Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama a bald-faced liar about his "NO DRILLING oil OFFSHORE" 2008 campaign pledge...

  Here he is in his own lyin' words:  Barack Obama, at a campaign speech in 2008, making a persuasive argument why OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING would NOT  provide Americans ANY  energy or gas price relief:

   The most cogent argument for  Obama making a liar of himself on this issue, is as a PRE-EMPTIVE  PROPAGANDA STRIKE in the  LOOMING EMBARGO OF IRAN that is now item #1. on the hit list  of RAHM EMANUEL  and Obama's other "ISREAL FIRST, TO HELL WITH AMERICANS!"  handlers.
  Not that drilling offshore would alleviate the gas crisis of the IRAN EMBARGO that is roaring down on the world by the Likudnik's  insane lust to START A NEW WAR in the Mideast,   but Obama's  "DRILL BABY DRILL!" lying treachery would defang a Republican talking point when gas prices shoot up to $8/gallon during the coming gas crisis.
  Mr. Obama and his ANTI-AMERICAN "Israel uber alles" handlers at Goddamn-Sachs and the Israel War Lobby (AIPAC)   CONTINUE to SABOTAGE America's SOLAR PANEL ELECTRIC GRID potential
 (just as the "financial geniuses" and "economic gurus" from Goddamn-Sachs who DOMINATE the Congress and  U.S. government's "economic leadership"  have SABOTAGED a HIGH-SPEED RAIL line between NY & D.C. for the past 3 decades - the 2 cities that boast of themselves as world "LEADERS" in ALL things political, financial, and technological!)
 because they ENJOY making MONOPOLY PROFITS, at American consumer expense, on the limited and restricted world oil supply.