Friday, March 12, 2010

TREACHERY & BETRAYAL: NANCY PELOSI, the WHOLLY-OWNED Congresswoman of the ISRAEL LOBBY, SABOTAGES Public Option health care reform, AT RAHM EMANUEL & GODDAMN-SACHS' instigation. The Pelosi Congress is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING "loot the treasury, give TRILLIONS to banksters, give CRUMBS to Americans" loan shark institution...

 Nancy Pelosi IS A DISGRACE, to the notion of CONSTITUTIONAL  American government, AND  to the notion of REPRESENTATIVE American government.

 She has REPEATEDLY __GIVEN AWAY__  TRILLIONS of  taxpayer EXTORTED dollars to "BAIL OUT" CORRUPT, FRAUDULENT, PREDATORY, and PARASITIC  bankers,  but when she had an opportunity to MAKE SOME PROGRESS for besieged American working families and taxpayers....  SHE REPEATEDLY acts as RAHM EMANUEL's  EXECUTIONER of democracy in America.

    What a sad, pathetic, miserable woman:  SHE CAN'T GIVE OUT ENOUGH "BAILOUTS" checks to her Wall St. banksters, lobbyists, and courtiers, while she works right out of the RAHM EMANUEL  White House playbook, PRETENDING that there IS NOT  HEALTH CARE CRISIS in America.  
Pelosi: Public Option Is Off the Table
By Steven T. Dennis
Roll Call Staff
Feb. 28, 2010
 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) predicted Sunday that she would find the votes to pass a health care overhaul and said Democrats had already made major concessions to Republicans, including ditching the public insurance option.
 “A year later, we’re closer to what Republicans were suggesting at that time, an exchange and not a public option,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
Pelosi said, “There is no public option on the table now.”
Pelosi said all last year “was a year of trying to strive for bipartisanship,” but she said it failed because “we have a different value system here.”
    In that last sentence, from Feb. 28th, 
  She is  IGNORING the WILL of MILLIONS of American voters - the VAST MAJORITY of citizens who WANT RELIEF from PRIVATE for-profit insurance "Health Care" EXTORTION -   BECAUSE SHE has an IDENTICAL  "Values System"  WITH   RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS,  putting LOBBYISTS,  KICK-BACKS SLUSH FUND ("campaign donations") BRIBERY,  OVER and ABOVE the will of the American people.

   As today's grim, dismal,  paid-for-by health-care EXTORTING insurance industry lobbyists headlines confirms and  inform us -
Pelosi: Public option will not be in health bill 

By Jordan Fabian - 12 March 2010, breaking at 11:42 AM ET
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday that the public health insurance option will not be included in a package of fixes to healthcare reform legislation.
Pelosi's comments throw a wrench into liberal efforts to reintroduce it to the bill. She shut the door on a possible pathway opened by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who said earlier on Friday that he would "aggressively" push senators to vote for the plan if the House included it in the fixes. 
  Nancy Pelosi IS A TRAITOR  to REPRESENTATIVE  American democracy, SHE GIVES AWAY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Wall Street bankers WITHOUT a DIME's worth of I.O.U.s,  and then COMES DOWN LIKE AN EXECUTIONER, on the GENUINE Health Care reform, that would FREE UP  America's SMALL BUSINESSES and industrial manufacturers from "health" insurance executives PARASITIC, MONOPOLY  EXTORTION.