Thursday, April 8, 2010

On behalf of his GENOCIDAL Jewish "Neo-Con" paymasters & warmongers, Barack Obama THREATENS Iran with NUCLEAR ANNHILATION, nuclear genocide, and nuclear extortion....

NEW! Bill Kristol's rantings & lunacy CONFIRM our entire below post!
Obama's INSANITY: 
 It is as if  BILL KRISTOL,  JOE LIEBERMAN, and JOHN BOLTON - all DESPISED by  VAST SWATHS of the American public -
 are DRIVING President Obama's foreign policy... because, via  RAHM EMANUEL &  Obama's other "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"   LIKUDNIKS,
the Bolton/Lieberthug/Kristol/Wolfo/Netanyahu  warmongers ARE  Driving Obama's insanity!
  The  atrocities and "news"   coming out of  the Neo-Con  ("radical Right-Wing reactionary," anti-democratic bordering on medieval, mostly Jewish,  posing as intellectual and 'modernist')  infested Washington D.C. power structure and  New York & Wall Street  financial world  are so fast and furious, that it's hard to keep up.  

  In one day we learned that no less than the "Maestro,"   the  "ECONOMIC  GENIUS" of Neo-Con financial expertise  ALAN GREENSPAN hisself,  all but cried and complained in public (in comedic "Sgt. Schultz" fashion?)   that THERE WAS NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING  he could have done to slow down the looming American FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE and banking meltdown  that (we now know)  only gained inexorable speed and strength, UNDER Greenspan's watch,  after the ENRON  meltdown from SHEER ACCOUNTING FRAUD and financial corruption in 2002,  because,  well,   unlike the Wizard who rectifies  sourcerer apprentice Micky Mouses' fiasco sequence in the Disney film Fantasia,   Alan Greenspan JUST DIDN'T KNOW WHAT the HELL  HE WAS DOING...    all that Neo-Con PROPAGANDA about Greenspan's  "genius" and tireless efforts, as "maestro" (yes, that means YOU, Bob Woodward),  and leader of the "Committee to SAVE THE WORLD!"  malarky notwithstanding. 
   But  comparing  WRECKING the economy,  with either (take your pick)
A.  PREMEDITATED  "boom & bust,"  "inflate & then CRUSH the credit supply"  titanic  economic larceny
 (which credit deflation  financial predators and Economic Hit Men at the IMF and other  big NY & London banks to buy up valuable assets for PENNIES on the dollar in financial "fire sale" auctions);    or
B. merely routine financial incompetence & Dereliction of Duty  that Mr. Greenspan was pleading as a defense in his Senate testimony yesterday,  
    the _REAL news_  out of Washington makes 
Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Geithner, Blankfein, Fuld,  Dimon, GeeWBush, Paulson, and Bernanke, et al, LOOK LIKE PIKERS in the "WORLD  SABOTAGE & DESTRUCTION" department, because,  what do you know,   the "CHANGE you can NOT!  believe in"  President  Barack Obama is  THREATENING IRAN with NUCLEAR WEAPONS... praise Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Moses! 

 "Obama Threatens Iran with Nukes" 

  Just to CONFIRM that  Mr. Obama's  NUCLEAR saber-rattling is NOT a case of misreading the fine-print tea-leaves in  New York, Washington,    and Tel Aviv;
   Iraq war protest activist David Swanson, also at ConsortiumNews,   outlines how the NY & D.C. Neo-Cons are  still continuing, in their relentless efforts, to INDOCTRINATE the American public that  AGGRESSIVE WAR is not only TOLERABLE - but a necessary act of  national bravery and defiance against the forces of evil! 
(The WAR PROFITEERING of those who agitate for, and will profit from, those wars, far, far,   far from the  propaganda narrative  focus of Neo-Con war-mongering media-whores'  attention.)
 (Insert pictures of PNAC warmonger BILL KRISTOL,  the Walrus-mustachioed  nuclear genocidal  war-lusting JOHN BOLTON, and  DIANNE "my husband is a war contractor"  FIENSTEIN  here.)
   Who needs HIMMLER, GOERING, Goebbels, & Adolf, when we've got  KRISTOL, KAGAN, BOLTON, & Emanuel?

Making Aggressive War OK, for Some
By David Swanson
April 4, 2010      and  -
Obama Threatens Iran with Nukes
By ConsortiumNews
April 6, 2010
In readjusting U.S. policy on when to launch a nuclear strike, President Barack Obama has repudiated the use of nukes against non-nuclear states with the exception of Iran, which he termed an “outlier” along with North Korea.

However, since North Korea already possesses at least a limited nuclear arsenal, Obama’s exception singles out Iran as the only non-nuclear-weapons state that faces a threatened nuclear attack from the United States.

“The Nuclear Posture Review states very clearly, if you are a non-nuclear weapons state that is compliant with the NPT [Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty], you have a negative assurance we will not be using nuclear weapons against you,” Obama told the New York Times on Monday, outlining his changes in American policy toward the use of nuclear weapons.
Iran is a signatory to the NPT [while ISRAEL  IS NOT].

Thus, In Obama's view, Iran is not "compliant" and can still be targeted for nuclear annihilation by the United States.
What is perhaps even more extraordinary about Obama’s comments – and the nonchalant response from the U.S. news media – is that the President appears to be exploiting technical disputes to overturn a broader principle that nuclear states should not threaten non-nuclear states with nuclear destruction.
One of the reasons for that principle -- beyond simple human decency -- is to reduce the incentive of non-nuclear countries to secretly develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent against such threats.
Yet, apparently wanting to look tough on Iran, Obama created this loophole by inserting the “compliant” language in the Nuclear Posture Review. All that would be required for the United States to threaten to nuke a non-nuclear state would be to catch it in some ALLEGED  technical violation of the NPT.
And such trickery is not hard to imagine. President George W. Bush exploited claims about Iraq’s non-existent WMDs to justify invading in 2003.
The mainstream [Neo-Con INFESTED]  U.S. press corps also can be counted on to exaggerate some ambiguous situation – whether aluminum tubes going to Iraq or Iran’s delay in telling the IAEA about construction of an enrichment facility – as a casus belli.
Arguably, Obama’s comments to the New York Times – and the language in the Nuclear Posture Review – could even be viewed as ratcheting up the threats against Iran by making clear that past vague language from the Bush administration, saying “all options are on the table,” DID INCLUDE a possible NUCLEAR STRIKE.  
Before Obama’s interview, that was an implicit understanding, now it is explicit.
Building a Case for Nukes....  [= BUILDING a CASE for NUCLEAR WAR, and NUCLEAR EXTORTION] -
.....Instead, Obama has chosen to brandish nuclear weapons in the face of Iran, a country that has just been given an added incentive to build its own.