Monday, March 16, 2009


BY REFUSING to PROSECUTE FINANCIAL FRAUD, President Obama is ROBBING the American people (and ESPECIALLY his core democratic, progressives, and minority grass-roots supporters) of JUSTICE, and of the EXPOSITION of Right-Wing FINANCIAL CRIMINALITY that is NECESSARY to preserve America's Democracy:

On the campaign trail, former Senator Barak Obama PROMISED Americans ONE Thing: "CHANGE" from the way that the previous Bush-Cheney administration did business.

In perhaps the ultimate display of POLITICAL STUPIDITY we Americans have seen, in the TRULY CORE ISSUES of WAR and FINANCIAL CRISIS MANAGEMENT, not only does President Obama and his team present NO real "Change"..... but by OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.... by REFUSING to run THOROUGH and Energetic INVESTIGATIONS of Cheney & Bush White House malfeasance and BLATANT FINANCIAL FRAUD in the handing out of BAILOUT BILLIONS... President Obama EMPOWERS HIS ENEMIES, with MILLIONS of dollars worth of Talking-Points and media PR spin; and, worse, with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of SLUSH-FUND DONATIONS, from the BIG FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS who BENEFIT from taxpayer BAILOUT BILLIONS of dollars, and who STILL _DESPISE_ Regulations, and will happily hand over TEN PERCENT of a BILLION DOLLARS (that would be ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS) to their "DEREGULATION" political allies - IF it would guarantee them immunity from past crimes, and a future GRAVY-TRAIN of continued DEREGULATION and MORE Bailout Billions!
(That scenario - paying out 10% of your bailout billions in slush-fund KICKBACKS to your political allies, of course looks even more rational if the alternative is to face the fate of Bernie Madoff, who has been sentenced to the looming threat of serving an actual life sentence in prison.)

That is, by REFUSING to PROSECUTE FRAUD, Obama HANDS HIS POLITICAL ENEMIES TENS OF MILLIONS of DOLLARS of SLUSH-FUND KICK-BACK DONATIONS, AND gives the Right-Wing Republicans and their Right-Wing HATE-RADIO propaganda machine THE TALKING POINTS THEY NEED to take advantage of all those millions of dollars of Financial Industry "kickback" donations!

And the WORST part is... Obama is getting this "See NO Evil, HEAR NO Evil, SPEAK NO EVIL" of MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD "advice" FROM _HIS OWN_ TEAM!!

This ABJECT POLITICAL STUPIDITY and TREACHERY makes Bill Clinton LYING about an affair LOOK LIKE SOLOMON's WISDOM by comparison!

President Obama simply, still, does NOT understand that the NEO-CONFEDERATE BUSHIES: Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and Tom DeLay and Bill Frist and Trent Lott and Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond - are the JUNIOR Partners to the FORMERLY "LIBERAL" NEO-CONS, who, once the Arab 9-11 terrorist plots went down, revealed themselves to be Radical Right LIKUDNIKS, Neo-Cons every bit as POLICE-STATE and WAR-LUST HAPPY as the neo-Confederates, but FAR WEALTHIER, and BETTER organized!
note: in 1948, then Senator STROM THURMOND split from the Democratic Party - which in the Deep Southern states ever since the Civil War had been the Party of SEGREGATION and OPPOSITION to the Republican Party of (Civil War) President Abraham Lincoln - and in 1948 Mr. Thurmond ran for PRESIDENT on the _DIXIECRAT_ Party platform of "SEGREGATION TODAY, SEGREGATION TOMORROW, SEGREGATION FOREVER"!
In December of 2002, then Republican SENATE MAJORITY LEADER _TRENT LOTT_ infamously was caught on video praising Thurmond's "Dixiecrat" run for the White House, Lott saying at camera at Thurmond's 100 year old birthday party, "IF Senator Thurmond had won the presidency in 1948, A LOT OF PROBLEMS in America WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED" - a CLEAR reference to Lott's preferences for the policies of OFFICIAL SEGREGATION, OFFICIAL Government-sponsored APARTHEID and a RULE OF POLICE-STATE TERROR against minority Americans deprived of their Civil & Constitutional Rights.
THAT is the "DIXIECRAT AGENDA" of the Modern Republican Party, no matter how much Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and Mr. Karl Rove applied the WINDOW-DRESSING of Black cabinet members, including then Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security advisor Condi Rice. Secretary of State Powell was basically FIRED (led to resign) by Cheney and Bush, when Powell objected to the DEFENSE Department of DON RUMSFELD and ___PAUL WOLFOWITZ___ being giving world-wide PRIORITY OVER the State Department, in the formulation of America's overseas foreign relations. Since even by 2001 Secretary of War Don Rumsfeld was going batty as a fruitcake (his only real talent had ever been Republican Party infighting and back-stabbing), that means that uber-Neo-Con WARMONGER PAUL WOLFOWITZ was effectively RUNNING A HUGE PORTION of America's FOREIGN AFFAIRS. For her part, CONDI RICE was selected to be Bush & Cheney's "NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR" in 2001 despite the fact that she had NO insider (or even academic) knowledge of America's multi-trillion dollar Defense/intel/ apparatus, besides her role on several corporate boards (Chevron), and her academic field of specialty, Soviet cold-war politburo politics. Ms. Rice was basically promoted to replace Powell when Powell resigned from Secretary of State, for Rice's role as a "YES-MAN" ("Yes-woman"), Rice, WHILE _NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR_, had been SPECIFICALLY WARNED by then CIA DIRECTOR George Tenet that "AL QAIDA was in ADVANCED STAGES OF PLOTTING ATTACKS _IN AMERICA_, that they had TERROR CELLS ON THE GROUND _already in_ America - yet when Condi Rice informed President Bush and Vice President Cheney of Tenet's URGENT WARNING of JULY 10th, 2001,
she ACCEPTED her role as yes-woman, when Bush and Cheney DID NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to ACT on those very simple, very urgent threats to American national security.... or the LIVES of potential terror-attack victims!

ALL of the Bush-Cheney WAR and POLICE-STATE powers after they did NOTHING to prevent the 9-11 attacks, were DESIGNED as part of the Neo-Con/neo-Confederate agenda to TAKE AMERICA BACK as CLOSE TO SLAVERY-BASED police-state kleptocratic, autocracy (one party dictatorship) & low-wages economy, as humanly, politically feasible.


And of course Bush and Cheney WORKED HARD for EIGHT LONG YEARS to SKIM a few billion here, a few billion there, from TAXPAYER government funds, TO their ENRON, HALLIBURTON, KBR, and BLACKWATER (et al) cronies.

The above "WAR ON AMERICAN WAGES, and BLATANT "Deficit Spending = LOOTING of the US Treasury" policies having landed America right in the Bush-2 Recession, Bush & Cheney's TREASURY SECRETARY, _FORMER GOLDMAN-SACHS CHAIRMAN HANK PAULSON, was able to go to Congress and take the Cheney-Bush SHAKEDOWN RACKET ONE STEP HIGHER: Now Bush & Cheney and their administration would be DIRECTLY (not indirectly via "no bid," no-oversigth Halliburton contracts) SHAKING DOWN American taxpayers, for not tens-of-billions of dollars, but HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, in 200-billion dollar chunks - a process NOW being REPEATED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA's TEAM, with NO, ZERO, NONE! _OVERSIGHT_ of all the PREVIOUS BILLIONS that have been handed to the Financial Extortion crew!


Mr. Obama has been SO COMPLETELY CO-OPTED by his EAST-COAST and CHICAGO Neo-Con "advisors," that he truly believes he can mount his "I'm a BI-PARTISAN Leader" Soap-Box, and make the American public FORGET about those TENS OF BILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLAR BAILOUTS!!

ALREADY - THREE SHORT MONTHS into the Obama administration - former vice-President Cheney is claiming attention, pronouncing that President Obama is WEAKENING AMERICA's NATIONAL SECURITY!
("Cheney warns that Obama policies risk 'catastrophic attack') -

By REFUSING to DEFANG Cheney with forcing him to TESTIFY UNDER OATH in Department of Justice INVESTIGATIONS into Cheney's WAR PROFITEERING,
Obama is EMPOWERING his political enemy with MILLIONS of dollars worth of PR 'spin' TALKING POINTS!

And in HANDING TAXPAYER BAILLOUT BILLIONS to the Big Banksters and Financial Fraudsters who make BERNIE MADOFF look like a small-time carnival huckster, Obama is HANDING BILLIONS of dollars of SLUSH-FUND money, to the very Neo-Con bankers who are HELPING Bush, Cheney, and the neo-Confederate oil men PUSH the American economy into the CESSPIT of THIRD-WORLD BANANA REPUBLICA poverty wages, lost benefits, and LOOTED savings & pensions!!

(For more on the unholy alliance of Neo-Confederate oil-men and Neo-Conservative multi-billion-dollar bankers that Obama is NOW EMPOWERING - together whom comprise the foundation of the WAR-LOBBY, aka "The Military-Industrial-Finanical-Media & Government complex" see here -
ex: "While the WACO/CRAWFORD area [of Texas] is [historically AND TO THIS DAY, eg. he David Koresh inferno in 1993] Infamous for its VIOLENT RELIGIOUS FANATICS and SHOCKING LYNCHINGS...",M1