Friday, August 27, 2010

TRAITOR Rahm Emanuel's "Manchurian Cadidate" SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of Democratic Party bearing fruit: "79% Chance Repubs will retake majority in 2010" election forecast...

   The treasonous, treacherous, "Manchurian Candidate" Right-Wing Neo-Con  Rahm Emanuel is getting an A+ for his insidious  sabotage destruction of the Democratic Party.   Blessed with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate, and a wave of public revulsion with the  radical Right-Wing agenda of the despised Bush-Cheney administration,  Emanuel has effectively blunted that overwhelming national mandate for economic "change" and  MORE STRINGENT OVERSIGHT of America's critical financial markets,  the despicable Emanuel has  confused & conditioned  millions of Democrats to  accept OBAMA's   CONTINUATION of Bush & Cheney's despised policies - tax cuts for rich,  bailouts for fraudulent bankers,  usurious and extortionate "loan shark" banking practices; unlimited hedge-fund predation on American workers' jobs, investments, savings,  and pensions,  an abject failure by Obama to  reign in fraud in markets  and accounting by Wall Street and Fed bankers; continuation of torture and mercenaries to maintain America's wars of global imperialism  - as "the best Democrats can do."

       So, here it comes:  THE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY IN CONGRESS is STEAMROLLING over the CLUELESS, COWERING, ARROGANT, and insanely CORRUPT Obama White House and Nancy Pelosi 111th Congress,  just as Jane Hamsher predicted almost a year ago.
("Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ: Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating 2010 Democratic Massacre?" Nov. 4, 2009) 

     Obama will be lucky to survive an IMPEACHMENT vote in the House in 2009, which he will richly deserve: on behalf of his Goddamn-Sachs & JPM paymasters, he has robbed American taxpayers of BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS  of taxpayer-extorted  dollars, which he has willingly and stupidly handed over to the  GS, JPM,  Fed,   treasury-looting banksters - who will be only too happy to ditch him, and BLAME THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, for THEIR  economic sabotage in the coming elections.      
Election Forecasters Predict 79% Chance of Republicans TAKING HOUSE MAJORITY in 2010
Joseph Bafumi, Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien,   August 27, 2010

How many House seats will the Republicans gain in 2010? To answer this question, we have run 1,000 simulations of the 2010 House elections. The simulations are based on information from past elections going back to 1946. Our methodology replicates that for our ultimately successful forecast of the 2006 midterm. Two weeks before Election Day in 2006, we posted a prediction that the Democrats would gain 32 seats and recapture the House majority. The Democrats gained 30 seats in 2006. Our current forecast for 2010 shows that the Republicans are likely to regain the House majority.
Our preliminary 2010 forecast will appear (with other forecasts by political scientists) in the October issue of PS: Political Science. By our reckoning, the most likely scenario is a Republican majority in the neighborhood of 229 seats versus 206 for the Democrats for a 50-seat loss for the Democrats. Taking into account the uncertainty in our model, the Republicans have a 79% chance of winning the House...  (cont'd)