Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ho Hum. BARACK OBAMA - OWNED by the Israel WAR LOBBY - takes up where RICHARD NIXON, George W. Bush, and Dick "Dastardly" Cheney left off: WHITEWASHING Gestapo/KGB ABUSE OF POWERS secret police crimes...

 More proof that Barack Obama is, like Joe Lieberman and Rahm Emanuel, a RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN,  _posing_ as a "liberal Democrat," as he takes up where Dick Cheney left off (also at Neo-Con "Israel uber alles" instigation)  ratcheting  up the stranglehold on America's once vaunted democracy. 
Despite the  public/press reporting about a contremps between Israel and the United States  (that is, between the Israel Likudnik war-mongering government of current Prime Minister Netanyahu, and current U.S. government of  President Barack Obama) the fact remains that President Obama CONTINUES to GET HIS "NATIONAL SECURITY" "advice" FROM the "ISRAEL uber alles" Likudniks who dominate the ENTIRE  U.S. Defense Department (i.e. Pentagon military high command), and of course who DOMINATE the U.S. financial markets and Congress as well. 
  One may rest assured that there will be NO  major alteration of U.S. policy towards Israel, regardless of the current headlines,  and that, at the instigation of the Likudnik warmongers,  America will continue to look more and more like a Stazi (if not Gestapo/KGB) police state.
Protecting agencies from oversight, Obama threatens to veto intelligence funding
By Stephen C. Webster
Monday, March 15th, 2010
The [Emanuel]  White House is threatening to veto a key intelligence funding bill over what it considers to be a dangerous amount of oversight on covert agencies, according to published reports.
The 2010 Intelligence Budget has gone through a number of key changes over the past few months, with House Democrats and the Obama administration butting heads over a number of provisions. Key among them for the latest White House veto threat is a provision that would allow the Government Accountability Office to investigate intelligence agencies.
"Current law exempts intelligence and counterintelligence activities from GAO review, leaving oversight to the inspectors general at the various intelligence community agencies," Politico reported.
In a letter to the House and Senate intelligence committees, Office of Management and Budget chief Peter Orszag highlighted several areas of the bill that have intelligence officials worried, including the GAO oversight provision....
 [note: Peter Orszag is ANOTHER  Rahm Emanuel approved NEO-CON in the Obama "of, by, and for Goddamn Sachs" White House]