWENTY-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS that Obama SHOULD HUNT DOWN, GET BACK, and IMMEDIATELY USE to HALT ALL FORECLOSURES in America, but, again, Obama is now TOO CORRUPTED by Wall Street and DC to lift a finger - to track down STOLEN taxpayer BILLIONS.

Here's Sirota's masterpiece:
O's ENTIRE financial/economic team are the mega-bank HIT-MEN who got us in this mess, from Rubins, Summers, Geithner and Emanuel (yep - a multi-millionaire W.St. broker) to the ENTIRE TOP TIER of the Treasury & other economic departments - ALL HOLDOVERS from the Bush-Cheney RADICAL RIGHT WING Republican administration - MONSTER CONFLICTS OF INTEREST with Citi, Chase, Goldman-Sachs, and the other huge banks.

Speaking generically, CHASE-MANHATTEN has historically been SYNONYMOUS with the ROCKEFELLER fortune... as in "Democrat" Senator Jay Rockefeller. As in today's mega-BAILOUT recipient, JPMorgan-CHASE.
Here's the original John D. Rockefeller... hiring strike-breaking "security" goons to .... KILL 20 miners & family members at the Ludlow MASSCRE, April 1914 -

Here's G-S.. dishing out BILLIONS in BONUSES __AFTER___ they were bailed out with $13 BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS in Sept. 2008!

Here's Cahtherine Austin Fitts - "Financial Coup d'Etat

If Obama doesn't reject & divorce himself from these cads, QUICK, he will be "IN" on the MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR LOOTING of American taxpayers and working stiffs... and he will "rightly" be THE FACE Americans come to despise when the PINK SLIPS and EVICTION AGENTS come knocking at the door....
(Just as Right-Wing "shock jocks" of HATE RADIO and Timmy McVeigh __blamed__ "TAX & SPEND, BIG GOVERNMENT Democrats" for the BUSH-1 RECESSION.)

And here's the ghoulish bankers (and NYT) _gloating_ about their ill-gotten bonuses... back in 2006, AS the MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CRISIS was starting to unwind! FOR TWO #%$_!! years!

The bankers did NOTHING about the looming & growing FORECLOSURE CRISIS... KNOWING that they could run to the Pelosi Congress, point a gun at their heads, and say, "GIVE US TRILLIONS $$" and the cowardly, corrupt Democrats would do exactly that.

(Bankers doing NOTHING about the _metastasing_ FORECLOSURE CRISIS Gnawing away at the VERY FOUNDATION of their over-valued "assets" upon which their overblown "profits" were based.... would be like a firefighter smelling smoke from a kitchen fire downstairs at his own house... and being too lazy to get up to put the fire out! )