Saturday, August 14, 2010

IDIOT Obama PISSES ON his own "core" voters: "THEATER of the ABSURD," "POLITICAL SUICIDE"

  Brent Budowsky may be a charter "left-of-center liberal,"   but he is also a card-carrying 'respectable' member of the Washington D.C. Democratic,  Capitol Hill establishment, having worked as senior aide to senior Democratic legislators, including Lloyd Bentsen (who would become President Clinton's first Treasury Secretary in 1993) over three or more decades.     So when former professional Hill staffer and legislative aide Budowsky says that the Obama White House is committing "POLITICAL SUICIDE,"  those words carry a lot more weight than if an anonymous blogger were to say them:
"For a White House to dis the president's supporters, surrender to the president's enemies and attack his supporters for supporting what the president campaigned to do is theater of the absurd and political suicide in the extreme."
It is time to say it: Barack Obama IS AN IDIOT.  The man who spent THE ENTIRE YEAR  running as an "OUTSIDE of Washington" candidate in 2008, as an unmistakable "TO THE LEFT of Hillary Clinton"  candidate, is too stupid, egotistical, and arrogant  to realize that  not only does Rahm Emanuel  (Obama's Chief of Staff)  most certainly NOT  represent the vast majority of Democratic voters out there in America-land;  but in fact Rahm Emanuel is a JOE LIEBERMAN CLONE:
     a RADICAL RIGHT-WING  ISRAEL WAR LOBBY, and Golddamn-Sachs  Big Finance   right-wing "loot the peons" FINANCIAL SWINDLER,   __masquerading__ as a Democrat...
insert pictures of "Traitor Joe" Lieberman CAMPAIGNING for REPUBLICANS John McCain  & George Bush, here -

  JUST AS  Rahm Emanuel  DITCHED the Clinton White House in 1998 (moments before  the Monica impeachment in Tom DeLay's lame-duck congress) and went to Chicago LEVERAGED BUY OUT loan shark "investment bank" WASSERSTEIN-PERELLA, where Emanuel was essential given an $18 million payoff for  helping  Goddamn-Sachs masters of economic destruction (then Clinton Treasury Secretaries) ROBERT RUBIN and LAWRENCE SUMMERS push  then President Clinton to sign the   RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN  PHIL GRAMM written  GRAMM-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, and the equally horrific "Commidity Futures 'Modernization' Act" in 2000 -   the first of which, GLBA,   gutted the Depression Era New Deal Democratic  Glass-Steagall Act to prevent  casino gambling "investment bankers" from using Mom and Pop savings accounts (commercial savings banks) as casino gambling chips,  the 2nd of which, CFMA, created the "ENRON EXEMPTION," allowing Big Financial corporations to EVADE 100+ YEARS of  insurance regulations, by creating fraudulent "DERIVATIVES" contracts,  that instead of insuring a particular asset,  "wrapped" that asset in the stock price of a company, and now  gave "insurance" on the stock price of the company - AN OPEN INVITATION to TITANIC FRAUD.

  THAT  is what Barack Obama is doing today - REPEATING  President' Clinton's DISASTROUS  flirtation with radical Right-Wing economics,  except   where Clinton signing the GLBA & CFMA  paved the way for the market meltdowns under Bush,  OBAMA has put that Right-Wing financial  insanity  on steroids,  he is  GIVING TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER extorted "bailouts" dollars, to the SAME FINANCIAL FRAUDS - Rubin, Summers, Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase - who, having fought for  decade to obtain "deregulated" financial markets, PROCEEDED to DRIVE THEIR OWN banks & funds INTO THE TOILET of  bankruptcy & failure.

    America's treacherous Rasputin - THE MORE he SABOTAGES   Obama's so-called "Democrat" White House, the MORE   Rahm Emanuel  ENABLES the REPUBLICAN side of the Jewish War Lobby and Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers. 

   Obama's  "surrender to the Right-Wing agenda" and  "POLITICAL SUICIDE"  may be stupidity on Obama's part, but  it is   "the DESTRUCTION of the Democrat majority, proceeding according to plan" of the treacherous Manchurian candidate, now White House Chief of Staff Rahm  Emanuel...   who cares no more for working American families,  than Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu cares for Arabs or Palestinians.