Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Treachery: SOFT-BALL against Republicans and "Conservative Democrats," HARBALL EXTORTION _only_ against those House Democrats who actually Represented the PLEDGES and PROMISES from Obama's 2008 campaign...

The Democrat's "Manchurian candidate" saboteur,  traitor, &  economy-killing economic hit-man in action: Rahm Emanuel arrived at Eric Massa's 2006 campaign, SPECIFICALLY to SABOTAGE Massa's WINNING, POPULAR,
"Republicans are corrupt" campaign  speech by trying to get Massa to run a REPUBLICAN-lite, pro-war campaign...
 New:   FDL  points to a  2007   addition to the ongoing  story of   Rahm Emanuel's  PURGE of  genuinely  DEMOCRATIC candidates from  "Democrat" Party primaries: Emanuel's  TREACHEROUS  radical  RIGHT-WING, pro-wars, tax-cuts-for-wealthy,  DEREGULATION, and BAILOUTS for FRAUDULENT bankers  Neo-Con HIJACKING of the Democratic Party has been on-going since well before 2006, as our  own earlier post  and our DWT link outlined - sheer treachery and theft, made possible ONLY by RELENTLESS DECEIT, playing on the IGNORANCE and GULLIBILITY of Democratic voters.
Well,  you have to give him credit:  IF  SHEER DECEIT, BACK-STABBING TREACHERY,  and relentless LIES and SELLOUTS are to be 'admired' in the world of political power, deceit, bribery,  & treachery, then,
    Yes, Rahm Emanuel has just COLLECTED  TWO DOZEN "liberal" Democrat scalps (see our previous post)   in his dictatorial determination to RAM THE INSURANCE COMPANY  BAILOUT  "health care" 'reform' extortion bill  down hapless American families'  throats. 
    Mr. Emanuel's tactics read as a "how to" in TREACHERY:
 #1.  Instead of coming out with a health care reform plan that Americans would actually applaud and flock to,  Emanuel instructed Obama to DO NOTHING - play the aloof, distant god on Mt. Olympus - THEREBY SURRENDERING the Bully Pulpit, and SQUANDERING Obama's MANDATE for "CHANGE!" to the  TEA-PARTY protesters and their astro-turf  hit men, like DICK ARMEY and the entire Rethuglican rabble-rousing party.
#2.   EVERY TIME that  PUBLIC DEMAND for a Public Option (in itself a watered down Single Payer reform)  bubbled to the surface - DESPITE  Obama & Emanuel's treachery and deceit - Emanuel "masterfully" played the DELAY, DENY, DERAIL and DESTROY game.
 #3.  The above "delay, deny and destroy"  tactic demanded EMPOWERING EVERY "yellow dog" backstabbing "Democrat" in the senate; so like a Broadway director hustling his showgirls across a stage,  Emanuel trotted  his "D.I.N.O." (Democrat In Name Only)  Senators out  one after another... to  OBSTRUCT the will of the American people.
 First Senator Baucus, then Senator Ben Nelson, then Senator Mary Landrieu, then Senator Blanche Lincoln,  then even  nominal "good guy" Senator Ken Conrad, and finally the DESPISED Senator Joe Lieberman... one after another EMANUEL PARADED THEM ACROSS THE STAGE,  the cowardly Washington Post and lyin' New York  Times  duly reporting on the  "chaos" & "confusion" in the Democrat Party - dutifully portraying  Emanuel's  premeditated Senate tag-team SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION as "the will of independent minded senators"  "representing" their "conservative"  constituents.

    Emanuel's (and Obama's)  health care "reform" bill is, above all, a monument to OBSTRUCTING THE WILL of the vast majority of Americans.

     And the bottom line is, Emanuel (and obama)  COULD  __WHIP__ the   Democrat HOUSE in line,  after SABOTAGING a genuine reform bill for 15 months - 
  but the lying, treacherous,  "ISRAEL UBER ALLES,"
    "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs"
  saboteur  Rahm Emanuel   REFUSED to WHIP  the treacherous  Dem Senators into line  when Americans COULD have had a REAL, Public Option health care reform bill...
  ...instead of this "TRILLION DOLLARS  extorted from American  taxpayers & families
 FOR  my pals in the insurance industry" ATROCITY.