Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mrs. Alan Greenspan.... a.k.a. Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC.... PIMPS for GOLDMAN-SACHS defense of Fraud Charges...

 uber Washington insider Andrea Mitchell & and her "uber Washington financial-power-broker"
(not to say "economy wrecker")   husband, Alan Greenspan - 
  For those who believe that  MSNBC is "LIBERAL" because it hosts the Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz shows,  a quick glance at the above video, by another MSNBC "news" hostMRS. ALAN GREENSPAN (more commonly known inside Washington and to MSNBC viewers as  ANDREA MITCHELL)   will correct the error:

    Mrs. Greenspan will NEVER  openly criticize the ECONOMY TRASHING "deregulation, and LOW INTEREST RATES to connected banksters"  economic policies of her husband, former FED CHAIRMAN Alan Greenspan,   that CREATED BOTH the S&L debacle &  Bush-1 Recession of the late 1980s, and the REPEAT "credit bubble boom,  CREDIT BUBBLE BUST" of the Bush-II/Obama Recession of 2008 to today;   and here she is doing what  WASHINGTON  "beltway insiders" do best:  Spending lots  of time TALKING, but  giving out VERY LITTLE REAL INFORMATION.    
Because to hear Mrs. Greenspan tell it,  not only  did Goldman Sachs do NOTHING  provably illegal... but, hell,  THERE'S   NO ECONOMIC  CRISIS out there in America-land, in the first place!  
 (besides maybe a few EASILY CRUSHED financial "where's the investigations?" stories.)

  AND THAT's how  so-called "liberal"  (but actually  BELLY-of-the-BEAST General Electric mega-corporate war-profiteer, nuclear-weapons manufacturer, and credit-banking   conglomerate-giant owned)  "MSNBC rolls." 

   Andrea also did another  similar "INSIDE D.C. HIT JOB" on her show today, against  Arkansas Dem. Senate candidate  BILL HALTER's  insurgent, OUTSIDE of D.C. primary campaign to OUST  Corporate  Democrat, corrupted /D.C. insider Senator BLANCHE LINCOLN. 
    Mrs. Greenspan/.Mitchell lobbed ONE SOFTBALL question after another to Senator Blanche  "I'll ENABLE the REPUBLICAN FILIBUSTER against Public Option health care" Lincoln,  using all the oh-so-serious inside-DC gravitas code-words that convey "stability" and "responsibility" (EVEN as the inside DC Senatorial  gangsters PRESIDE over THE DESTRUCTION & LOOTING of America's economy)  -  without  Mitchell or MSNBC  even once airing a photo of  candidate Halter,  much less giving him a moment's  positive mention. 
 Because  PIMPING  for  Goddamn-Sachs, and Goddamn-Sachs  CORRUPTION  ENABLING  bribed & bought senators, is what Mrs Greenspan/Mitchell, and MSNBC, do.