Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi's TREACHERY and BETRAYAL: DEMOCRACY's ASSASSIN, and bribedEXECUTIONER of Health Care reform....

(Dylan Ratigan/msnbc graph, Nov 24, 2009: the MEANS by which "BAILED OUT" bankers DEFRAUD the American public of FALSE "profits") -
NANCY PELOSI  __wants__  the KICK-BACKS,  slush-fund BRIBERY CORRUPTION ("graft") CAMPAIGN DONATIONS given to her "Democrats"  congressional campaign re-election funds, for HANDING TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER EXTORTED "bailouts" dollars to the BIG, FAILED, bankrupt, CORRUPT banks on Wall Street (and in London and in offshore tax-dodges) - BUT SHE REFUSES to play the "BIG GIRL" and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for her actions, much less give  AN ACCOUNTING to American taxpayers,  of all the TRILLIONS of dollars HER 110th & 111th Congress have GIVEN AWAY at taxpayer expense over the past 4 years!
  As Speaker Pelosi arrogantly and dictatorially  this week PLAYS the EXECUTIONER of  genuine health care reform, it is long past time to revisit her SERIAL FRAUD and CORRUPTION, for it is SHE, NOT the president or Federal Reserve bank, who is MOST RESPONSIBLE for handing out the TRILLIONS of dollars of TAXPAYER EXTORTED BAILOUT dollars  - a responsibility Ms. Pelosi, in concert with the cowed, corrupt, and bought-off New York and D.C. "major media" - PRETEND  she is only a minor party to!

Speaker Pelosi  wants to be THE most POWERFUL person in the entire U.S. Congress - which is supposed to be THE SUPREME BODY as set up by the U.S. Constitution in America's government and constitutional  democracy
(the Constitution sets out EXPLICIT means by which Congress can impeach the president: without Bush & Cheney's Jewish & Catholic lawyers staying up late nights to DREAM UP "unitary executive" powers, the executive branch (presidency) has NO such powers over the Congress; indeed, the Constitution EXPLICITY PROHIBITS _any_ executive officer - whether state police or federal agents sent by the president - from arresting or detaining a member of Congress on his or her way to cast a vote in Congress).

  But Speaker Pelosi's PRETEND IGNORANCE of America 3 years  of "BAILOUTS" folly, and her serial COOPERATION with BANKERS and the White House in COVERING UP and WHITEWASHING TITANIC fraud and fraudulent accounting in America's financial markets,  is wearing thin.... especially with the Speaker playing  health care reform EXECUTIONER this past Friday, the Speaker putting her power behind the insanely treacherous RAHM EMANUEL (obama White House) SABOTAGE of  a "Public Option"  government alternative to PARASITE, PREDATORY  "for profit"  "health" insurance in the insurance industry written atrocity of an  Obama supported MANDATORY consumer purchase of private insurance bill. 

EVEN STEVE FORBES supports AUDITING the "PELOSI loves you" Fed Reserve very private banking cabal, and  (even Forbes)  expresses concern that the Fed, AND PELOSI's CONGRESS, PAID DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR in bank "bailouts" for stock values and "assets" to bail out those BANKRUPT banks that  "FREE MARKET" buyers would only have paid PENNIES on the dollar for!
 This video may be from November 2009 (so it won't do Ms. Pelosi and her partner in crimes, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama, a lick of good if they PURGE Dylan Ratigan from the airwaves, in the same way that the "Democrat" "leadership" has PURGED other "liberals" from Democratic or media ranks), but the story is STILL AS CURRENT, as the TRILLIONS of dollars of DEBT & DEFICITS - taxpayers EXTORTED FOR FIRST THE BAILOUTS, and then INTEREST ON THE BAILOUTS - that Speaker Pelosi (and her Obama White House friends) have SHAFTED American taxpayers, consumers, and working families with:   Somewhere between TEN TRILLION taxpayer "bailout" dollars by Naomi Prins tabulations, and  TWENTY+ TRILLION taxpayer extorted dollars by banking oversight czar Neil Barofsky's accounting  - all a HUGE WET-KISS GIFT, FROM  the corrupt and arrogant Speaker NANCY PELOSI, to the failed, fraudulent, predatory, and parasitic bankers on Wall Street and in the insurance industry - 
  As Dylan Ratigan explains, under Speaker Pelosi's approval, the BANKS MAKE MORE MONEY _NOT_ LENDING (their original business model), than they do Lending - because they are getting SO MANY BILLIONS to PLAY with from Speaker Pelosi!