Sunday, March 21, 2010

As Rahm Emanuel celebrates his "NEO-FEUDAL" imposition of MANDATORY, IRS enforced "health" insurance EXTORTION of American familes' paychecks, ISRAEL - run by RIGHT-WING JEWS - HAS _UNIVERSAL_ Health Care. What's Good Enough for Right-Wing Jews, is TOO GOOD for Americans...

   FireDogLake's  (the last "sane" political site  left in America?) writer "Empty Wheel" explains how the RAHM EMANUEL,  JOE LIEBERMAN, and Barack Obama  so-called "health care" "reform"  bill is ACTUALLY A HUGE STEP BACKWARDS  for America -
 -  it is NEO-FEUDALISM, giving PRIVATE insurance companies an IRS backed entitlement to EXTORT  American paychecks -
Thirty-two of THIRTY-THREE "developed" nations HAVE  UNIVERSAL Health Care...
including  ISRAEL, a nation that is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on U.S. taxpayer BILLIONS, shipped over wholesale by the U.S. government to the Jewish-European immigrant state.  
Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception [1]. The following list, compiled from WHO sources where possible, shows the start date and type of system used to implement universal health care in each developed country [2]. Note that universal health care does not imply government-only health care, as many countries implementing a universal health care plan continue to have both public and private insurance and medical providers.
  -   Israel  - 1995  -   Two-Tier    
 Here is BILL KRISTOL (typical, text-book Right-Wing  Jewish "Neo-Con" warmonger
& entiled New York multi-millionaire media heir to  the "Weakly Standard" magazine of his father, Irving Kristol), SNEERING,  (at 58 seconds into this video)  that  IF AMERICAN CHILDREN DIE, from LACK of medical care,  because Republicans CANCEL children's health insurance programs, he happily  believes "It's a  GOOD GOOD IDEA" -

   America's  Jewish Right-Wing  entitled, HATE-MONGERING MILLIONAIRES
 (INCLUDING the Emanuel/Rubin/Summers/Bernstein/Bernanke so-called "Democratic"  crew running Obama's   bloodthirsty "economic"  policies)  DESPISE Americans,  and believe that Americans,  like SERFS or PEONS,  exist ONLY to SHIP BILLIONS of dollars to Israel,  to  SPILL THEIR LIFE's BLOOD in overseas WARS instigated by the Israel Likudniks, and to  transfer TRILLIONS MORE  taxpayer-extorted "bailouts" dollars TO GOLDMAN-SACHS, the great vampire squid feasting on the corpse of humanity,  the  JEWISH financial CONQUISTADORS  doing to the America what  Cortes, Pizzaro, DeSoto,  and other Conquistadors did to the earlier native populations (mass-murder warfare, conquest, genocide, &  enslavement)  in North & South America in the 16th & 17th centuries.