Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joe Lieberman: the Jewish Terror Envelops America; the Destruction of the American Economy; and the HIJACKING of American Democracy

 (work in progress:   30 years in the making, this story is so vast, and covers so many aspects of America's current economic  and social crisis; that we are posting it on-line, even as it is incomplete and will be edited.) 
 AMERICAN TERRORIST:  JOE LIEBERMAN takes up where ANTHRAX ATTACKS,  STOLEN ELECTIONS,  the LOOTED ECONOMY,  GESTAPO-esque torture gulags, and Nazi-esque "Enabling laws" (imperial wartime dictatorship laws)  left off:
  CHILLING DISSENT and ATTACKING representative  democracy in America...
with the assistance of an entire host of like-minded democracy haters, and those who unwittingly enable that treasonous radical Right-Wing assault on America, and on American democracy.

Just as the Barack Obama White House is DEFINED by its JEWISH administration officials - Rahm Emanuel, Jared Bernstein, David Axelrod, Peter Orszag, Lawrence Summers, (proudly and helpfully listed at this Jewish web-page at, and ESPCIALLY by its "OF, BY, and FOR Goldman-Sachs Jewish run "economic policies" (again, as led and determined by the Rubinites Emanuel, Summers, Orszag, Ben Bernanke at the Fed, and Rubin-Summers' protege  (gentile) Timmy Geithner as Treasury Secretary), SO TO is JOHN McCAIN DEFINED by his close ties to notorious "ISRAEL FIRST" Senator JOE LIEBERMAN.

It has been widely reported that McCain's FIRST CHOICE to be his 2008 VP candidate running mate was JOE LIEBERMAN; and when Republican Party pooh-bahs nixed McCain putting the widely despised Democrat-turncoat traitor (Lieberman was the Democrat's 2000 Vice Presidential nominee)  Lieberman on McCain's ticket as Republican VP running mate, another "ISREAL FIRST" Jewish Right-Winger, Iraq-War "PNAC" lobby founding Chairman Bill Kristol, was the one to suggest that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be the "ideal" running mate for McCain - Palin's husband's ties to the ALASKA SECESSIONIST PARTY notwithstanding! 
   (Thus  EVEN the "TEA PARTY" protesters (at least those who look to Sarah Palin as an icon of  leadership) who believe that they are resisting the dictates of Establishment Washington, D.C.,  are STILL being MANIPULATED or led in their actions by the Jewish (Republican) radical Right-Wing!)

   So when  the DESPISED, TREACHEROUS, and RELENTLESSLY WARMONGERING  Senator Joe Lieberman got his old buddy, and 5 year Vietnam prisoner-of-war and torture victim JOHN McCAIN to  CO-SPONSOR a new bill that would essentially CRIMINALIZE DISSENT in America, it is really no surprise.
   The only _real_ surprise is the COMPLETE LACK of  "Democratic" Party response to Lieberman (and McCain's) CHILLING  decree, which is even MORE  DRACONIAN than anything even DICK CHENEY and George W. Bush put forth in their 8 years in office. 
     In fact,  Lieberman's  NAZIesque bill was part of a "One-Two" TAG-TEAM EFFORT to CRIMINALIZE DISSENT in America,  the other punch being delivered by -   former Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter,  Liz Cheney, IN CONCERT with the above-mentioned "PNAC" Jewish Right-Wing war lobbyists, BILL KRISTOL!
  The ONLY REAL RESPONSE in criticism of  Liz Cheney (AND Bill Kristol's)  dreadful "defense lawyers in terrorist trials ARE TERRORISTS THEMSELVES" proclamation came from...  REPUBLICAN lawyers!
   Republicans laywers who, back during the Clinton administration, were considered to be RADICAL RIGHT-WING Republicans;  Ted Olsen was nothing less than THE LEAD ATTORNEY of the Bush legal team in the Bush vs. Gore lawsuit to STOP VOTE RECOUNTING in Florida in the 2000 (stolen) election;  and KEN STARR was the lawyer whose  "Independent Counsel" "Whitewater" financial fraud investigation morphed into a WITCHHUNT against WOMEN and SEX SCANDALS that could bring down Bill Clinton's presidency; and nearly did when the Ken Starr report  was used by Tom DeLay's lame-duck  106th Congress  to bring about the "MONICA impeachment" of President Clinton.
 THE SILENCE of the "Democrats"  IN RESPONSE to BOTH  Liz Cheney & Bill Kristol's demagogue, anti-American bullying;  AND  to  JOE LIEBERMAN's  "dissent is treason" chilling threats - IS DEAFENING.

   This post will attempt to explain that there IS a SIMPLE  explanation for the above:  BOTH the "Democrat" Party, AND the Republican Party, are now DEFINED BY their SUBSERVIENCE to the JEWISH FINANCIAL LOBBIES, and to the  JEWISH WAR LOBBIES  -  which are one and the same.
   Just as the Right-Wing financial predators preferred means of making  money is by CRUSHING the opposition, either buying out companies in Mergers & Acquisitions or Leveraged Buy Outs ("M&As" or "LBOs") SO TOO is the primary Jewish radical Right-Wing political model to CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION by  any means necessary: INCLUDING  TERROR and  EVEN MURDER, as the ASSASSINATION of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, by a gunman ANSWERING THE CALL of the Right-Wing Jewish (Israel) Likud war-party in 2005 illustrates.

  This post will attempt to explain how the ATMOSPHERE of HATE and TERROR  whipped up by the LIKUD PARTY in ISRAEL in 2005, has NOW COME TO AMERICA.
  In fact,  the election  (the STOLEN elections of 2000 and 2004) of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney WERE ALSO the PRODUCTS of the LIKUDNIK SUPREMACY in America,  so, actually,  THE LIKUD TERROR  __has_ BEEN HERE IN AMERICA for a FULL DECADE now.
    Indeed, LIZ CHENEY  partnering with  BILL KRISTOL  is merely a REPEAT of  her father, Dick Cheney, PARTNERING with that SAME Bill Kristol, when  then Halliburton Chairman and CEO Dick Cheney signed on the Bill Kristol's co-founded and co-chaired "PNAC" think tank back in June 1997:
  (Yes, those are Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Jebby Bush, Bill Bennet, Gary Baur, Steve Forbes, Dan Quayle, and one or two other gentiles adding their signatures to an otherwise VERY right-wing JEWISH, very Likudnik, very ISRAEL-CENTRIC document.) 

 WHAT the vast majority of Americans don't realize, is that the DICK CHENEY and GEORGE W. BUSH administration, WAS A PRODUCT of   THE LIKUDNIK TAKEOVER of the REPUBLICAN Party.
   With the Clinton administration also being dominated by (mostly Likudnik, Right-Wing) Jews (Emanuel, Rubin, Summers, Rubin's son James Rubin as no less than UnderSecretary at the  State Department; William Cohen, Samuel Berger, Dan Glickman, Charlene Barshefsky, Joel Klein)
Here's the headline for a link to a disturbing and chilling 'news' story that has barely elicited any response from "the mainstream media," nor from the nominally "Liberal" "Democrats like  NANCY PELOSI and  President BARACK OBAMA -  a FAILURE  to notice or oppose this bill that is even more chilling than the new law proposed by JOE LIEBERMAN and John McCain itself:
 "McCain and Lieberman Team Up to Potentially Arrest You If You Look at Them the Wrong Way, Really. Chilling."

 Tonight on HBO's "The Phil Mahrer Show,"  comedian Phil Mahrer interviewed (by remote studio)  Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has whipped up consternation and angst among the "hard core liberals" of the Democratic left by announcing that he will vote FOR the dreaded and despised Rahm Emanuel orchestrated "Obama health care bill" - despite the bill being FAR WORSE than the House Bill Congressman Kucinich refused to vote in support of earlier;  despite Congressman Kucinich's well stated opposition to _all_  the major elements in the Emanuel/Baucus/ /Lieberman insurance industry written "Obama care"  atrocity. (see our earliers posts.)
      Phil Mahrer brought up  "TEA PARTIERS" - the notoriously  Right-Wing  anti-health care reform "spontaneous" protesters who have, along with senate and congressional Republicans,  DEFINED the opposition to health care reform for all of 2009, especially in cases where photos of gun-armed men attended "Tea Party" protests, conflating the right to bear arms in public with the right to have health care "free" of "socialized government." 

   In response, Dennis Kucinich said that he has TALKED with Tea Partiers in his home Ohio congressional district - AND THAT THEY ARE MARKED BY FEAR,  by the FEAR that the government will make an ALREADY BAD health care situation worse.
     To which we will add;    the FEAR that government will make an ALREADY BAD jobs and labor picture  even WORSE; the FEAR that the government will make a bad economy EVEN WORSE;  the FEAR, that the government's ALREADY DRACONIAN "WAR ON DRUGS" powers to invade your home with machine-guns and hooded police, ATF, and even "PRIVATIZED" gunmen   will EXPAND  in the "war on terror" to include  GESTAPO and S.S. type PURGES, for ANY  reason those in government deem necessary.
    To which JOE LIEBERMAN,  RAHM EMANUEL, PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  ROBERT RUBIN,  LAWRENCE SUMMERS,  Alan Greenspan, BEN BERNANKE,  and the entire  Jewish "Israel First"  RADICAL RIGHT WING  would say "AMEN."

   IT IS NO ACCIDENT that  FEAR, and the THREAT of FINANCIAL RUIN is now THE SPECTRE stalking America.    That is  "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" for the Jewish radical right-wing,  as we will try to outline in this post.  

   "DIVIDE & CONQUER" is   THE BASIS of the Jewish Radical Right-Wing agenda - as it pertains to NON-JEWS,    AND  towards "more liberal" Jewish Americans, Israelis, and Europeans as well.
 The Radical Right-Wing  Neo-Con Jews who run the Obama administration - the Rubinites Lawrence Summers, Rahm Emanuel in particular - have driven a HUGE WEDGE between the  Democratic Party, and not only the "lefty liberal"  activists who have traditionally been the most outspoken and active defenders of Democratic officials in years past; but the Neo-Con Obama  & Pelosi "Democrats" have ALSO DRIVEN a HUGE wedge between  the MILLIONS of American voters who voted for "CHANGE!" in 2008.... but who got instead  MORE BAILOUTS for fat-cat (parasitic) bankers;  MORE  DEREGULATION of the fiancial markets that led to the economic meltdown in the first place;  MORE UNEMPLOYMENT (and, to be specific,  MORE of a White House that  in Olympian arrogance pretends that unemployment IS NOT EVEN AN ISSUE);    the Obama & Pelosi (Emanuel) Neo-Cons are FAR MORE CLOSELY ALLIED with Wall Street and the RADICAL RIGHT-WING "Deregulation" REPUBLICANS, than they are with the 50+ MILLION Democratic voters who turn out to vote against the Right-Wing Republican agenda in elections every four years.