Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama Displays his "Majesty of Office" ARROGANCE: the LOOTING of BILLIONS of dollars of American wealth & Taxpayer Bailouts, "a matter of FASHION"?!

Could we even make this up?
While President Bush was often derided as
"the BUBBLE-BOY president," President Obama's current Chief of Staff, former "INVESTMENT BANKER" (aka "buy 'em out AND FIRE 'em! And PAY ME for the privilege!" LBO loan shark) RAHM EMANUEL has SUCH A DEATH-GRIP on who Mr. Obama does and does not see at the White House; that while MILLIONS of Americans KNOW that they have been DEFRAUDED of HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars of wealth, savings, & investments - BEFORE the $700 billion _AND_ _EIGHT HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR_ "BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS" Mr. Obama VOTED FOR and is NOW PUSHING, AGAIN! -

Mr. Obama SEES ONLY that that America's economic crisis is "An EXCESS... of FASHION" !!!!!!!!!
"Excess is out of fashion," Obama said, according to participants in the gathering.
[of BAILED OUT, if not BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT Big Bankers, at a White House meeting yesterday.]
(The New York Times seconds their fellow Neo-Con press WP "fashion" meme, noting that the cherry blossoms are in bloom and repeating the happy "We're all in this together!" (Taxpayer VICTIM goldfish and PREDATORY BANKERS pirhanas in the same fish-tank typed of "together") sentence - NO LESS THAN THREE TIMES! - while also suggesting the notion that "EXECUTIVE PAY" is the ONLY real problem of Obama's "CONTINUE TO GIVE BILLIONS TO FRAUDULENT BANKERS" economic "plan." (aka "the GEITHNER PLAN," or what it really should be called, "The EMANUEL/Summers/RUBINS "GIVE BILLIONS _MORE_ Taxpayer Dollars to Goldman-Sachs & their fellow (loot, plunder, & steal) bankers' plan.")