Saturday, March 13, 2010

How the TREASONOUS WEALTHY in America LOOT the American Economy: access to ZERO INTEREST loans from Fed, allow them to PREY ON profitable enterprises in America..

 Michael Lewis, author of "Liars Poker," discusses on CBS's "60 Minutes" news show (via  how America's TREASOUS WEALTHY, use their access to "FREE MONEY"  Federal Reserve billions of dollars of   fiat, "created out of thin air as  banking debits" "money," to HUNT DOWN, corner, and prey on virtually EVERY vital and productive segment of America's economy 
 (as described by Matt Taibbi in his landmark  "vampire squid sticking its bloody funnel in anything that smells of money"  article, and as well the
  "Economic HIT MAN economics described by John Perkins in his 2002 bestseller, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man")

    It is the story about how the mega-large "member banks" that OWN the FEDERAL RESERVE  very PRIVATE banking & money-creation CABAL,    use the FREE MONEY ACCESS they get to Federal Reserve billions of dollars - effectively, ZERO INTEREST LOANS - to hunt down and buy up, and plunder (favorite targets: previously secure PENSION FUNDS!)  every profitable  asset, and every working resource, in America.

HuffingtonPost:   Michael Lewis, author of one of the defining books about Wall Street excess, "Liar's Poker," told 60 Minutes that bonuses at banks bailed out by the government are akin to "a very elegant form of theft." 
[The big banks] have access to a zero percent loan in virtually unlimited quantities from the Federal Reserve. You can take that money and reinvest it in Treasury bonds or government agency securities and you will get the spread and you could do it over and over. You're essentially borrowing from the government ... and taking a cut. 
    It is the "MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS,"  LEVERAGED BUY OUT ("LBO") process, using acess to virtually FREE MONEY, that   Chicago "boutique investment bank" Wasserstein Perella (almost certainly allied with New York's heavy hitter Goddamn-Sachs, a member-owner of The Fed)  used to close out the "M&A" deals in the late 1990s that allowed current Obama White House Chief of Staff RAHM EMANUEL to POCKET  EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS in just over 2 years.

It is the process by which the TREASONOUS  wealthy use their access to FREE MONEY, not to INVEST in America,  NOT to BUILD UP America's infrastructure and working economy,  but  instead to CORNER and DESTROY ALL COMPETITION in America's markets.... even as they and their bought & paid press flunkies latch on to the mantra "FREE ENTERPRISE CAPITALISM" to justify their  UNFAIR ADVANTAGE economic piracy and national economy SABOTAGE.