Monday, April 26, 2010

Financed by American banks (which means, via "bailouts," AMERICAN TAXPAYERS), Israel's LAND THEFT of Palestinian homes, villages, and territory from Palestinians....

Jewish illegal "settlements" are receiving the HIGHEST  PRIORITY SUBSIDIES, directly from the Israel government and military:  EVERY major government branch and agency of the Jewish state have clearly made it their highest priority to support - with billions of dollars of infrastructure improvements, the aggression and land-seizures  by settlers backed by Jewish soldiers  building    condominiums and apartments constructed for those Jewish "settler families" on land stolen from Palestinians owners.

Are Israeli Jews and their American & European supporters now SYNONYMOUS with the FRAUD, THEFT, & murderous Ethnic Cleansing, using the very "SHYSTER" legal swindling tactics that Jews have spent the past  hundreds years complaing about as "racist stereotypes"?
 Needless to say.... "but it must be  repeated,  constantly" - Israeli Jews - AND THEIR AMERICAN SUPPORTERS, who tacitly  support both the massive political and legal "free pass" for  MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUDS perpetrated by Golddamn-Sachs in America's financial markets;  AND  who support  the internationaly condemned ETHNIC CLEANSING tactics perpetrated by Israel's theocratic government, shyster lawyers, complicit government agencies, and murderous military - are perpetrating the EXACT "POGRAM" type  ethnic cleansing tactics against Palestinians,  that the Jews have spent the past 2,000 years complaining about similar property-siezing and political & economic disenfranchisement. whether   at the hands of Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the Cossacks, the Nazis, or any of other parties.
  (Even as, in the case of Jew fleeing the Spanish Inquisition from 1492 on, to the Ottoman empire in Turkey, Jewish officials in the Porte (sultanate) condoned or profiteered from  similar murderous ethnic cleansing tactics used by the Ottomans against Greeks, Serbs, Cypriots, Arabs (of Lawrence of Arabia fame),  and even the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, where over 1 million Armenian men, women, and children were marched into the Syrian desert to die by the Turkish military and  ("Blackwater-esque")  Kurd & other mercenary bandits, during the later years of WWI....  the British government throwing frequent obstacles into Russian support for Armenia,  (the Anglo-Russian alliance of WWI against Turkey not-with-standing) because the British prefered to let the Turks massacre and wipe out Armenians, to letting the Russian military (and especially the Russian navy)  get close to the Mediterranean. 
(The British had earlier fought the Crimean War against  Russia to thwart such a Russian advance west towards the Med.)  
 The Jewish (AIPAC, Israel-American Political Action Committee) lobby dominated U.S. Congress (and it's dozens of  Jewish Senators & Congressmen/women) DISGRACEFULLY REFUSES to  pass even  a lousy official Condemnation or acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide,
(note: this link shows the fury of Turkish wrath to such a Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, a measure that died in  Congress after it left committee
 because the Jewish state (as outlined above) has powerful, centuries-long ties with the former Ottoman/Turkish empire (and thus modern Turkish state), and specifically Turkey today is among the Jewish state's friendliest - if seldom mentioned - Muslim political allies.
  And, even as Jewish historians and religous "leaders"  COMPLAIN about  the ethnic cleansing, pogroms, inquisitions,  "holocausts," and other  racially motivated purges of others in history, they are now ratcheting up their own IDENTICAL tactics.