Tuesday, March 16, 2010

America DRAGGED DOWN by our OBSOLETE "FOR PROFIT" internet, which lacks top Broadband speeds and national reach...

In yet another case where Right-Wing ideology is TREASONOUSLY DESTRUCTIVE to America, the nation,   America's BROADBAND Internet speeds LAG FAR BEHIND Europe and many Asian cities.
  To paraphrase Dean Wurmer's advice (to his minions) in the movie, "Animal House,"   "FAT, LAZY, IGNORANT, and STUPID"  is NO  way for America to claim  the 'world leadership' role, son" -
  The  "world leadership" role  that Right-Wing talking heads & opinion writers FEAST ON,  (advocating ever expanding U.S. wars overseas),  EVEN as they SABOTAGE America's technological growth and economy  with their relentless, "Of, by and for the ruthless landlords & bankers" rhetoric here in America:
America's Second-Rate Broadband Is Dragging Us Down
by Eric Schmidt
Mar. 15, 2010 

Yes, the Internet was invented in the United States. Yes, we once led the world in broadband development. But now, networks in many countries, from Western Europe to East Asia, are faster and more advanced than our own. Long after we recover from this recession, this broadband gap will be a dead weight on American businesses and workers, unless we act now.
Writer Eric Schmidt even captures the root of the problem:
America's TREASONOUS wealthy, and their TREASONOUS lying media WHORES at the WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES, Time & Newsweek magazines, and other so-called "liberal media"  (but actually RADICAL Right-Wing 'Neo-Conservative' WARMONGERING, TAX-CUTS for rich, NO OVERSIGHT of financial markets, and BAILOUTS for FRAUDULENT, CRIMINAL financiers and bankers advocates)  -  much less the blantantly and proudly right-wing 'news' outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bill Kristol's  and Australian demagogue RUPERT MURDOCH's  Fox "news" empire, have for several generations now (20-40 years) been effectively STEALING CREDIT  for  the INFRASTRUCTURE BUILDUP and SUCCESSES that were textbook examples of  "SOCIALIZED,"  "big government" spending ever since the New Deal era,   including the U.S. interstate highway system (THE BIGGEST construction program in human history), the U.S. space program (with all its spin-off industries, and federally funded centers like the Kennedy Space Center,  Houston control and the Johnson space center, and god only knows how many PhD, graduate, and undergraduate degrees paid for by research or careers in NASA and related GOVERNMENT spending space programs), much less the billions the  U.S. government pumps in to agriculture, transportation, education, public health, and other life-of-death segments of the U.S. economy:   
 Power. Clean water. The Interstate highway system. It’s easy to forget that the advantages of modern American life result from basic infrastructure investments made by earlier generations [via PUBLIC, "socialized" big government spending].
     Indeed, STEALING CREDIT for SUCCESSFUL  GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS (the interstate highway system, alone, is THE BEDROCK of the American economy, and  of American society as we know it)  is the GRAVY TRAIN that  pays for RUSH LIMBAUGH's entire  bloated,  big-fat-liar  HATE MONGERING  career in radio, selling STUPID LIES to DELUSIONAL  followers.