Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  IF  Congresswoman Maxine Waters is charged, by the House Ethics Committee, with "improperly benefiting" from a  "BAILOUT" loan the powerful Minority Congresswoman insisted by steered to save  her own local, community bank back during the financial crisis of September 2008...   then the House Ethics Committee should INVESTIGATE  __EVERY__ member of Congress, to see how much THEIR stocks  and pension portfolios have  BENEFITED from the TRILLIONS of  American taxpayer dollars  the Pelosi 110th & 111th Congresses have dished out to "bail out" the big New York, Wall Street, Chicago, and San Francisco banks...     ..INCLUDING  the multi-million dollar investment holdings of SPEAKER PELOSI and HER own  family members!   
[Pelosi+as+Speaker+with+Grandchildren+&+gavel!+.jpg] (photo) better days:  Nancy Pelosi, surrounded by her grandchildren,  takes up the House Speaker's gavel in January 2007, after American voters resoundingly rejected the Republican's warmongering and blatant corruption agenda in the November 2006 mid-term elections. 
 (Despite the treacherous Neo-Con warmonger & Golddamn-Sachs allied financial swindler Rahm Emanuel's efforts to derail those crucial Democratic House election sweeps.  by sabotaging popular Democratic candidates in the 2006 primaries and general elections, as we detailed in our previous post.)

Sadly, in the four long years since Speaker Pelosi has taken that gavel, not only is the American economy in FAR WORSE SHAPE than it was in 2006... but Speaker Pelosi HAS PRESIDED over THE TRANSFER of, not billions, but TRILLIONS of American taxpayer "bailouts"  dollars,  from working families, TO the FRAUDULENT, corrupt, predatory, economic arsonists at Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, and other large New York and Wall Street Hedge Funds.   
  As much as Democrats would like to blame the Bush & Cheney Republican Party for America's economic crisis, SPEAKER PELOSI whas been as IN CHARGE OF  the CONGRESSIONAL PURSE STRINGS over the past  4 years - and, at the behest of her treacherous Rahm Emanuel led Neo-Con bankers & warmongers cabal, Speaker Pelosi has ABJECTLY FAILED to  provide American citizens with  a DIME'S WORTH of ACCOUNTING for their  looted, plundered, and stolen TRILLIONS of "BAILOUTS"  dollars
Like Mary Schapiro, Barack Obama's  Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair,  Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party leader in Congress  (Speaker of the House) is a woman "MISSING IN ACTION"...
    ...where are Schapiro and Pelosi regarding the BILLIONS upon TRILLONS of dollars of  FINANCIAL FRAUD that is gutting the American economy?  

  Since Speaker Pelosi has seen fit to let Rahm Emanuel's Neo-Con hatchet men on the House Ethics Committee  SMEAR Black Congressional Caucus Representatives Maxine Waters and Charley Rangel with "ethics violations" investigations.
  (In Rangel's case, the charges have been percolating for  2 full years... 
 - A TYPICAL NEO-CON  SMEAR JOB, when you don't have anything that will stick,  you just  SMEAR & SNEAR at  your victims,   through your Neo-Con media outlets (New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, CNN, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.) with innuendo  for months and years on end.)

       In the case of Maxine Waters,  the California minority representing Congresswoman is accused of "ethics violations" for steering some tiny portion of  the Nancy Pelosi authorized "BAILOUTS" trillions of taxpayer dollars to shore up a local, community bank in her California district... a bank that Congresswoman Waters and her husband had the faith and conviction to invest $200,000 of their own money in, 
  ...a local, community bank that DID NOT CAUSE the nationwide financial and ECONOMIC CRISIS of 2008, but, like so many other banks, was  a victim of the nationwide trend of  skyrocketing foreclosures, pink-slips (unemployment), and lost wages turning good loans to bad. 

  What's good for the goose is good for the gander!  

  IF  Congresswoman Waters is accused of  "IMPROPERLY BENEFITING" from steering a "bailout" loan (yes... LOAN, not give-away) to her community bank...

  ...THEN SPEAKER PELOSI, and (then) Congressman Rahm Emanuel,  and ALL members of Congress,  should FACE similar  INVESTIGATIONS into HOW MUCH THEIR OWN  multi-million-dollar stock portfolios  BENEFITED  from the BAILOUTS TRILLIONS   they voted for and authorized, at taxpayer, American working families' expense!   

  Anything less would be LYNCH-MOB America... one standard of "ethics" and investigations  for Minority (and anti-war) Representatives,  another, far more tolerant standard for "establishment"  bailouts corruption enablers and war-lobby toadies.