Friday, October 8, 2010

"The BANKS are ROBBING the AMERICAN PEOPLE" - WITH Barack Obama & Nancy Pelosi's INSANELY CORRUPT blessings...

 Dylan Ratigan answers  the question (our words),  "WHY are so-called "Democratic" so-called "leaders"  NANCY PELOSI and BARACK OBAMA   ENABLING  TITANIC FRAUD in the home FORECLOSURES scandal?"
Dylan Ratigan:  "...because Banks & Politicians will do whatever it takes to prevent a LEGITIMATE foreclosure proceeding, one that would easily reveal the lack of qualifications, and bad documents, in the loans the banks have been selling and giving to the government for years."  

 Dylan continues:  "And finally, the last and most important 'WHY' - "Why isn't our government dealing with it now?
Perhaps because that would reveal SYSTEMATIC CRIMINAL and CIVIL FRAUD, at the highest levels of the banks, and political corridors... from PRESIDENT OBAMA ON DOWN." 
A   D.R. show  graphic shows 3 now standardized tactics of the Banking Foreclosure FRAUDSTERS:
#1. Robo-signers,  #2. Notary FRAUD, and #3. COUNTERFEIT DOCUMENTS.  Left unstated would be item  #4.  CORRUPT JUDGES who COOPERATE WHOLESALE with the above NOTARY FRAUD and COUNTERFEIT DOCUMENTS submitted by the PERJUROUS, LYING bank officers pushing FRAUDULENT, CRIMINAL mortgage foreclosures!

The video sidebars to the above Dylan Ratigan video  from other CNBC, MSNBC, or NBC news videos  indicate THE TRAUMA being INFLICTED ON AMERICAN FAMILIES by their INSANELY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT in cahoots with CRIMINALLY FRAUDULENT and predatory bankers:
 Clearly, ENTIRE SEGMENTS of American society - the courts, the government, the press/media, and of course the Big Banksters and their financial agents, ARE "IN" on this TITANIC FRAUD in the nation's home and real estate markets - as Dylan Ratigan says, FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA, and the insanely corrupt legalized-bribe-taking Nancy Pelosi, down to the local sheriff and rubber-stamping judges!