Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Funny! So called "FINANCIAL GENIUS" Robert Rubin tries... to blame "Heckuva Job, Bushie!" (George W. Bush) for HIS "Deregulation" instigated AMERICAN ECONOMIC MELTDOWN !!

Too Funny!
 The man the  NY/DC   Neo-Con  dominated American press & media  relentlessly try to tell us is a "FINANCIAL GENIUS" - former Clinton Treasury Secretary ROBERT RUBIN,  former Golddamn-Sachs co-Chairman ROBERT RUBIN, and former  CITI-group acting-Chairman ROBERT RUBIN....
(yep, all three of 'em company wrecking,  bank bankrupting, ECONOMY WRECKING "geniuses" are the same guy)   is now TRYING TO BLAME  George W. Bush for the nation's  current  INDUSTRY gutting, pension shredding, Health Care wrecking, infrastructure destroying, mortgage foreclosing, homeowner evicting, bank trashing,  DEFICITS SOARING  Economic Crisis! 

  HEAR THAT, George W?    Your buddies over at Citigroup,  JP-Morgan/Chase, and at Goddamn-Sachs  DON'T LOVE YOU SO MUCH after all! 

  Oh well,  just as you gave U.S. puppet Georgia dictator Saakashvili  $1 BILLION U.S. Taxpayer dollars when his  U.S & Israel  (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Netanyahu, et al)  INSTIGATED  war AGAINST RUSSIA in South Ossetia  blew up in his face, so too may your  Goddamn-Sachs friends toss you a few million dollars.... FOR HELPING THEM WRECK, loot, pillage, plunder, and destroy  the ENTIRE  U.S. economy during your 8 years as president, Praise Be!
Robert Rubin: 'Virtually Nobody' Saw Crisis Coming, BUSH Deserves MUCH Of The BLAME
Robert Rubin, the former Clinton-era Treasury Secretary and noted champion of deregulation, told a New York City audience last night that "virtually nobody" -- himself included -- foresaw the financial meltdown...
Rubin, who has also served as chairman of Goldman Sachs, said that while he became concerned about market "excesses" in 2005 and 2006, he failed to take account of all of the factors that would coalesce into the crisis. During his time at Citigroup, Rubin reportedly pushed the financial behemoth to take riskier bets, including investing in the subprime mortgage market, which imploded in 2007 and instigated the crisis. Next month, Rubin will be grilled by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which is investigating the causes of the economic slump, notes Bloomberg News
  Thanks to BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER EXTORTED "bailouts" from BOTH  "Democrat" and Republican  congress-critters and senators,  the unrepentent (and, indeed, quick to blame others)   Mr. Rubin is STILL A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Wall Street bankster... DESPITE HIS OWN CONFESSIONS of FINANCIAL INCOMPETENCE.
  Robert Rubin,  EXHIBIT ONE    in the omni-present  hijacking of America, "Whenever Wall Street lobbyists,  economic hit men, and  financial parasites  invoke  'Free Market Enterprise!' and 'Moral Hazard: the system MUST LET the LOSERS FAIL"  to avoid "creating INEFFICIENCIES in the system"   they are LYING  HYPOCRITES, fraudsters, swindlers, and cheats....  they are  SOCIALIZED federal taxpayer BAILOUTS dollars  welfare recipients" feasting on extorted taxpayer dollars.
Bonus! Robert Rubin's PARTNER IN CRIME, in the Neo-Con, Goddamn-Sachs, JPM/Chase + Citi  (et al) financial extortion and parasite LOOTING of American financial markets, ALAN GREENSPAN, admits HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON when he permitted TRILLIONS of dollars of financial "equity" to be shoved off-books wholesale into "credit default swaps" and other Wall St. UNREGULATED "derivatives"  garbage, even as he (Greenspan) uses weasel-words to try to minimize his own culpability, or  the vast damage,  he enabled and encouraged - 

 note:  Here's  CNN's   "BAILOUTS per Bank" chart
 (and here's  USA Today's similar chart)  with the explanation that
"The Treasury Department had 'Invested'  $200 billion in hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program"...  yet at the bottom of that same list, CNN tallies the total - "Capital Purchase Program total investment" at  $108,487,042,320 !!
  Over ONE HUNDRED billion U.S. taxpayer dollars!  
  If Mr. Greenspan's serial, career, Fed Chairman folly  ONLY  cost American taxpayers  $20 BILLION... or even ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollars,  WE WOULD BE OUT of this Economic Crisis ALREADY.
     But instead, the ACTUAL  cost to American investors, savers, workers, families, pensioners, and consumer-taxpayers  is in the  $20 trillion;   TWENTY+ TRILLION dollars   in "BAILOUTS" ALONE,  NOT EVEN COUNTING the  $14 TRILLION dollars that have VANISHED into the air of American household wealth lost  under the tender mercies of Mr. Greenspan and his protege and Fed Chairman successor, Ben Bernanke, and their two decades of "Goddamn-Sachs uber alles"  economic larceny in cooperation with Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, former "Democrat" New Jersey governor John Corzine, and other Golddamn-Sachs chairmen and executives.
   Far from being  "economic and financial geniuses,"  ROBERT RUBIN, Lawrence Summers, Timmy Geithner,  ALAN GREENSPAN, BEN BERNANKE, HANK PAULSON, and other GS & JPM executives and/or their "government regulators" enablers  are the BIGGEST WELFARE-CHISELING, SOCIALIZED TAXPAYER BAILOUTS  queens in the entire world!