Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congressman Tony Weiner STEPS UP where JOE LIEBERMAN and RAHM EMANUEL left off: EXECUTIONER & Economic Hit Man of ANYONE who dares oppose the ISRAEL WAR-LOBBY THEFT of America...

Ho Hum. In our previous post, we said that "Barack  Obama  is OWNED by the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY."**

      Well,  into that BLACK HOLE of "ISRAEL OVER America"  infamy proudly steps ANOTHER  so-called "Democrat,"  so-called "liberal" Congressman (N.Y.)  Anthony "Tony the Hit-Man" Weiner.

 PROUDLY displayed on his own website, the call for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to "STOP THROWING TEMPER TANTRUMS" and IMMEDIATELY start  SUCKING  UP TO Israel's insane war-mongering Jewish Jihadist fanatic, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose "LIKUD" Party WHIPPED UP the atmosphere of HATE the LED DIRECTLY to the MURDER  and ASSASSINATION of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 2005
 (our BOLD and ITALICS):
[N.Y "Dem." Congressman Tony] Weiner to White House on Biden / Israel Flap: “Enough Already”
March 16, 2010
Washington, DC- Following a series of  STARK statements by White House officials on Israel's announcement about Jerusalem settlements during Vice President Biden’s recent trip to the country, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D- Brooklyn and Queens), a member of the House Jewish Caucus, released the following statement:

“The appropriate response was a shake of the head – not a temper tantrum”
“Israel is a sovereign nation and an ally  [AND CAN BREAK ANY INTERNATIONAL LAWS it wants, since the Jewish lobby OWNS the U.S. Congress, presidency,  press/media, and Wall Street]  not a punching bag. Enough already.”
 [Any FURTHER CRITICISM of my dear, beloved Israel and its genocidally murderous  &  lunatic 'leaders'  will see you ROUNDED UP and EXCLUDED from U.S. government... if not SHIPPED OFF to our BLACKWATER, GESTAPO TORTURE gulags with our own Likudnik, Mossad hit-team efficiency,  Seig Heil!]   
  Our assessment that Congressman Weiner is ACTING AS A HIT-MAN ENFORCER for BOTH the JEWISH THEFT of Palestinian property in Israel, AND as  a  HIT MAN  PURGING  ANY U.S. criticism of Israel  from the U.S. government   (not to mention ANOTHER so-called "Democrat" Neo-Con congress-critter who PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE __titanic__ Goddamn-Sachs FRAUD that is DESTROYING America's economy)  is confirmed by this MediaMatters analysis of  a recent  New York Times columnists Tom Friedman editorial;
    that the RISING  ATMOSPHERE of HATE, IN America today,  closely resembles that ATMOSPHERE of HATE, whipped up by the GENOCIDAL Likudnik Party in Israel in 2005
Tom Friedman Says America Today Is Like Israel Before Rabin Assassination
 by MJ Rosenberg, Media,   September 30, 2009  
 < In today's New York Times, Thomas Friedman likens the atmosphere in America today to that in Israel just prior to Yitzhak Rabin's assassination. As is the case here, the right-wing party (the Likud party) had been in power for most of the previous two decades and expected the Labor party to be relegated to permanent opposition. When Yitzhak Rabin was elected in 1992, the right acted as if a coup had taken place, rather than a mere election. When Rabin abandoned the right's policy of refusing to engage with the Palestinians - and actually entered into negotiations with them - the right became unhinged.
Leader of the opposition, Binyamin Netanyahu, actually spoke at rallies at which Rabin was depicted as a Nazi or a terrorist. Right-wing rabbis convened rabbinic courts to call on the heavens to strike Rabin dead.  Other rabbis said that it was permitted to kill a Jew who betrayed his own people (as they believed Rabin had by negotiating with the Palestinians).
It hasn't gotten to that point here but Friedman believes that we  [AMERICANS!]  could be heading down that road...  (continued  > 
  You read that right, folks:  BOTH Thomas Friedman (who, as an ideological "the world is flat, so we Americans MUST ACCEPT CHINA SLAVE WAGES"  New York Times  Neo-Con thug in the William Safire mold  in his own right, knows a thing or two about modern mass-media demagoguery)  and MediaMatters,  believe that the JEWISH RIGHT WING, IN America, is WHIPPING UP _ANOTHER_ CLIMATE of HATE, FEAR, and potential violence... IN America, against our own government and/or people!

  Indeed, both Friedman and MediaMatters explicitly  address the possibility of a RIGHT-WING (which would be Jewish, or Likudnik)   INSTIGATED COUP  in America!
 AND THAT,  dear readers, WOULD BE TREASON.
 (no matter how much Barack Obama might  richly DESERVE impeachment,   precisely for handing SO MANY American TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER   extorted "bailouts" dollars,  to those very   ISRAEL WAR LOBBY and GOLDDAMN-SACHS  Big Finance Wall Street swindlers;  the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY, and WALL STREET Goddamn-Sachs  financial swindlers, of course BEING ONE & THE SAME, two sides of the same Paul Wolfowitz & Joe Lieberman and  now TONY WEINER  "Likudnik Warmongers are also Wall Street  Economic Hit Men"  coin.)

  **Of course the same is true for REPUBLICANS: the Bush-Cheney STOLEN ELECTION of 2000 would have been QUITE IMPOSSIBLE without the treasonous, election-stealing Neo-Con AMERICA HATERS at the New York Times, Washington Post, Time & (WashPost owned) Newsweek magazines, CNN, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other Neo-Con owned "news" outlets - much less the PNAC "Israel uber alles" Neo-Cons and CRIMINAL ABUSE OF POWERS crimes WHITEWASHERS who made the Cheney-Bush administration possible in the first place:  (de facto president Cheney's "Washington super lawyer" CHIEF OF STAFF I Lewis 'Scoooter' Libby; George W. Bush's replacement for Andy Card of PURGE-GATE whitewashing Chief of Staff JOSH BOLTON, and the more familiar Neo-Con Likudniks who made the Bush & Cheney ASSAULT on AMERICA possible, from (Purge-gate and 9-11 whitewashing) Attorney General Mukassey, to 9-11 dereliction of duty (if not treason) WHITEWASHING Director of Homeland Security MICHAEL CHERTOFF, to "architect of the Iraq War" PAUL WOLFOWITZ and his many minions (Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Zakheim, Podhoretz, and the whole PNAC crew) - clearly, even a  CASUAL GLANCE at the NAMES, indicates that BUSH and CHENEY were SUBSERVIENT to their "ISRAEL FIRST" Likudniks, and NOT the other way around.