Sunday, March 7, 2010

On visit to Obama White House, Israel Ambassador NOT EVEN ASKED about Mossad ASSASSINATION HIT-TEAM in Dubai...

A chart released by the Dubai police shows the travel ports of entry and exit of suspected Mossad death-squad /hit teams in the murder of Hamas officer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

 Well,  as the genocidally ruthless Goddamn-Sachs/JPM/City of London/ NeoCon Likudnik military/industrial/congressional/media/big-finance cabal  ratchets up their predatory, parasitic domination of the American & world economies to GREAT Irish FAMINE levels
 (1 million+ KILLED,  men, women, and children died of starvation and famine related diseases;  as British lords, absentee landlords, bankers, and local, Anglicized landlords,  using the guns of the Royal Army occupation of Ireland as enforcers,    EXPORTED GRAINS  FROM fertile, productive Irish estates AT THE VERY HEIGHT of the Great FAMINE 1845-1852)...
  ... there is one bit of "democratization" in the world out there: 
 Due to the ever increasing presence of VIDEO SURVEILLANCE technology,  the Vaunted Jewish spy &  assassination agency MOSSAD's  successful hit team is now exposed and posted on public TV's and webpages across the world,  thanks to the Dubai police,  using video surveillance recordings at 5-star hotels,  being able to reconstruct Mossad's  hit team murder of Palestinian official Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh   in Dubai this past January.
The Jewish (Washinton Post Group) owned Newsweek even ads a cheerful and colorful chart (above)  of the hit team members put together by the Dubai police:

  But what is really interesting is how the Wash.Post Group owned Newsweek  uses the oh-so-typical U.S. media  "nothing to see here, move along, move along" tactic  to downplay the story...  that upon the ISRAEL AMBASSADOR VISITING the Emanuel/GoddamnSachs/obama White House, the Ambassador was NOT EVEN ASKED about the Mossad hit team's murder in Dubai, much less scolded or reprimanded for  the Mossad team suspects having illegally used European passports,  and/or some of the team members having flown on to the United States. 
    Which of course makes perfect sense,  since Rahm Emanuel   is practically the Mossad station chief / Chief of Staff of  Mossad American operations in the first place.    Emanuel's  "National Security" Team was probably breaking out their Cuban cigars and taking a puff   in celebration of  Mossad's successful Dubai "hit,"  before the rest of the world even knew about it.
 (President Obama may have been "out of the loop" on that little celebration.)

   So stay tuned, boys and girls!   As the GoddamnSachs/JPM/City of London ASSAULT on  the economies of the world (INCLUDING the assault on host countries  America's & England's own economies!) becomes ever more exposed (what with armies of irate financial investors, if not the financial press (and the insanely corrupte DoJ & SEC)  now paying attention,  and as that Neo-Con ASSAULT on WORLD ECONOMIES tries to MATCH the FEROCITY of the Neo-Con/Likudnik dominated US invasions, conquests, and torture-gulag OCCUPATIONS of  Iraq and Afghanistan,  we could be in for some more "interesting" and colorful news! 
New Details of Elaborate Dubai Assassination Emerge
by Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
Friday, March 5, 2010
 ...The Israeli spy agency Mossad is widely assumed to be responsible for the killing. But the hit team's 26 suspected members have vanished. They probably hoped to avoid detection altogether. Still, now that the assassination is exposed, no one expects Israel to deny that its agents were behind it...
The United States hasn't shown much interest in joining the chase, even though there are some apparent connections. An Iowa financial firm had issued debit cards to some of the suspects, and two of them allegedly flew to the United States after the murder. Asked last week if the Justice Department was prepared to assist the Dubai police in the case, spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said it was department policy NOT TO COMMENT  on such matters.** Perhaps more telling, when Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren paid recent visits to the White House and the State Department, nobody raised the matter. "The subject was not brought up," said an Israeli official who asked not to be identified discussing diplomatic talks. 
 ** Unless, of course, the murder victims were Americans or from the Jewish state, in which case, the U.S. Department of "Justice" and Dept. of War would immediately announce to the entire world that  a new $1 billion campaign to bring the murder perpetrators to justice was being  launched.