Friday, March 27, 2009


President Barack OBAMA's CORRUPTION is now CONFIRMED:
Goldman-Sachs has, of course, been "DOUBLE DIPPING" from BAILOUT BILLIONS - but President Obama ENABLES this ROBBERY of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, by STACKING his administration with GOLDMAN-SACHS RETREADS & other (close-to Goldman-Sachs)
"investment bankers"!

NOBEL PRIZE WINNING Economist JOSEPH STIGLITZ (EXCLUDED from the Obama White House by the RAHM EMANEUL-Robert Rubins-GOLDMAN-SACHS MAFIA) - goes FARTHER than (fellow Nobel Prize Winning) economist Paul Krugman did last week...
(Krugman's famous "DESPAIR" column - Mr. Krugman "IN DESPAIR" that the Obama/Geithner/Emanuel/Summers/GOLDMAN-SACHS "financial plan" is yet ANOTHER BILLIONS-of-taxpayer-dollars giveawy BAILOUT for CORRUPT, FRAUDULENT, UNDESERVING bankers... and that money, _on top of_ all the PREVIOUS bailout TRILLIONS, will ROB American taxpayers of the recovery they deserve)
This week, fellow Noble Prize winning economist ups the ante of Mr. Krugman's fears, Stiglitz OPENLY DECLARING that Obama's Plan (aka "the Geithner Plan" aka the "GOLDMAN-SACHS PLAN")

is __"ROBBING American taxpayers!__

(Note: this is a REUTERS, aka "MAINSTREAM MEDIA," headline & source!) -
STIGLITZ: "The Geithner plan will ROB American taxpayers" !!

WORSE - (IF President Obama could get any WORSE than HELPING in the "ROBBING American Taxpayers"!) - is this story from the neo-con New York Times itself, stating that GOLDMAN-SACHS has been DOUBLE-DIPPING on BAILOUT BILLIONS - using AIG as a front-man patsy in at least several cases - AND PRESIDENT OBAMA does _NOT_ CARE!

This is participation in FRAUD & OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!

President Obama - beholden to, OWNED BY his GOLDMAN SACH BANKERS (Rubins, Summers, Emanuel, & their toady Geithner) SIMPLY DOES NOT CARE _HOW MANY BILLIONS_ of TAXPAYER DOLLARS Goldman Sachs and the other big Wall Street FRAUD machines DEFRAUD American taxpayers, workers, pensioners, and investors of!
(note how the above NEO-CON New York Times article is COMPLICIT in the DEFRAUDING of America: the above link, titled "[NY Attorney General" Cuomo 'Widens his Investigation," is AMORPHOUS, vague, does NOT draw attention to the article that a MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD story deserves, and SHOULB be titled, "GOLDMAN SACHS DOUBLE-DIPPING on BAILOUT BILLIONS".... and SHOULD be FRONT PAGE of the Times, in BLARING headlines!
But the TIMES, like the Neo-Con WASHINGTON POST, is "IN" on the LOOTING of American taxpayers, so this EXCELLENT article is BURIED in an abscure NY Tiimes "blog" page, with an obscure headline(WHAT THE HELL does "Widen" mean, if you weren't already predisposed to read the story?), in an on-line story which doesn't even start with normal url!! )