Monday, March 8, 2010

Video PROOF: the TREACHEROUS Rahm Emanuel TRIED TO SABOTAGE the Democrats' Election victory Chances in November 2006!

The POLTICAL ASSASSIN in action: at 1:40 in video,  Rahm Emanuel arrives at a  Eric Massa's ultimately WINNING  campaign in 2006, to tell candidate Massa, "I DON'T WANT YOU TO SOUND ANGRY" - in an election year where Bush and Cheney's CRIMINAL CORRUPTION was RAMPANT,   and where REPUBLICANS OFFICIALS were GOING TO PRISON for CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS!  DownWithTyranny has the amazing backstory, written just a week after election 2006, about how Rahm Emanuel TRIED TO SABOTAGE anti-war, outraged-at-Republican-corruption Dem. candidates all through that election!
WHY do Republicans get to SHOUT PROTESTS in front of Vice President Gore's residence all through the Election recount of 2000, but "Democrat" officials from Washington arrive, like locusts, to ROB Democratic voters of a good, "fiery" campaign speech six  years after that STOLEN elections of 2000, and those same PESTILENTIAL corporate "D.I.N.O." Democrats then ROB Democratic voters of  decent IMPEACHMENT hearings when the Democrats were handed majorities in Congress in 2007, DESPITE Rahm Emanuel's relentless 2006 campaign sabotage?
Rahm Emanuel's amazing GALL and TREACHERY:  at 4 minutes into this video clip,  Israel's  political & economic HIT MAN in America Emanuel lectures then Congressional candidate Eric Massa "Do you ever see an UNLIKABLE PERSON winning [an election]?"    COMING FROM RAHM EMANUEL,  that's rich!
Departing from Congress Representative Massa provides the VIDEO PROOF that RAHM EMANUEL  TRIED TO SABOTAGE  Democrats in election 2006:

 Emanuel  "DROPPED FROM THE SKY"  to  attend a   Massa  looming VICTORIOUS  campaign rally,   and while watching Candidate Massa's  rousing stump speech,  that receieved WARM APPLAUSE & ENTHUSIASM from campaign rally attendees, Emanuel  said that   Massa was "TOO FIERY" - in a year marked by relentless GEORGE W. BUSH  and Dick Cheney ENRON, HALLIBURTON, BLACKWATER, and Iraq war CORRUPTION, and SERIAL  Republican CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS!
(Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney,  Randy 'Duke' Cunningham convicted;   Cheney's Chief of Staff, Lewis 'Scooter" Libby, was indicted, and WOULD SOON BE CONVICTED, for PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in the CIA "outing" scandal;  and RAHM EMANUEL FORCED Democratic candidates NOT TO MENTION a WORD about it ANY of those Bush administration SCANDALS and CRIMINAL CONDUCT, because Emanuel WANTED Republicans to win the majority in 2006, so Bush & Cheney could be ENABLED to BOMB IRAN.)

FOR MONTHS  (three long years to be precise, since the day we read this stunning article just 3 or 4 days after that crucial election day in November of 2006)  we've been preaching that RAHM EMANUEL  TRIED TO SABOTAGE the Democrats chances of winning the majority of House seats in mid-term election 2006, because had the Republicans maintained their House Majorities, Bush and Cheney would have been EMPOWERED (in John McCain's 2008 words) to "BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN" and expand both America's overseas wars, AND POLICE-STATE GESTAPO tactics.
      This is not a flippant or unsubstantiated comment:  here is the AIPAC,  ISRAEL  (Jewish-American) lobby video,  PROUDLY  displayed at AIPAC's OWN WEBSITE,  of AIPAC member CHEERING  then Vice President Dick Cheney's  most bombastic "America MUST BOMB IRAN NOW!" speech, in March 2007....  the American public  OUSTING the Republicans from the majority in Congress;  the American public NOT wanting to EXPAND the Israel instigated U.S. wars in Afghanistan or Iraq BE DAMNED!
  Cheney's "BOMB IRAN NOW!" speech to AIPAC, Washington D.C., March 2007: 
 (and here:  

  As everyone in America SHOULD know,  Rahm Emanuel  JOINED THE ISRAEL MILITARY as a "volunteer aide" during the US-Iraq Gulf War 1 in 1991,  and Emanuel, like PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  Douglas Feith, Scooter Libby, Norm Podhoretz, Bill Kristol, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey,  John Bolton, Dov Zakheim,  and dozens of other BUSH ADMINISTRATION, Right-Wing REPUBLICAN officials,  is FAR MORE CONCERNED with Israel, than he (or they) are concerned with AMERICAN families and the  life & death  needs and concerns of AMERICAN families trying to raise AMERICAN children.

  The "Democratic" Party has been HIJACKED by RAHM EMANUEL, who is a JOE LIEBERMAN "Israel first" clone:  PRO-WARS, PRO Tax-cuts for Rich,  PRO-BAILOUTS,  PRO-DEREGULATION and financial fraud, "TO HELL with AMERICAN FAMILIES and children" warmonger.
  RAHM EMANUEL, LIKE  Joe Lieberman, IS A TRAITOR, who is TRYING to SABOTAGE the Democratic majorities in 2010... as this video PROVES  (to those who know the backstory)  HE, Emanuel, TRIED to do in 2006.

  DownWithTyranny:  How Rahm Emanuel LOST  Election 2006 for Democratic Majorities in Congress, SAVED ONLY  by the OUTSIDE of D.C. grass-roots groups, who REJECTED  Emanuel's SUPPRESSION of  anti-war and PRO-IMPEACHMENT Democrats  "campaign advice":
  .....Despite all the praise being heaped upon Rahm Emanuel for the Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives, HIS STRATEGY WAS A FAILURE.  The simple fact is that Emanuel's plan was to target 21 Republican seats as part of his Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" strategy, and as of right now, while Democrats needed to take 15 seats to regain control,  only nine of those 21 DCCC [Emanuel HAND-PICKED candidates]  seats have changed hands  (three are still in contention). Most of these candidates were "hand-picked" by Emanuel, based on his perception of their prospects to win election---and most of them failed, often by significant margins-- and at great financial cost....   
 "GREAT FINANCIAL COST" for the EMANUEL  HAND-PICKED _LOSING_ candidates,  money that COULD have been spent on Democrats who had  FAR MORE "FIERY" campaigns,  MORE VOCALLY BLASTED  REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION, and more effectively tapped in to AMERICA's  ANTI-WAR DISGUST -  Rahm Emanuel, on behalf of the ISRAEL WAR PARTY (Likudniks), TRIED TO SABOTAGE  American democracy, in 2006, and again  in 2009, and is STILL trying to SABOTAGE America's  Democratic Party as an ALTERNATIVE to REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION & War-mongering,   AGAIN this year in 2010!
  Jane Hamsher,  the above mentioned "Jane" in the title of Paul Lukasiak's  DownWithTyranny's November 2006 article,  is now saying that  today, this year, in 2010,  Rahm Emanuel is ORCHESTRATING a MASSACRE of Democratic incumbents and candidates for the coming elections of November of this year, 2010! 
  Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ: Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating [a] 2010 Democratic Massacre?
 by Jane Hamsher,  November 4, 2009
 1993: Rahm is the architect of NAFTA  [a REPUBLICAN corporate agenda item]
1994: Unions stay home after NAFTA. Democratic turnout poor, Democrats give up 54 seats in House.
2005: Rahm as head of DCCC recruits pro-war Dems, threatens to cut funds for any Dem who runs opposing the war.
2006: Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman by opposing the war, opens the floodgates for candidates to buck Rahm & fuel Democratic takeover of House. Rahm’s pro-war candidates lose.
2007: Rahm blames failure of his pet pro-war candidates on immigration. Makes Freshmen co-sponsor anti-immigrant SAVE act.
2007: SAVE Act triggers Hispanic Caucus revolt on the floor of the House
2007: Rahm demands Democratic candidates inoculate themselves against expected GOP attacks by moving to the right on immigration.” Says Hispanics “don’t vote, ignore ‘em.”
2008: Hispanics provide Obama’s margin of victory in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.
2009: Rahm Emanuel pushing “triggers” to kill President’s campaign promise of a public option in January
2009: Creigh Deeds reinacts Little Bighorn in Virgina after saying he’ll “opt-out” of public option and Democrats stay home
2009: Bill Owens endorses public option, pulls off surprising upset in district with GOP advantage
2009: John Garamendi defies beltway conventional wisdom that Democrat in CA-10 had to be conservative like Ellen Tausher to hold the seat, says he’ll vote against any bill that doesn’t have a public option (or has triggers), scores decisive win
 2009: On behalf of banks, Rahm helps Democrats water down post-Enron investor protections in Sarbanes-Oxley
2009: Jon Corzine loses in the wake of “growing anti-Goldman [Sachs]” sentiment.”
2009: The day after the election, Senate Dems still pushing triggers.
Rahm doesn’t think about Democratic turnout. His reputation for “winning a Democratic majority” rests on his ability as a self-promoter to take credit for victories that happened in spite of him. The truth is that his “act more like Republicans” strategy just hasn’t worked out, and we’re getting whiffs of the disaster it spells for Democrats who follow it
 THE FACT that Rahm Emanuel is STILL in the White House,  just proves how RELENTLESS is the NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST  ability to TURN REALITY ON ITS HEAD, to get "Democratic" leaders to believe that   RAHM EMANUEL is a "POLITICAL GENIUS" as he shoves DESPISED  Republican financial FRAUD and EXPANDING WARS agendas down American voters throats  and DEPRESSES  Democratic voter support and turnout.  

  DESTROYING  Democratic majorities so Republicans can start wars;  and HELPING  Republicans and Goddamn-Sachs "Democrats" like Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers   LOOT the American Treasury &  economy, is what the TREACHEROUS, TREASONOUS, TRAITOROUS  RAHM EMANUEL, New York Times, and WASHINGTON POST are all about.
  the SMILE of a Traitor:  Rahm Emanuel went to visit Eric Massa's (ultimately) WINNING 2006 campaign, for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of PURGING candidate Massa's WINNING stump speech of outrage and "fiery" passion, the speech that MOTIVATED Massa's Democratic voters to OUST CORRUPT REPUBLICANS from Congress in 2006. 
 Mr. Emanuel was TRYING TO HELP REPUBLICANS WIN that critical election of 2006, so Bush and Cheney would be EMPOWERED in their DICTATORIAL TAKEOVER of America, as the LOSING track record of his OWN HAND SELECTED CANDIDATES proved...