Friday, April 2, 2010

Even the Neo-Con (Wash-Post & NY lyin' Times lite) figures it out: RAHM EMANUEL is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING RETHUGLICAN, only POSING as a "Democrat"....

Ok, so Joe Conason is one of the small handful of truly impartial and objective reporters out there in America-land
 (which is to say, "a genuine liberal,"  in that he is not a RELENTLESS APOLOGIST for the serial Right-Wing economic, political, cultural, and social ATROCITIES the corporate establishment continues to relentlessly shove down America's throats, from reproductive health clinic assassins to trillion-dollar taxpayer extorted "bailouts"  for bankrupt banksters & hedge-fund extortionists, EVICTION NOTICES and PINK SLIPS for  EVERYONE ELSE), 
....but when - "The NY Times and  Washington-Post wannabe of the San Francisco West Coast internet" - publishes  "The White House pattern [i.e. Emanuel's style]  can most accurately be described as SURRENDER, THEN NEGOTIATE" -
  ...well, even the establishmentarian Neo-Con Wannabees at are getting a little wary of  Mr. Emanuel's  "OF, BY, and FOR GODDAMN-SACHS" routine.
Offshore drilling: Did RAHM Emanuel SELL OUT  too soon?
Behind Obama's decision to drill is the same misguided political strategy that came close to killing health reform
By Joe Conason,, April 1, 2010
 ...there is now an unmistakable pattern of White House strategy. The drilling decision recapitulates the administration's botched approach to healthcare reform, a tactical style that could most accurately be described as "SURRENDER,  THEN NEGOTIATE"....  (cont'd)  

  Or, more simply still, "SABOTAGE, then PRETEND that you were being a TOUGH GUY."