Friday, October 8, 2010

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama RUNNING AMERICA INTO THE DITCH, with their RIGHT-WING treachery, Lies, Corruption, and blatant pay-to-play Bribe-taking....

Over at, David Sirota has an excellent article, describing how Democrat Party "leaders" and the elite activists and donors who back them  are "THE REAL WHINERS":
The way Democratic leaders tell it, their party's current "enthusiasm gap" comes from rank-and-file voters who are irrational and pessimistic complainers.
"Democrats, just congenitally, tend to (see) the glass as half empty," President Obama said last month during a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser at the Connecticut home of a donor named (no joke) Rich Richman. Days later, Vice President Biden told a separate audience of donors that voters need "to stop whining." Apparently, the two believe that a mix of Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake" motto and Phil Gramm's "nation of whiners" mantra will excite the Democratic base.  
  Mr. Sirota lumping President Obama and Vice President Biden in with the haplessly entitled and ignorant Marie Antoinette is too delicious for words - and "Democratic 'leaders'"  would also include the astonishingly corrupt Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, who is the unspoken partner in most of the Obama administration's Right-Wing legislative & policy atrocities. 
  Just to leave no doubt as to the "winning formula" "Too Great To Fail" Obama, Her Imperial Highness Pelosi, Hapless Harry Reid, and errand-boy Biden are pushing on Democratic voters these crucial months (now about to come to a screeching end) before midterm-election 2010, Mr. Sirota continues (our highlight):
Who knows? Maybe it'll work. But probably not. The sight of Washington politicians attending fat-cat fundraisers while berating a recession-hammered nation is not exactly inspiring. It's more like a recipe for electoral backlash. 
There you have it.  Obama, Pelosi,  Reid, and Biden's "election strategy" this year, stripped of its D.C. establishment & Madison Ave. propaganda spin, is for  Democrats to RULE LIKE RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS, and then  LECTURE  working-stiff Democratic voters that they better turn up and vote - because, you know, the Republicans will be EVEN WORSE than Obama & Pelosi have been! 

  Ay dos mio!    Mr. Sirota continues his observations that this election season is NOT defined by "justifiable rage against the plutocratic machine"  (in no small part because all of the corporate "major media" are working  relentlessly to hide those plutocratic atrocities, dumb-down voters, and make Americans feel resigned to their increasingly dismal fates) but instead  by a sense of  quiet (Dem.) voter desperation, exhaustion, and disappointment, and Sirota lists some of those major disappointments:
The desperation is understandable. The Iraq War continues, and the Afghanistan War is intensifying. The Wall Street "reform" bill has been exposed as a sham, with the Associated Press reporting that banks are already planning to exploit the new rules for even more profits. Meanwhile, Obama aides admit that the new health care legislation coddles the industries it purports to regulate.
"During the campaign we fought against insurance companies," White House adviser David Axelrod said about the Obama-crafted bill. "(But) after the deals with insurance companies, the deals with Pharma -- all these people are supposedly our friends."
As Axelrod's comment implies, this is not "real change" or "yes we can" -- it's the demoralizing status quo of "no we won't." And few disappointments better underscore that reality than the recent non-debate over the Bush tax cuts.

 Let's examine some of those items further - Sirota writes that "the Wall Street reform bill has been exposed as a SHAM"  and over at, The Center for Media & Democracy, they post a headline 
"Is Geithner Planning a Stealth Attack on the Wall Street Reform Bill?" 
 That would be OBAMA's TREASURY SECRETARY Tim Geithner, quite possibly working to UNDO one of the administration's few claims to actually be addressing the titanic fraud and corruption on Wall Street!  
 Over at the Washington Post,  Steve Pearlstein reports on the  "The Costs of Rising Economic Inequality" in America, and again we point out, that not only has Speaker Pelosi been IN CHARGE OF CONGRESS for these past 4 years,  but neither she nor Barack Obama's White House are EVEN ADDRESING the "rising economic inequality" in America, much less the costs associated with it.

    Just to illustrate that  Sirota's, Pearlstein's, and's concerns are not completely "liberal rage," the Chronicle Review posts an article this week on "LARRY SUMMERS and the SUBVERSION of  [American] ECONOMICS"  with a nice photo of  President Obama between his two radical Right-Wing, "Goddamn-Sachs & Wall St. uber alles" economy killing loan shark predators, Timmy Geithner &  Larry Summers.
  Meanwhile, over at the British Telegraph, we read that
 "IMF Admits that the West is STUCK IN A DEPRESSION" -  the FINANCIAL SABOTAGE policies that "economic geniuses"  Geithner, Summers, Ben Bernanke, and Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, and other economy-wreckers before them have been pushing have born fruit - economic larceny and titanic financial fraud  ARE THE DESIRED OUTCOMES of the Summers-Geithner-Bernanke-Gensler crew,   Obama and Pelosi have spent the past 2 years PAINTING "Democrats" WITH the "CREDIT" for Wall Street's titanic larceny!