Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OBAMA's "Department of 'Justice'" is CONTINUING the Bush DoJ reign of GESTAPO/kgb TERROR against Whistleblowers & Political Opponents of Obama's RADICAL Right-Wing NEO-CON "Israel uber alles" CABAL..

  Just as  Ken Starr's so-called "Independent Counsel" "Whitewater" financial investigation  devolved into Mr. Starr using his FBI investigators & 'Justice'  Department prosecutors to COMPELL WOMEN to TESTIFY ABOUT THEIR SEX LIVES (at any time in the past that they made have had contact with Bill Clinton),  and just as George W. Bush's  Department of 'Justice"  sought to COMPELL false and perjurous testimony to CONVICT  a popular political opponent, 
  SO TOO  is President Barack  Obama ALLOWING his  NEO-CON  INFESTED  government and Department of 'Justice'   to PERPETRATE PERJUROUS, MALICIOUS, and FALSE PROSECUTIONS against individuals  that were started under the Bush administration -

 -  Mr. Obama is SO CORRUPTED by his  America-hating "Israel First"  (Jewish) Neo-Con Likudniks, that he would RATHER PROSECUTE INNOCENT AMERICANS, than root out the rot that  still  saturates  America's political, economic, government, and "Justice" systems.  

Barack Obama - the junior senator from Illinois who was elected president of the United States based on the hopes of millions of American voters that he would bring "Change" to Washington D.C., and to America's corruption ridden financial and political establishments,   is now a wholly-owned dictatorial shadow of those anti-American  "Israel First" Likudniks and Goddamn-Sachs financial extortionists.

     The   LegalSchnauzer.blogspot.com has been doing yeoman work on the SERIAL, DICTATORIAL CORRUPTION of America's "Justice" department,  and this story indicates (as outlined above), that Mr. Obama is SO DETERMINED to WHITEWASH the DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES of Bush, Cheney, and Rove's  out-of-control  "Justice" Department, that  Mr. Obama is once again acting as an aloof, dictatorial, and distant  god on Mt. Olympus, as the FULL WEIGHT of the "Justice" Department is brought to bear to FINANCIALLY RUIN and  CRIMINALLY CONVICT those who refuse to provide the  FALSE TESTIMONY that the DoJ is TRYING TO EXTORT  from innocent Americans.
 In short, Mr. Obama is WHOLLY EMBRACING  Step #10 in Naomi Wolf's  "TEN STEPS to FACISM IN AMERICA"  "SUSPEND THE RULE OF LAW," 
   allowing the state to ACT AS A DITATOR  to SUMMARILY DESTROY  ANYONE  the authoritarians choose to destroy;  
  which step is merely a CONSOLIDATION of the  previous steps on Ms. Wolf list, including (#2.)  "Create a Gulag,"   (#3.) "Develop a THUG caste" of enforcers and political terrorists;  (#4.) HARRASS citizens groups (Mr. Obama's Neo-Con partners in crimes-against-humanity, the NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST, have SUCCEDED in their murderous JIHAD to DESTROY the minority and low-income voter activist group "Acorn"),  (#7) TARGET KEY INDIVIDUALS...
 The original sin here in Barack Obama's COMPLICITY with Bush & Rove's murderous JIHAD to turn the US government into a political INTIMIDATION and TERROR machine,  was Rove's determination to TARGET Alabama Democratic GOVERNOR Don Siegelman -  only  THE MOST VISIBLE and progressive  __DEMOCRATIC__ governor of a Deep South (former slavery) state;  a PURGING, INTIMIDATION, and TARGETING of an innocent American  that Mr. Obama is now fully party to. 

  What is especially terrifying  about Mr. Obama's  ABJECT CRIMINAL COMPLICITY with this DICTATORSHIP HIJACKING of the "Justice" Department by the Jewish Neo-Cons  and Bush/Rove/Cheney white Christian fundamentalists (including the 5  Right-Wing Catholic Supreme Court in-Justices, Scalia, Alito, Roberts and their Black flunky Clarence Thomas),  is that THEY ARE NOW SO SECURE in their  DICTATORSHIP CONTROL, that in the case of these _POLITICAL_  LYNCH MOB prosections,  their  (step #8) CONTROL of the MEDIA is so absolute, that they don't even need to invoke  step #1. ("invoke a TERRIFYING internal or external ENEMY") or step #9 "Dissent = Treason"!

   To illustrate just how TREASONOUS  and TREACHEROUS the   MEYER/Graham WASHINGTON POST and  Arthur  SULZBERGER  New York Times are (both JEWISH owned 'news' organizations),  Governor Siegelman was raised in the JEWISH faith (as are his children),  but STILL Arthur  Sulzberger's MURDEROUSLY RACIST & ANTI-AMERICAN  NY Times (and Meyer/Graham WashPost)  will PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE the DoJ &  Karl Rove orchestrated (and former JEWISH Attorney General MICHAEL MUKASEY WHITEWASHED)  POLITICAL LYNCHINGS of  Governor Siegelman or those who refuse to provide FALSE testimony... SHOVING INNOCENT AMERICANS into the "ISRAEL FIRST"  PRISON GULAG SYSTEM,  is "A-OK" with the TREASONOUS  NY Times &  WashingtonPost. 
    IF Mr. Obama is  ASSISTING the RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Conservative "Israel uber alles" & reactionary White fundamentalists in  CREATING A POLITICAL  TERROR GULAG in America, that would make HIM guilty of  VIOLATING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL OATH to "protect and defend the Constitution" (and its Bill of Rights and Civil Rights) as well.
  Bush League "Justice": Punishing Those Who Refuse to Lie Under Oath
Those who have closely followed the criminal activities of the Bush-era Justice Department, probably know that former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy was prosecuted after he refused to give false testimony against former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Scrushy was unlawfully convicted and now is in federal prison.

Less known is the case of former Jefferson County Commissioner Gary White, who might be facing a similar fate. White, a Republican, refused to give the testimony that federal prosecutors wanted about Siegelman and Scrushy--and wound up being prosecuted and convicted on corruption charges. White and his wife, Judy, have been devastated financially--and White recently asked a judge to appoint an attorney because he could not afford one.

Siegelman, released from federal prison pending final appeal of his own conviction, is trying to shine a spotlight on the Whites' situation.

We first learned of the extraordinary pressure federal investigators placed on Gary White from the reporting of Scott Horton at Harper's. And now Judy White has released a statement that reveals how low our Justice Department has fallen since George W. Bush became president:

"My husband, while serving as an elected county commissioner, was subpoenaed to give grand jury testimony against former Governor Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy, because he assisted in arranging the meeting between them at which federal prosecutors contend crimes were committed that resulted in Governor Siegelman's and Mr. Scrushy's convictions. Please understand that I was present when my husband was questioned by federal officials, and I witnessed their demands that my husband testify as he was told, regardless of his insistence that he could not. Following his refusal to comply, the Office of the U.S. Attorney began investigating him, and obtained an indictment and a conviction, which was overturned by the trial judge.

The U.S. Attorney appealed the reversal. My husband got on the wrong side by refusing to commit perjury for their benefit. We have complained to the Office of Professional Responsibility and to the Department of Justice, to no avail, of numerous and verifiable instances of wrongdoing in this matter.

On one day we were highly respected, productive citizens, taking care of our family, and contributing to our community in numerous ways, serving on the boards of non-profits and raising awareness and money for worthy causes, aside from my husband's public service. Then, after my husband refused to commit perjury at the direction of federal officials, they have viciously focused on causing destruction, including the loss of employment, our home, relationships, and any and every resource we might have to fight back, to the point my husband is even unable to retain counsel.

Please help us, and please continue to help change a broken system.

If I did nothing, we would continue as we have since that fateful day when my husband refused to lie as demanded. Ultimately, I understand someone has to speak out and speaking out brings exposure. But if everyone with knowledge of the corruption spoke out, it would have to end, so I have chosen to not be part of the conspiracy of silence."

Siegelman encourages those who are concerned about justice issues to consider helping the Whites:

And now, they need some help. My heart goes out to them.

Please send a contribution to Gary White so that he can obtain counsel:

Mr. Gary White
7032 Greenwood Lane
Leeds, AL 35094

Siegelman also provides perspective on the state of our justice system since George W. Bush and Karl Rove came to power:

There is no doubt in my mind that if (Gary White) had lied, as they apparently asked, he would have never been hassled. This is the sad state that this Rove inspired investigation sank to in my case.