Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama SHIRKS his FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to American Taxpayers; provides NO oversight of Bailout BILLIONS. This is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE....

In our previous post, we declared President Obama to be politically NEGLIGENT, bordering on OUTRIGHT STUPIDITY, for doing NOTHING to INVESTIGATE the CRIMES and serial abuses of power of the Bush-Cheney administration.
Obama's ALOOF ARROGANCE and "HEAR NO evil, SEE _NO_ Evil, & for god's sake SPEAK NO EVIL!" INSISTENCE on doing NOTHING - REFUSAL to at least lay an outline or groundwork for POTENTIAL investigations into the SERIAL CRIMES of the Bush White House, has NO endearing "Sergeant Schultz" "I see nothing, nothing!" quality to it, and indeed has a element of CRUEL and RUTHLESS ARROGANCE, because, for example, Alabama then Democratic Governor Don Seigelman was ROBBED of his re-election win by a concerted Bush-Department of Justice relentless prosecution, and, after losing that election in 2002 (at the very height of the Bush-Cheney 'War on Terror" "unitary executive" DICTATORS presidential powers and Bush public approval ratings to politically support those "war president" powers), when former Governor Siegelman had the temerity to immediately start running for a new re-election bid, KARL ROVE had his friends in the Alabama US Attorney's Office drop the world on Siegelman head, - RAMRODDING Siegelman STRAIGHT TO PRISON - on trumped up charges in a hurry-up prosecution; a prosecution that ultimately convicted Siegelman of doing what the BUSH ADMINISTRATION DID IN SPADES: PUT BIG CAMPAIGN DONORS in government jobs and on industry oversight boards! Yes, Don Siegelman was _CONVICTED_ of "BRIBERY" for putting one of his campaign donors on the oversight board of an Alabama medical commission in a TRUMPED UP Karl Rove/George Bush/Dick Cheney LYNCH-MOB PROSECUTION, and President Obama, with ALL THE POWERS at his fingertips as the new PRESIDENT of the United States, PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE!
(Note: Don Siegelman's lynch-mob prosecution, besides providing Americans with a modern example of a LYNCH-MOB PROSECUTION of the type that were so popular in the Deep South in the 1920s, also providdes a textbook example of ETHNIC CONFLICT 101; which posits that "IN TIMES OF CRISIS, people of ANY gang, tribe, race, religion, nation, or culture tend to wrap around THE MOST RADICAL and MILITANT leaders of that culture, tend to look on the potential foreign threat as "The Enemy," and tend to treat their own moderates and pacifists as outcasts if not criminals; and in the case of the majority of energetic, zealous such examples of a national or cultural group in crisis, the moderates are TREATED AS THE ENEMEY, as well, and either politically and socially (and financially) DESTROYED, or KILLED outright altogether." SLOBODAN MILOSOVIC first killing opposition and "moderate" SERBS, on the way to setting himself up as the attempted leader of Greater Serbia (and violently ETHNICALLY CLEANSING Croats, Bosnians, Albanian/Muslim Kosovars, and other minorities from Serbia with DEATH SQUADS in the post-Cold War self-destruction of Yugoslavia in 1992) the modern Text-book example of that trend, which also could be summed up in former German Luftwaffe commander AND GESTAPO Commander HERMAN GOERING's comments recorded by his American interrogater during Goering's war-crimes trial at Nuremberg in 1946 -
"THE People CAN ALWAYS be brought to the bidding of the leaders [especially re pursuit of war, treating foreigners as enemies.] That is easy. ALL you have to do is to TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and DENOUNCE the PACIFISTS [and moderates] for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”