Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rahm Emanuel AS THIEF: Sabotaging EVERYTHING that Democrats have ever stood for, ROBBING Dem. voters & activists of good Campaign fodder...

 Building on our previous post ("TRAITOR Rahm Emanuel's "Manchurian Cadidate" SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of Democratic Party bearing fruit") we provide the  VIDEO EVIDENCE we didn't have space to include before, we let  Emanuel's own words  bear witness to how how he has been ROBBING  Democratic voters, activists, & genuinely democratic candidates, of the  fire and passion, the clear definition of issues,  that have powered the  great Democratic candidates and campaigns of the past half  century.

  Like all the other Right-Wing Jewish Likudnik "Israel uber alles"  warmongers &  Golddamn-Sachs Treasury-looters  ("Neo-Cons")  in both "Democrat" and Republican parties, Emanuel has NO use for America's constitutional rights and freedoms - much less  do Emanuel and his fellow Neo-Con appartchiks who have embedded theirselves in the "Democratic" Party care for the "Four Freedoms" that President Roosevelt  used to define the Democratic agenda 6 decades ago,   President Franklin D. Roosevelt's   Four Essential Human Freedoms:
1.  freedom of speech and expression.
2.  freedom of  Religion
3.  freedom from want
4.  freedom from fear-- 
 Before we go off on a tangent about how the Neo-Cons agenda - Emanuel's despicable agenda - is the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of  Roosevelt's call to both America's  Constitutionally 'guaranteed' rights of freedom of speech & freedom of religion;  plus Roosevelt's own additional  formulation for human rights of  freedom from want (from the despair that hunger, lack of health health care, and financial insecurity bring) and freedom from fear (that financial insecurity and political terror create),  we will let the videos do the talking:    first, a REPUBLICAN video, created by Florida's OWN GOP  "establishment" that "VICIOUSLY ATTACKS"  Florida self-funded multi-millionaire Repub governor candidate Rick Scott

  In this REPUBLICAN funded attack ad titled "Refused," against  self-funded GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, the Republican establishment elites and their word-smiths pull no punches:
 THESE are the kinds of ads that Democratic candidates have NOT been putting out for the past 4 years, ads that SPECIFICALLY ATTACK  REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION,
 ever since Rahm Emanuel ascended to the highest levels of the "Democratic" Party in 2006 -
 (Then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's picked Emanuel to run the Democrat's Congressional Campaign Committee; i.e. she selected Emanuel to be the boss and fund-raiser - or denier - of all Democratic congressional candidates in 2006) -  because  Emanuel  is synonoymous with the Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Lloyd Blankfein, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke,  Hank Paulson (et al)  license to  "LOOT, PILLAGE, PLUNDER, and DESTROY"  financial tactics of the Goddamn-Sachs & JPM, Citi-bank (& etc.)  Wall Street financial swindlers, and Emanuel has ruthlessly used his power and influence (as the de facto "bag man" liason from Wall Street's criminally corrupt banksters to the Dem. Party establishment)  to relentlessly SUPPRESS ANY Democratic attack ads that call attention to the titanic financial corruptions that now saturate America's entire economy. 

  Don't take our word for it:  here's the infamous video of then DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel pulling up to the SUCCESSFUL, energizing, rousing campaign of then Congressional challenger (outside D.C.) candidate Eric Massa, Emanuel  intruding on Massa's  campaigning  SPECIFICALLY to tell  candidate Massa to STOP GIVING ROUSING, ENERGETIC,  condemn-Bush-Cheney-Republicans-for-corruption-arrogance-fraud-and-war-lies campaign speeches! 

  Rahm Emanuel is a COMMON THIEF:  he relentlessly helps his fellow Neo-Con financial swindler friends at Goddamn-Sachs, Citi-bank & JPM   LOOT the entire U.S. Treasury, and SABOTAGE the entire U.S. economy,   and then, infiltrating the Democratic Party's election campaigns  as a Right-Wing "Manchurian Candidate" to sabotage the democratic  "Four Freedoms" principles of the Dem. Party,  he has spent the past 4 years SABOTAGING any energetic Democratic outrage against those FRAUDS, FINANCIAL CRIMES, and economic sabotage  that now RULE our economy.

  Additional documentation:
 #1.  While for all ten decades of the 20th century America's Neo-Con (Right-Wing) Jews have given lip service to "Freedom of Religion" in America and the world,  here current United States Jewish Senator 'Chuck" Schumer  spills the beans in a speech he gave to his constituent, fellow New York conservative Jews at the Orthodox Union,   that since Palestinians in Gaza and  the West Bank "don't believe in the Torah" then the Jewish state has every right to economically "STRANGLE" the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem Palestinians... right out of existence?
#2.  Mitchell Hirsch asks, "Where's OUR  New Deal?"  and the answer is obvious enough - under the tender mercies of the Emanuel, Schumer, Lieberman, Summers, Rubin, Feinstein, Harman, et al ruthless Neo-Con HIJACKING of the late "Democratic" Party,  "OUR New Deal" has been either given to the Jewish state (Israel) war machine (and their instigated U.S. wars in the Mideast), or robbed (by "BAILOUTS"  and "DERGEGULATED" markets'  financial fraud)  by the New York, Goddamn Sachs, Wall Street, City-of-London, and multi-national bankers and M&A/LBO  economic "hit men" syndicates.