Saturday, October 16, 2010

MORE evidence Barack Obama is an Arrogant Idiot: He INSULTS young voters days ahead of election 2010... He is PRESIDING over the INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of the American Economy, His Treasury Secretary is the

  This is the "OMG" OH MY GOD, IS OBAMA AN IDIOT!" edition of DemNationUSA, because we can barely believe how incredibly stupid the Harvard trained "law professor" we have as a president is - and how he is marching his administration STRAIGHT INTO THE ABYSS of  AMERICAN FOOD RIOTS and SKYROCKETING POVERTY in the coming year, without realizing the financial crimes that HE has made HIMSELF the face of,  will continue to WRECK what is left of the economy.

Over at Huffington Post, they report  that the Democrats are set to LOSE their majority in Congress:
 "Dems Fear Grip On House Is Lost, GOP Set For Big Gains Everywhere"
  The proof that Huffington Post is really a NEO-CON  complicit-in-financial-crimes PROPAGANDA outlet is in the fact that they REALLY DON'T CARE that the RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN CRAZIES are about to take control of Congress!
     Looking at the other headlines and stories in today's  New York Neo-Con propaganda outlet (with Arianna Huffington as their pretty, so-called "liberal" front face-woman) -
 One article on the "FORECLOSURE DEBACLE" but, as is usual with ALL the Neo-Con media outlets, there is NO EFFORT made TO FIND A VILLAIN or even a scapegoat, much less to give Americans an accurate accounting of HOW SO MANY LAWYERS, JUDGES, ACCOUNTANTS, and Bankers could GET AWAY with PUSHING  SO MUCH FRAUDULENT PAPER -
 - like the Neo-Con NY Times, the Neo-Con Washington Post, Neo-Con TIME magazine, Murdoch's Fox "news," the Wall Street Journal, etc.  ARE ALL IN ON THE SCAM !!! 
    (Actually, HuffPost's headline does, sort of, try to paint a villain - "How COUNTRYWIDE Covered the Cracks" - notice how the Neo-Con HP editors repeat the Neo-Con New York Times' editors' STRENUOUS efforts to keep the words "FRAUD" and "deceit" OUT of their attention grabbing headlines.)  
   Yes, the simple fact is, like other NEO-CON outlets, the Huffington Post is AS GENOCIDAL, AS larcenous, AS warmongering, AS police-state-dictatorship supporting, and American-economy-gutting  as THE MOST Right-Wing blowhards, from Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh to Michael Weiner ("Savage") to John McCain to... JOE LIEBERMAN and the whole Jewish war lobby.
   THE WORSE the Neo-Cons MAKE THINGS for the Democratic Party, the MORE they EMPOWER the Goddamn-Sachs economy killing larcenists and Likudnik/PNAC/Neo-Con warmongers!
   And Pelosi and Obama have, over the past 2+ years,    HELPED the GS/PNAC/Neo-Con Likud crew STEAL TWENTY+ TRILLION DOLLARS from American taxpayers,   whatever bump in the stock market Obama has been gloating over  for the past few weeks is PURE INFLATION,  Bernanke & Geithner's  "QUANTITATIVE EASING" is pumping BILLIONS  (upon $1.5 trillion?) of  FIAT, made-out-of-thin-air-dollars  into "the economy" - which is to say, into the pocket of the Big Boy banksters, who have to park their stolen loot SOMEWHERE, and what is left after they buy up gold, silver, precious metals, commodities, oil, and food production, and other "real"  assets, goes right to those newly inflated Wall Street stock prices that Obama is crowing about - he let Geithner and Bernake INDEBT the American people for ANOTHER  $1.5 TRILLION  "Quantitative Easing" dollars,  to get a 100-200 point bump in the Dow (if that)!  

  ALL  Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Dimon, Blankfein, Rubin, and other Wall Street bank titans have to do, IS DREAM UP  some new financial-speak term to TRANSFER HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars FROM American taxpayers TO the Big Banks - and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Chris Dodd, and other "Democrat" "leaders" ROLL OVER in their rush to OBLIGATE  taxpayers TO THOSE new DEBT billions, in exchange for a few lousy chump-change millions in LEGALIZED BRIBES "campaign contribution donations" !!! 

   Meanwhile, over at - (ANOTHER "Liberal" web site with a NEO-CON "no names shall be named" bias against reporting on the very obvious CONNECTIONS between Rubin, Summers, Emanuel, Geithner, Bernanke, Greenspan, Paulson &  titanic financial crimes)  they do sort-of connect-the-dots: Obama ostensibly wants young voters to support his Democratic midterm senate and Congressional candidates, but besides invoking the bogeyman of "REPUBLICANS WILL BE WORSE!"  Obama REALLY CAN NOT  defend his record!
  Obama Insults Youth Voters, Calls Election Time “Silly Season”

 Finally, over at, Max's latest show on  episode 74 (as opposed to Max's most recent episode 84 on RT tv)  Max interviews  David DeGraw, who pulls NO punches in his depictions of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY that is running the United States government, that IS  U.S. government economic & financial "leadership" (segment 2 of 3) -

   Tim Geithner isn't merely an "Economic Hit Man" - he is THE HEAD ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD LEADER of the past decade, and after DESTROYING the economies of Indonesia, Thailand, other Asian countries, Argentina (all the while taking notes from his career sponsors Rubin & Summers destruction of the Russian post-Communist economy)  - Geithner, Summers, Rubin & co. have set their sights on knocking America, NOT  merely back to "3rd world status" - but CLEAR BACK TO THE DARK AGES, when feudal lords could MASSACRE the peasants with impunity.   
Max: All right, economic imperialism vs financial terrorism. 
 The thesis that you have on this is that it was an ENGINEERED ATTACK on the US financial system.

David Degraw:  Look, the truth of the matter is these people ARE Financial TERRORISTS. That might be too harsh terms but then let's use economic imperialism  - this is a very well worn strategy
 Look at Tim Geithner, he's the perfect example.  Tim Geithner  when he was in the US Treasury,  
   he went and, you know, the Asian crisis (plural), Indonesia, Thailand, ALL those Asian countries that went down the tubes in the 90's was a result of TG acting in the US treasury to TURN OVER these countries.  he was really the preeminent ECONOMIC  DEATH SQUAD LEADER and really he did so well he got a prestigious fellowship from the CFR  as a reward, and then after that
 he moved  to the IMF, where he TURNED OVER Argentina.  I mean, Tim Geithner was ALL OVER the DESTRUCTION of Argentina.

  After he completed that, then he moved to the US fed, and the rest is history, with the bailouts and all that.

   Look at the Commodities Future Modernization Act of 2000, and they can LOOT the economy, they LOOT national treasuries, and once you have massive DEBT the IMF moves in....  
 bonus: KeiserReport #86 on RT tv  interview with Eric Jantzen on the "POST CATASTROPHE ECONOMY"  - discussing, what else, more of the LOOTED, GUTTED, ARSONED, & ENSLAVED American economy... thanks to the "friends" that Idiot Obama put in charge of the Treasury, Fed, and nation's economic policy over the past 2 years.