Saturday, August 21, 2010

Obama's multi-billion-dollar Mortgage Relief program ANOTHER disgraceful Obama FAILURE - ANOTHER excuse for the insanely corrupt President to hand BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to his treasonous bankster friends...

   Well, it is easy to understand why Obama has "THE SLOWS" in dishing out mortgage relief to MILLIONS of mortgage stressed Americans....

   ....from ancient times,  LOAN SHARKS and MONEY CHANGERS   have __loved__ evicting the hapless from their homes... that's how you extort the last drop of blood make your last and largest dollars of profit.  Why change a good thing now, in 2010,  just because America is (was) a "democracy"? 
Obama Housing Program Slowing To A Crawl While Homeowners Suffer
Huffington Post,  08-20-10

  More than 18 months after President Barack Obama announced a $75 billion program to help three to four million homeowners avoid foreclosure, the administration's primary foreclosure-prevention initiative is slowing to a crawl.

Less than 17,000 homeowners were offered temporary trial plans in July under the Home Affordable Modification Program to reduce their monthly mortgage payments, an 86 percent decrease from the same period last year, according to Treasury Department data released Friday. About 37,000 homeowners transitioned from trial plans into permanently-modified mortgages, which offer years of lower monthly payments thanks to cuts in the mortgage's interest rate and extensions to the life of the mortgage. It's the lowest figure since December, and a 28 percent decrease from June's total
 and -  Idiot "I want to me a loan-shark money changer, too" Obama DEFENDS  DOING NOTHING to use the BILLIONS ALREADY APPROPRIATED for Mortgate relief: 
   "Obama Administration Defends Lackluster Foreclosure Programs; Says Interest Rates Will Remain Low To Help Housing Market"
 (note: "interest rates will remain low" is a two-edged sword: one that makes "saving" money IMPOSSIBLE for "fixed income retirees," who must SELL their homes when their CDs and savings rates no longer pay enough to sustain property taxes, insurance, and other home maintenance costs... duh. All part of the Obama/Goddamn-Sachs "SWINDLERS R US"  "plan.")