Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama CORRUPTION: Taking up where Bush & Cheney left off, HANDING BILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars TO the DAMN Bankers...

Obama - BRIBED and SEDUCED by America's RULING CLASS -

HOW can Barak Obama be SO CLUELESS ?? HOW can he allow himself to become SO CORRUPTED within the first two weeks of his presidency?

Well, we all KNOW the answer to that question..... for all his accomplishments at raising tens of millions of dollars from "SMALL DONORS" in his 2008 presidential campaign, Mr. Obama realizes that "TENS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS" is CHILD's PLAY... CHUMP CHANGE.... compared to the TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars that change hands every day between the "investors," bankers, and financial managers on Wall Street and the other major corporations throughout the world.

OBAMA has, like Speaker of Congress Nancy Pelosi and President Bill Clinton before him, BECOME SEDUCED by BIG MONEY and the WAR-LOBBY, the so-called New York and Washington, DC "ESTABLISHMENT."

The most GLARING proof of this is that in September 2008, SENATOR Obama VOTED FOR the $700 BILLION "BAILOUTS" package for Wall Street banks that then President Bush's Secretary of Treasury, HANK PAULSON, and the Bush administration were requesting, nay, DEMANDING from Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Congress.

WITH the oncoming elections of November 2008, and smelling blood-in-the-water - the opportunity, but not certainty, for Democrats to pick up seats in that coming election - Pelosi and her Democrat "leaders" did not want to allow Republicans and the Bush administration to portray the Democratic Congress as contributing in any way to the FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, so Pelosi and her Democrats ROLLED OVER for EVERY fiscal, bailout, budget-busting boondoggle request that Bush, Paulson, and their friends on Wall Street and in the nation's largest banks (for example, Bank of America is headquartered not on Wall St. but in North Carolina) dreamed up.

So using TENS upon HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS, Pelosi, Obama, and the Democrats BOUGHT themselves an election. Big Deal! The ONLY reason the Democrats have been entrusted with power by the American public is because, after 8 years of the Democrats CAVING IN to the Republican administration on at EVERY TURN, it is now clear to 75% of the American people that the Right-Wing Republican policies and agenda ARE A DISASTER for America.
The Democrats are NOT so much the party of the SPIRITED OPPOSITION, but are instead the party of the LESS atrocious alternative.

Which brings us to President Barak Obama. Despite the TENS of MILLIONS of "COMMON" American citizens who powered his election to the presidency, and despite the hundreds of thousands who stood out in the cold that January morning to see him sworn in, President Obama has expressed ZERO interest in... TRACKING DOWN where all the BILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS he voted to authorize for Treasury Secretary Paulson's "TARP" program have gone!!!

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG with Mr. Obama ???

THAT IS REAL MONEY that has GONE MISSING, and NOW Mr. Obama wants the American public..... TO FORK OVER ___ANOTHER___ TRILLION DOLLARS in NEW "stimulus" give-aways, the LIONS SHARE of which are..... MORE TAX-CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY, and MORE BAILOUTS for CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT, FRAUDULENT, ghoulish bankers!!

In our previous post, we asked, "Is President Obama DELUSIONAL?" and we mean it.

HOW the HELL can he be SO DAMN ARROGANT, SO SEDUCED by THE RULING CLASS, that he offers NO APOLOGIES to Americans (in fear of losing their jobs) for the BOTCHED $350 BILLION bailouts that Treasury Secretary Paulson SQUANDERED.... and now Obama wants to put TAXPAYERS on the HOOK for MORE TRILLIONS of bailout dollars for failed, arrogant, corrupt bankers, even while throwing his hands in the air and saying in effect "I AM TOO UNPRINCIPLED and/or WEAK and INCOMPETENT to know where the _PREVIOUS_ $800 BILLION of taxpayer dollars have gone" ?!!!

note: "GHOULISH" _IS_ the operative word here for America's INSANELY CORRUPT, ARROGANT, entitled, cruel bankers and their MEDIA WHORES: HERE is GOLDMAN-SACHS and the NEW YORK SLIMES.... GLOATING about their "BILLION DOLLAR BONUSES" in.... DECEMBER, CHRISTMAS of 2006!

New York Times and Goldman-Sachs GLOAT about their... DECEMBER 2006 BONUSES -
EVEN AS the credit/mortgage/FORECLOSURE CRISIS starts to GNAW AWAY at the very FOUNDATION of their vastly OVERSTATED portfolios - the "assets" - the over-valued "bundled securities" that were the source of their OVERSTATED PROFITS !!

THIS WEEK, the GHOULISH, COMPLICIT, CORRUPT New York Slimes FINALLY takes notice: PEOPLE BEING __EVICTED__ FROM THEIR HOMES, are REAL PEOPLE, and not some ANONYMOUS journal entries on some Nazi concentration-camp commander's new arrivals death list.
In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures
NY Slimes, Feb. 7, 2008

(The photo shows a woman standing, amidst a pile of trash, standing forelornly in front of the home in Ft. Meyers, Florida, that she and her husband owned for EIGHTEEN YEARS.. before being EVICTED this week.


You can look far and wide in the December '06 and January 2007 editions of the NEW YORK SLIMES from that period to FIND ANY REAL CONCERN for American homeowners FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES... EVICTED... by the GHOULISH bankers. Who, for the next two years, WOULD DO NOTHING to AMELIORATE or reduce the impact of the FORECLOSURE/EVICTION crisis... but bankers who WOULD RUN to their CAPTIVE WHORE CONGRESS, and DEMAND TENS upon HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars in "BAILOUTS" !!!!!

The ONLY way that America's ruling elite could get away with this transparent and oh-so-ghoulish agenda was because their bought-and-owned Media Whores - HELPED COVER UP the basic facts, THERE HAS BEEN _NO_ real transparency for the past 8 years!
The NEW YORK SLIMES puts out DOZENS of articles on "WALL STREET PROFITS" and "BONUSES!" and vastly overstated "EARNINGS" - while all but CENSORING the REAL PEOPLE who suffer the hammer-blows of America's ruling class "DISASTER CAPITALISM" i.e. VULTURE capitalism, i.e. LOOT THE WORKIN' STIFFS, and when all else fails, RUN TO CONGRESS and SHAKE 'em DOWN for MORE TRILLIONS of consumer/TAXPAYER dollars"!!!