Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Olbermann's "Countdown" news show, in 5 min. video clip, OUTLINES CAUSES of ECONOMIC CRISS better than 1,000 pages of "business reporting"

In a 5:43 minute video clip, Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" news show outlines the causes of America's economic crisis better than 1,000 pages of lying New York Times, Washington Post, or even "business" magazines "news" tripe.
TO begin with, Olbermann notes that WALL STREET and the US financial corporations have spent FIVE BILLION DOLLARS "influencing" Congress and US lawmakers over that past 10 years...
needless to say, these are LEGALIZED BRIBES, that ALLOWED top executives of those financial companies to LOOT, not only their own companies, but the PENSIONS, SAVINGS, wages, benefits, and investments of TENS of THOUSANDS of Americans... leading directly to this economic crisis.
The only thing that Olbermann doesn't quite spell out, is just how in-bed "DEMOCRATIC" leaders & politicians - including the OBAMA administration - are with this process. (See our previous post.)