Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pelosi's TREACHERY: TRILLIONS of dollars of American Taxpayer extorted "BAILOUTS" for FAILED Wall Street hedge-funds.. a lousy $900 billion, over 10 years, for Health Care "reform" which LOCKS IN BILLION-DOLLAR SUBSIDIES to the very Insurance industry EXTORTIONISTS who created America's health care Crisis in the first place!

  "Democrat" Speaker Nancy Pelosi smiles for her task-master-in-chief:  She does NOT believe in "Representative democracy," she does what her Wall Street paymasters ("campaign donors," but ONLY  in exchange for TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted  dollars in "bailouts"  to Wall Street)  tell her to do... the needs of American families, American small business, and the 60+% of Americans who WANT RELIEF from PRIVATE "health" insurance extortion  BE DAMNED!
NANCY PELOSI embraces  & ENABLES  Barack Obama's TREACHERY: 
Speaker Pelosi is RAMMING the DESPISED "Obama-care" MANDATES &   "IRS as  PRIVATE INDUSTRY LOAN-SHARK COLLECTION agency"  bill down America's throats -
- despite well knowing that President Obama has been SABOTAGING  _REAL_ REFORM for the past 15 months:   
NY Times Reporter Confirms:
Obama MADE DEAL to  KILL Public Option in 2009
   For months... The Huffington Post... [has] been reporting...  that President Obama MADE A BACKROOM DEAL last summer with the for-profit hospital lobby that he would make sure there would be _NO_ national public option in the final health reform legislation. (See here, here and here). ....Except for an initial story last August in the New York Times, no major media outlet has picked up this important story and investigated further... (continued)   
  NEITHER has  nominally "Democratic" SPEAKER PELOSI  spoken out AGAINST this 
 -  Speaker Pelosi Now OWNS  president Barack Obama's  TREACHERY & DECEIT,   ESPECIALLY with a New York Times  reporter  now coming out to (belatedly) CONFIRM his earlier reporting  on the story he wrote  in August of 2009 that is at the heart and core of Mr. Obama's  FIFTEEN long month "Health Care" "reform" FARCE:  Obama was SABOTAGING  a Public Option health care bill,  AT his INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS' behest, for the ENTIRE SUMMER of 2009, DESPITE going out in public to tell the American people that he was working to enact genuine health care reform!  

Nancy Pelosi is playing yet ANOTHER  high-stakes game of TAXPAYER EXTORTION and  INDUSTRY BAILOUTS, in  ramming Barack Obama's  health care "reform"  legislation through her 111th Congress, despite it being a TERRIBLE  bill that was written by  THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus,  Senator Joe Lieberman, and Rahm Emanuel -  on behalf of the Insurance Industry -   that DOES NOTHING for SMALL BUSINESSES in America.
      A quick review of the numbers:  Despite  the Health Care CRISIS  _DESTROYING_  families in America (driving thousands of households to medical bankruptcy), and placing a huge burden on small businesses AND large manufacturing industries alike across America, the  Pelosi/Obama/Senate "reform" bill DOES NOTHING to reign in skyrocketing health care costs. 
   SPEAKER PELOSI has HANDED OUT, via her 110th and 111th Congresses,  some portion of  TWENTY TRILLION taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars to WALL STREET failed, fraudulent, and bankrupt but-for-bailouts bankers over the past 3 years...
  but she is only  dishing out a   lousy  $900 billion, over ten years, to  improve the nation's health care -  and does NOTHING  to INCREASE THE SUPPLY, or DECREASE THE COST, of health care - effectively GUARANTEEING the INSURANCE INDUSTRY  _MONOPOLY_  over America's health care for at least another 2 decades.
 (It was 1993 - nearly 2 decades ago - when Hillary Clinton BOTCHED Health Care reform for the same reason: by BOWING DOWN TO the insurance industry.)   
    Pelosi's TREACHERY is simply defined:
  TRILLIONS  for  WALL STREET BAILOUTS, pennies, crumbs, and  a few lousy BILLIONS to help America's families endure the INSURANCE INDUSTRY INSTIGATED national health care crisis - which Pelosi's "reform"  dictatorial bullying WILL KEEP IN PLACE.

  Indeed, THE ONLY reason(s)  Speaker Pelosi has AVOIDED RESPONSIBILITY for HER CENTRAL ROLE in America's  "TRILLIONS of taxpayaer extorted dollars BAILOUTS for FRAUDULENT BANKERS" economic nightmare,   is because Republicans are even more blatantly Big Finance CORRUPT than Democrats are, and because the Corporate "major media" publishers and editors who own and operate the "mainstream media outlets"   are IN BED with the Big Finance, 'health' insurance, Big Pharma, Big Finance, and other corporate  lobbyists. 

   That defense is rather lame and pathetic, however, when you stop for a moment and realize that, no matter how CORRUPT the Republicans may be
IT HAS BEEN PELOSI's  110th &  111th  so-called "Democratic" Congress, who have SIGNED those TRILLIONS of dollars of BAILOUTS checks to  Wall Street,  with   _FARCICAL_  levels of accounting, much less FRAUD PROTECTION for hard strapped American consumers and taxpayers - the PELSOI Congress, and Obama "Democratic" (not!) presidency,   HAVE BEEN "in" on the LOOTING OF AMERICA. 

  NOW Ms. Pelosi IS REPEATING her BAILOUTS LARCENY on American consumers and taxpayers, this time in the  "health" Insurance  MONOPOLY  EXTORTION   RACKET - continued for ANOTHER TWO DECADES,   SUBSIDIZED by BILLIONS in TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES, with NO relief for consumers or medically stressed American families anywhere in sight.