Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treacherous Goddamn-Sachs Toady (president) Obama... "PAINTS A BIG RED TARGET" on... SOCIAL SECURITY!!

 Obama's "ISRAEL UBER ALLES" Neo-Con Warmongering & Goddamn-Sachs  financial treachery... makes "Health" Insurance industry bribe-taking  hired-hand Senator Max Baucus look like a RAVING LIBERAL  by comparison!  

He's AT IT AGAIN,  taking up where DICK CHENEY, GEORGE W. BUSH, HANK PAULSON, and Paul Wolfowitz left off:   So-called "Democratic" President Barack Obama is taking America's taxpayer-funded Treasury and TURNING IT TO ASHES, and creating MONSTER DEFICITS, even as he SLASHES the American Social Safety net programs it took American voters,  "liberals," progressives, and Democratic activists well over one hundred years, TWO world wars,  ONE GREAT DEPRESSION  (and nearly  a brutal century of surviving   LYNCH-MOB quasi-government terror in some regions of the United States),   and decades of blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, and intensive effort to create:   
  We are talking, of course,  of  President BARACK OBAMA, at the instigation of his "ISRAEL FIRST"  Right-Wing  Likdunik Neo-Con warmongers (Rahm Emanuel, Robt. Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke,  Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase,  et al, ad infinitum)   DEMOLISHING  that 100 years of Democratic, liberal, and progressive progess, with his "DEATH of 1,000 cuts, and 10,000 treacheries"  "BAILOUT TRILLIONS   FOR BANKSTERS,  peon  wage-SLAVERY for everyone else" agenda.

 As Professor Michael Hudson explained in his one-hour radio interview "Obama's REPUBLICAN CLASS-WAR Presidency,"  these  were policy goals that even George W. Bush and Dick Cheney fell miserably flat on their faces trying to achieve.... but, using SHEER DECEIT & treachery, so-called "Democrat"   Obama is MOVING FORWARD with these radial Right-Wing Republican & Wall Street financial predator  policies and goals.

   Well, at least Mr, Obama is consistent!  At this rate of his  GODDAMN-SACHS instigated DESTRUCTION of the American economy,   he'll be able to purchase Bangladeshi,  Tibetan, Palestinian, South American, and  even American (U.S.) SLAVE OPTION CONTRACTS   on the Goddamn-Sachs dominated New York stock exchange,  in just a few years or so!
  (You can ask all those Orthodox Jewish land-grabbers  who control Israel's government, and who also, via Rahm Emanuel, Goddamn-Sachs,  and the treacherous PNAC "Israel First" Republican echo chorus, also dominate the U.S. government:   IF the BIBLE SAYS  SLAVERY IS permissable under bible 'law', then GOD  hisself says it is so!)
 Obama Pick for Budget Commission Is a Very Ominous Sign; A Social Security-Medicare Slasher
 Feb. 19, 2010
 On Thursday, President Obama signed an executive order creating a National Commission on  "Fiscal Responsibility and Reform."
 [note: our emphasis and "quotation marks."  This is  typical NY/Washington Neo-Con establishment speak for SLASH the Social Safety net for millions of American families, while  GIVING BILLIONS to the wealthy"  in tax cuts, tax rebates, and outright "bank bailouts" gifts.]
This commission is based on an idea promoted by two Senators, Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and Judd Gregg (R-N.H.).
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus  warned  that the Conrad-Gregg legislative version of the deficit commission would have “painted a big red target on Social Security and Medicare. That's what this commission is all about. It's a big roll of the dice for Social Security and Medicare." 
  Over the past year,  we here at DemNationUSA became convinced that Senator (and Senate Financial Committee Chairman) Max Baucus must be  THE MOST CORRUPT, lobbyist-owned Senator in all of  Washington,  since he played THE PIVOTAL role in Obama & Emanuel's serially treacherous  SABOTAGE of the  genuine health care reform, desperately needed for millions  of American families, all through 2009.
  But this  latest story indicates how you can never be absolutely sure about the   treacherous and despicable lengths either party will go to in their "SELL OUT America to the Neo-Cons & Likudniks" agenda,  just as ALBERTO GONZALES made JOHN ASHCROFT look like a paragon of  Justice Department restraint,   now   the very fact that Senator Baucus has to write this letter    indicates that  "Democrat" President Barack Obama is essentially DOING WHAT GEORGE BUSH and DICK CHENEY COULD NOT DO - putting SOCIAL SECURITY ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK - highlights that Rahm Emanuel and Obama  THINK THEY HAVE OTHER SENATORS  who will HELP them  do to Social Security, what they have already done to genuine Health Care reform, and what they are currently doing to genuine Financial Reform - KILL  'em! - with the AID OF RIGHT-WING  REPUBLICANS and  corrupt  "Yellow Dog" 'Democrats', all backed by TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars in the fraudulent, AMERICA HATING  coffers of Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, Citi,  and the Neo-Con Israel-uber-alles  war lobby.