Monday, October 18, 2010

Max Keiser Explains PENSION THEFT... by GOVERNMENTS IN COLLUSION with Corporate Finance...

Max Keiser explains PENSION LARCENY by world governments - INCLUDING ESPECIALLY the UNITED STATES government,  United States  Congress, and  U.S. presidents, INCLUDING both the entire Republican Party, AND   so-called "Liberal" "Democratic" Party & "Democratic" "leaders"  Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry , Hillary Clinton, and the corporate world's latest Economic-larcenist-with-a-politician's-smile, Barack Obama:
  Executive summary: Max explains that GOVERNMENTS and corporations haveUSED Pension funds - INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY -  AS COLLATERAL for hundreds of billions & trillions of dollars, that THEY HAVE EFFECTIVELY LOST,   but corporate, government, and finance "elites" take THEIR SPECULATIVE losses from the "casino derivatives gulag" - and EXTORT, by BRIBING policitical leaders, BILLIONS from the public - while using every dime they steal, swindle, and extort from the public and taxpayers, to TRASH the very pensions and financial wealth of the vast majority of people in any given country: 
Max: You have to understand, that these pension accounts, and various schemes around the world,  including let's say social security in the United States, they've been used AS COLLATERAL for corporateions and for the government to borrow hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars that THEY HAVE effectively LOST making SPECULATIVE BETS on financial transactions that HAVE GONE BUST.

The reason there is no money in these plans, is because bankers  and corporations and the govt have SPECULATED with that money, and they've LOST the money, they've went into the casino of the Global Derivatives Market, and they made HUGE LOSING BETS. 

    As a result, Central Banks are pursuing what they call Zero Interest Rate policies, so if you have any savings at all, if you have any money in a pension account at all,  you're not getting any return on your savings at all. Why? 
  To facilitate the continuation of this model, of letting speculators have all the money they want, at near zero percent  interest to make speculative bets, and any time THEY go wrong, governments IMPOSE AUSTERITYmeasures  ON the public. 
 So it's WELFARE for the bankers and corporations, who get HANDOUTS from the government, but it's "CAPTALISM" for the workers, who end up  getting shafted.
So the workers understand that if Wall Street is paying themselves 144 BILLION dollars in bonuses this year,  A RECORD, an historic record, and THEIR JOBS are paying LESS, and savings accounts ARE PAYING LESS,
 it is because there is WEALTH TRANSFERENCE, A HEIST, A CRIME,  LARCENY,  of moving BILLIONS  FROM ONE GROUP  TO another....