Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obama's LYNCH MOB: Barack Obama goes from DISGRACEFUL to DESPICABLE, as he helps Rahm Emanuel PURGE the Democrat Party of anti-war leaders...

THE  single most important article or web-page of the past 5 years is this DownWithTyranny blog post, "How Rahm Emanuel LOST the House for Democrats [Midterm 2006 Congressional elections]  Saved ONLY by outside-the-beltway 'liberal' Activist groups"
  written several days after the 2006 midterm congressional elections, a post-election recap  which deconstructs how Rahm Emanuel tried to SABOTAGE those  vital mid-term elections of 2006, in order to help pro-war Republicans  maintain their control of Congress... so Bush and Cheney would authorize ANOTHER U.S. war in the Mideast, the attack on Iran that was Item #1 for all Jewish War Lobby (AIPAC)  supporters in America in November 2006.
(Here AIPAC members -  the Jewish war lobby - CHEER then Vice President Dick Cheney's most bombastic "we must BOMB IRAN, NOW!" speech,   http://www.aipac.org/pc2007video/Speeches/Cheney/index.html  at AIPAC's  annual D.C. conference in March 2007...  DESPITE  Americans resoundingly voting to OUST the Republican "more wars, more corruption" Congressional majority, voters installing the Pelosi Democrats in Congress 4 months earlier to  put some mild restraints on the Bush administration's shameless kow-towing to the relentlessly warmongering Israel war lobby... notwithstanding Rahm Emanuel's serial election-year 2006 pro-war, pro-corruption abject treachery  &  efforts to sabotage the  Democrat's chances in those crucial midterm elections.)

  The DWT article explains how  Emanual, in his role as then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's  Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman,  in those critical 2006 primary and general election campaigns,  relentlessly shoved either pro-war "Democrat" or blatantly REPUBLICAN candidates down Democratic primary voters' throats,   Emanuel relentlessly "sandbagging," or  sabotaging anti-war Democrats by denying them DSCC (and DLC) primary funding, and by trying to ban  good "red meat" speeches by any  Democratic candidates who tried to point out the serial crimes and frauds of the Bush-Cheney administration....

   Emanuel was trying to WHITEWASH  out of the record the many  convictions  for crimes by Republicans in 2006,  including White House lobbyist Jack Abramoff, convicted of BRIBING CONGRESS; Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, convicted for accepting bribes;  Republican  Senator Bob Ney, also convicted of corruption; Republican senior CIA official 'Dusty' Foggo,  and of course then Vice President Dick Cheney's own White House Chief of Staff,  neo-con 'super lawyer'  I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, charged with PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE in the CIA 'outing' scandal - the treacherous Rahm Emanuel TRIED TO PUT A LID  on any Democratic candidates discussing those REPUBLICAN CRIMES... 

  ...for the simple reason that Emanuel was, and is, a Neo-Con...  an ISRAEL WAR LOBBY partisan first - he is in agreement with the unlimited war powers and expanding US wars in Mideast  agenda of Bush & Cheney's Neo-Con warmongers such as Abramoff, Cunningham, Libby, Wolfowitz,  Perle, Feith, etc. -   yet, "Manchurian candidate" style, Emanuel had infiltrated the Democratic Party, and was now, in 2006, PURGING anti-war Democratic candidates  from the Democrats' primaries, by backing DLC establishment, pro-war Democrats and OUTRIGHT REPUBLICANS, just as fast as he could.
  (Here's the Sam Sedar show blog page  with a more easily understood distillation of  DownWithTyranny's accounting of how Emanuel relentlessly "punished" - SABOTAGED - outspoken anti-war and anti-corruption Dem. primary candidates in the midterm 2006 elections -  http://samsedershow.com/node/262.  
 (The notion that Emanuel was SANDBAGGING vocal & outspoken Democratic candidates in 2006 is confirmed by video - of Emanuel trying to get then Congressional candidate Eric Massa to STOP using a fiery, rousing, POPULAR campaign speech blasting the pro-war Republicans & Washington establishment, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa9ga63IokQ
and here - http://pourmecoffee.posterous.com/bad-blood-rahm-tells-massa-to-chill-in-2006
  The despicable Emanuel was trying to rob and deny Democratic voters of any expression  of outrage after two stolen presidential elections over the preceeding 6 years!)

  Understanding how Rahm Emanuel    (which is to say "the NEO-CON pro-wars, tax-cuts-for-rich,  bailouts-for-Wall Street RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN  war lobby    masquerading as Democrats - people like  JOE LIEBERMAN, Lanny Davis, Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, etc.)   was trying to PURGE  anti-war and anti-corruption Candidates from winning Congressional races in 2006, is vital to understanding  Emanuel's latest treacherous purge:  the LYNCH MOB investigations or prosecutions of Senior Democratic BLACK Congressional caucus members Charley Rangel and Maxine Waters,    even as the Emanuel White House hands out  huge FREE PASSES to the CRIMINAL FRAUD and follies of  Citi-bank, Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase,  and other Wall Street financial swindlers and economic sabotage larcenists allied with the Radical Right-Wing "MORE WARS, tax-cuts-for-rich, deregulation of critical financial markets, and BAILOUTS-for-billionaires"  Neo-Con agenda. 

   The Pelosi authorized "investigation" into Maxine Waters is a typical Neo-Con SMEAR job, intended to purge from Congress  senior, vocal, and powerful anti-war Democratic voices.    What is Representative Water's alleged crime? 

  AS  Speaker Pelosi and the 110th Congress were preparing to hand  700 BILLION taxpayer extorted dollars - SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION taxpayer dollars - to "bail out" the FAILED, FRAUDULENT, CRIMINALLY run banks and hedge funds on Wall Street in September 2008, powerful California minority congresswoman Waters DEMANDED that at least a few lousy million dollars of Pelosi's "bailouts" billions  be used to help keep a LOCAL COMMUNITY BANK in her district afloat... a bank that Ms. Waters had demonstrated faith in, by investing $200,000 of her and her husband's money in. 

  THAT'S IT!   THAT is Maxine Waters' alleged "crime" - demanding that SOME portion of  Pelosi's insane "TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayers extorted BAILOUTS loot for corrupt New York bankers" be actually used to SAVE a community bank that was serving, not New York, Manhatten, and San Francisco  millionaires and billionaires, but  instead those savers and home buyers in Rep. Waters'  hometown California district. 
  THAT is how INSIDIOUS, and DESPICABLE, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have become:   they are now no more than the LOAN SHARK ENFORCERS, the Economic Hit Men, the EXTORTIONISTS, for the Wall Street treasonous, American economy killing banksters & gangsters.

   NANCY PELOSI and BARACK OBAMA are now party to RAHM EMANUEL's titanic PURGE of the Democratic Party the below articles illustrate  just how INSANELY CORRUPT  Pelosi & Obama are, dishing out BILLIONS of dollars of  FREE PASSES to Rubin, Summers, & Emanuel's crony financial thugs at Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, and other banks on Wall Street, while Pelosi & Obama bring down the full weight of the entire U.S. government and "Democrat" Congress  down on Maxine Waters  (and, by extension, any minority and working-class savers in America). 
 #1. Waters’ Lawyers Accuse Ethics Panel of Double Standard
Lawyers for Rep. Maxine Waters have accused the House ethics committee of applying a double standard by charging her with rules violations for actions that they claim are comparable to the actions of Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), who was exonerated by the committee last year. The investigative subcommittee that filed the charges against Waters rejected this argument and refused to dismiss the case against her in July. 
The ethics committee on Monday released an investigative subcommittee’s three formal charges against Waters in preparation for an ethics trial this fall. The committee announced last week that the California Democrat would face a trial, but it did not detail the charges against her. Waters asked the committee to release the full charges so that she could publicly respond.

 #2.  Citgroup to settle with federal regulators for $75 million
 NY Post, July 29, 2010 [note: this is a wrist-slap fine, NO convictions!]
Citigroup has reached a $75 million settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for failing to disclose to shareholders the extent of its investment in subprime mortgages. 
Federal regulators say Citibank held $40 billion in subprime mortgages late in 2007, but did not share this information with its investors.
The banking giant has not been charged with fraud because, according to the SEC, it did not intentionally mislead investors. Instead it was charged with an omission relating to disclosure requirements.
Citibank’s subprime holdings eventually led to losses of more than $30 billion on those assets.

 #3. 'U.S. financial elites [Rubin, Summers, Emanuel's Goddamn-Sachs friends]  DESTROY the U.S. dollar'  
Mon, 09 Aug 2010   http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=137973
The value of the US dollar is crashing intentionally as the Federal Reserve has been printing money without tangible reserves for several decades. President Barack Obama has helped the bankers to come out ahead in every possible situation while pushing the middle class into poverty.

#4. Goldman Sachs's 'Derivatives' Generated Up To 35 Percent Of Its 2009 Revenue   [the despicable Obama & Pelosi, have FAILED to CLEAN UP America's critical financial markets!]
by Sara Yin,  HuffingtonPost.com
 Goldman Sachs made up to 35 percent of its 2009 revenue from derivatives, according to recent documents disclosed to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and leaked to the Wall Street Journal.  

 #5. Mary Schapiro, Obama's SEC Chair,  Gives WRIST-SLAP FINES to Wall Street Firms for TITANIC FRAUD in Billions of Dollars -
 08/06/10  http://www.firstbusinessnews.com/videos.php?video=958  (video)
Janet Tavakoli of Tavakoli Structured Finance tells what she thinks of recent fines [wrist-slaps!]  the SEC has imposed on Wall Street giants and where she would like future investigations take place. 

#6.  How 'The Shadow Elite'  [Obama's Neo-Con Gangster friends at Goddamn-Sachs, on Wall Street, and in the War Lobby] is SHORTING America
  by Janine Wedel, author, "The Shadow Elite"  August 9, 2010  
  The above is only a small taste of Rahm Emanuel's NEO-CON, RADICAL RIGHT-WING  WARMONGERS & Treasury Thieves insidious, "Manchurian Candidate"  PURGE of the Democratic Party....
  Today, if you are NOT funded by the Wall Street gangsters and their  STOLEN TRILLIONS of the Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan bankers' "bailouts" dollars, you will be PURGED OUT of the formerly "Democratic" Party, by the treasonous, treacherous Rahm Emanuel  and his hapless, insanely corrupt pawns, Nancy Pelosi & Barack Obama.