Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Amerika: As Goddamn-Sachs executives WALLOW in ill-gotten "bailouts" bonuses, STUDENT TUITION at Universities SKYROCKET past inflation

THIS  is the America that Rahm Emanuel desires: an America where "HAVES" - his Neo-Con bankster friends over at Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan/Chase bank  - wallow in TAXPAYER EXTORTED trillions of dollars of "bailouts"  bonuses;   while AMERICAN STUDENTS pay the price... and bear the brunt of America's  NEO-CON INSTIGATED FOREIGN WARS...
There is a SIMPLE reason why the so-called "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!" president is NOT  discussing the LIFE AND DEATH ISSUES, of not only America's OVER-TAXED college students who don't even have job prospects when they graduate LOADED DOWN WITH CRUSHING DEBT;   but our UNEMPLOYED manufacturing and engineering workers;  our OUTSOURCED industries;  our  CRUMBLING  INFRASTRUCTURE, and our  traumatically expensive health care nightmare:  BECAUSE THAT  is how RAHM EMANUEL and the Goddamn-Sachs  Neo-Con banksters  want it, and THEIR influence in the Obama White House and "Democrat" Congress, is STRONGER than the influence of MILLIONS of American students, workers, teachers, doctors, patients,  and families, much less, heaven forbid, American children. 
   Certainly, this picture is the kind of dramatic image that rouses passions, and it might be a "stretch" to attribute them to the White House.  But, no....  it is not.  
We were PROMISED "CHANGE," but have been delivered MORE OF THE SAME, ON STEROIDS:  What USED to be "TAX CUTS FOR WEALTHY" under Bush-II, is now  PERMANENT BAILOUTS for GODDAMN-SACHS under President Obama.