Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PERMANENT BAILOUTS: the "Neo-Liberal" HATE AMERICA bankers & Neo-Cons, INSTITUTIONALIZE their BRIBERY of CONGRESS, the president, and their dictatorship control of U.S. government & media, with PERMANENT taxpayer subsidies to PROP UP Wall Street swindlers....

Over at,  G.W. asks the question of the decade:
 "Raise Taxes and Cut Services? Why Not Stop Unneccesary Bailouts, Unnecesary Wars and Unnecessary Interest Costs Instead?" 
 Indeed.   There are only two possible answers:  Either the Neo-Con "ECONOMIC GENIUSES"  that the Neo-Con dominated U.S. press & media (Washington Post, New York Times, CNN,  Wall St. Journal, Fox 'news', Time magazine, Newsweek,  Weakly Standard,  ABC 'news',  etc. etc., ad naseum) keep touting as "Experts"  ARE NOT SO EXPERT after all...
(nbc/msnbc "news"  "media personality" Andrea Mitchell's husband, former Fed Reserve Chariman and  Right-Wing Neo-Con uber- financial extortionist  ALAN GREENSPAN,   admitted that he had been "wrong on the economy"  in  recent Congressional testimony)

...or THEY ARE "expert" - "EXPERT" at STEALING BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of extorted "Bailouts" dollars, via an insanely corrupt Congress and president(s),   from American taxpayers.

 Which, of course, is the case:  THE VERY financial PARASITES, FAILED, FRAUDULENT, BANKRUPT bankers  who have been Preaching "MORAL HAZARD!" for the past 6 decades, are THE FIRST to RUN TO CONGRESS, hands outstretched for "BAILOUT BILLIONS,"  in return for which they hand  a few lousy millions in  "campaign donations" KICKBACK, SLUSH-FUND  BRIBES to those same corrupt congress-critters, and especially Senators,  who are handing out the "NO OVERSIGHT,  fill-in-the-blanks"  trillions of bailout dollars  checks to those bankers.

Matt Taibbi, as usual, has the gory details:    
 Taibbi: Obama’s sellout to Wall Street creates ‘PERMANENT BAILOUT’
    If passed as it is, the financial reform bill winding its way through Congress will create a "permanent bailout mechanism," and will give complete control over future bailouts to the White House, says columnist Matt Taibbi.
In a video preview of an upcoming Rolling Stone article, Taibbi explained how the Obama administration started selling out to Wall Street interests almost as soon as the 2008 election was over.
Needless to say, in this case "the Obama administration"  is SYNONYMOUS with RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, LAWRENCE SUMMERS, their puppet, Timmy Geithner, and the ENTIRE treacherous, treasonous  Golddamn-Sachs + JPMorgan Cabal,  who long ago learned that  MONOPOLIES are MORE PROFITABLE than fair competition "free enterprise,"
and that DIRECTLY EXTORTING TAXPAYERS of trillions of dollars, is even more profitable than having  good monopolies to extort oversize profits from the life-and-death products that American consumers and families MUST buy.
 (e.g. "Goddamn-Sachs tried  to CORNER the World Market on OIL in 2007... a  "free market enterprise uber alles"  article!)
  This is, of course, the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of "free market entterprise,"  but since America's press and media are ENTIRELY CORPORATE "tax cuts for the wealthy, bailouts for fraudulent bankers" controlled,  you have to go to ZeroHedge,  Rolling Stone, RawStory or other "uncontrolled" news outlets  to read the obvious.