Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Obama, the CORRUPT TOADY of Goddamn Sachs & Parasitic Wall Street hucksters, BETRAYS MILLIONS of American citizens, and Democratic Voters, yet again: "EVISCERATES" would-be Consumer Financial Protection agency

Ho hum.  Keeping up with Pres. Barack Obama's  "Of, by, And FOR GODDAMN-SACHS uber alles"  TREACHERY  is a tedious  chore,  like counting the grains of sand on a beach.
  In this particular case, after TALKING about  giving the American public some desperately needed FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT and CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTIONS,  Mr. Obama,  as usual (at the behest of his  Emanuel/Rubin/Summers/Geithner/Bernanke Goddamn-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase, + Citi-bank RADICAL RIGHT-WING  financial predators and Economic Hit Men) DOES THE DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE:   he DELIVERS  NOTHING  in the way of genuine  financial protection, and  and instead runs a dog-and-pony show to PRETEND that he is.  

   At this point it is no longer sad that Mr. Obama is a serial liar and fast becoming a financial parasite and economic hit man outdoing Hank Paulson and Bernie Madoff in his own right;  what is sad is that the American people can't see through  Mr. Obama's  pretend-reform facade treachery, and coalesce  enough to DEMAND  restraints on the out-of-control  Obama/Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs administration and Pelosi's  "of, by, and for Wall Street" Congress...     
"Democrats Follow  FAILED  Health Care Strategy and  Preemptively Surrender  on Consumer Financial Protection Agency"
March 1, 2010 
   <  Back in June, President Obama released a proposal calling for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency that would be "independent," with "broad authority" and the power to "combat the worst abuses in mortgage markets." The agency, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said, would "have an independent seat at the table in our financial regulatory system."

      Well, that was before the banking lobby went into action. A couple of hundred million dollars later, and we're left with this punch-to-the-gut of reform, from the top-line summary of Dodd's plan: "the independent agency proposal would be dropped." Seven words dirtier than George Carlin ever uttered.
....So much for "independence" and "broad authority."
The proposal will no doubt be very popular with the banks that, as Sen. Dick Durbin put it, "own the place." But it's already been met with criticism from consumer groups.
"Effective reform is once again being blocked by opposition from the big banks that caused the current financial crisis, "** said Heather Booth, director of Americans for Financial Reform. "The revised proposal does not provide what is needed to protect American families or the financial system as a whole." >
   ** To which we can only add,  "with a great big WET-KISS of approval and COMPLICITY from the cowering, corrupted  Emanuel/Obama  "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs" White House....