Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama (and other "Democrat" Party "leaders") are TOO STUPID to be the "leaders" of the Democratic Party - they have PRESIDED over the past half-decade of "THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" without offering American citizens a ray of hope!

Once again Dylan Ratigan proves  he is light years ahead of the American "major media" talking heads and press corpse(s), his show today explained why the Democrats, and Republicans, and the Congress are so detested by Americans this election season:  because regardless of how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Barack Obama, and their fellow "Democratic" "leaders" may want to BRAG about their various legislative   "successes" and  policy "victories," they can not hide the fact that, for the past half-decade,  THEY have PRESIDED OVER the fulfillment, not of the American dream, but of the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, the America of squalid 19th century tenement houses, rampant poverty, social stratification, and other "THIRD WORLD" conditions that we Americans collectively spent most of the 20th century fighting to make better.    

Arrianna Huffington, Warren Buffet's daughter Susie Buffet,  and Dylan Ratigan discussed "Third World America," the undoing of the American dream, and the transformation of that dream into a NIGHTMARE...  during the past half-decade of "Democrat" control of Congress.... 


Yes, Barack Obama has "only" been president for 2 years come this January... but he was a Democratic Senator for two years before that, a senator, presidential candidate, and now president with FAR more access to the American media & press outlets than the vast majority of Americans have.

  Far WORSE than Obama and Pelosi FAILING to undo the TAX THE POOR, ENRICH the RICH policies of Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans over the previous 8+ years,  is that Pelosi and Obama - in their fund-raising greed and  "kickbacks" legalized bribe-taking ("campaign donations") corruption - they have utterly and completely FAILED to even RECOGNIZE THAT THERE IS  EVEN A PROBLEM, until these 4 short weeks before midterm election 2010! 

    Pelosi, Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Obama are all  an argument that, far  from  having "merciful" qualities, there must be some   SADISTIC qualities if there truly is an "almighty" god.  
   Had it not been for Barack Obama's winning presidential  campaign of 2008,  a man who ENDURED TORTURE for 7 long years in a Vietnamese prison would have become the American president - how sad a commentary on American life is it, that the Republican Party's  most worthy presidential candidate was  a man who must have deeply embedded pyschological traumas from nearly a decade of enduring sadistic, nearly murderous abuse?  
   Dick Cheney was America's answer to Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler, a man who shuddered at the sight of blood, but commanded the wholesale institutionalization of an immense torture and death camp gulag - we know that Cheney personally watched live torture "interrogation" sessions (piped in by military video feeds to his White House basement dungeon)   and wanted to use the 20 terrorist hijackers of 9-11-2001 as an excuse to unleash American bombs on almost every Muslim country in the Mideast.
   Nancy Pelosi, far from being a "San Francisco liberal," is an entitled millionaire heiress, who can barely disguise her disdain for California's poor, much less San Francisco's noisy and demanding "liberal" interest groups.   In giving Bush, Paulson, and Wall Street the NO OVERSIGHT bailouts they demanded of Congress in September 2008,  Speaker Pelosi  "pumped up" not only New York, foreign,  and Wall Street financial stock prices, but she ALSO "pumped up" HER OWN FAMILY's   stock portfolio values -  Speaker Pelosi REALLY IS a multi-millionaire "WELFARE QUEEN," and she has neither  the appreciation, the strength of character, nor the determination to make sure that American working-stiff taxpayers got the full measure of value for their Congress extorted "Bailouts" billions. 
     And Barack Obama,  far from being "the CHANGE president," is a throwback to WOODROW WILSON -  the president who was NOMINALLY "Liberal" on some issues, but INSTITUTED the draconian  WWI (and post-WWI!) CENSORSHIP and  police-state suppression laws, while simultaneously enouraging White supremacist segregationists, who embarked on nearly a half-century of unabashed LYNCH MOB terrorism, in the wake of the Wilson administration's blatantly racist, REACTIONARY  blessings! 
  Barack Obama suffers under the delusion that he was somehow conceived of a divine conception - that he would be president today of his own "bipartisan greatness," WITHOUT a CENTURY of  Civil Rights and "liberal" activists risking their lives (and often losing their lives)  CONFRONTING 'the establishment"  and reactionary politicians,  demanding real change -  not meaningless speeches crafted for their very vagueness and insincerity - from ENDING CHILD LABOR, to FORCING LANDLORDS to provide human conditions in New York tenement slums, to making America's meat packing warehouses, railroads, and other industries safe for workers, to taking on the coal-mining bosses who once hired machine-gun armed armoured cars to shoot up striking miners' camps...
Rockefeller family's CF&I mining company hired guns: The Baldwin-Felts 'detecitve agency" used this machine-gun armed car to shoot up miners protesting deadly conditions in the Rockefeller owned mines, wiki. "Ludlow Massacre"
....to the SHERMAN ANTI-TRUST Act. and  Roosevelt's "Trust Busting,"  President Barack Obama is so in bed with with his Wall Street (GS & JPM) wealth-extraction financial swindlers, that he has NO appreciation for the past 100 years+ fight for the  once 'radical'  and "liberal"  policies, that are now taken for granted in America, that modern programs and social safeguards that he, Obama, has been helping the Neo-Cons and reactionary Republicans DISMANTLE for the past half decade.   
Pelosi & Obama's REAL legacy: 42% of American children born into poverty!
Democrats and "the major media" may quibble that "low income" does not equal "poverty," but with even middle-class families having problems purchasing health-care, "low income" means you are one illness away from family-gutting poverty - a grim statistic that Obama's so-called "health care reform" bill abjectly failed to rectify.
 post-script:  further evidence that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi (and most of the other "Democrats") are clueless if not criminally complicit in the sabotage destruction of America: An ACLU report on the rise of  DEBTORS' PRISONS - even as Pelosi, Obama, and the damned "Democrats" HAND OUT TRILLIONS of taxpayer-extorted dollars to bail out Robert Rubin's insanely greedy and corrupt co-conspirators on Wall Street, (and, again we point out, ARTIFICIALLY PUMPING UP the PELOSI family's own multi-million dollar holdings),   the American Criminal 'Justice' system is IMPRISONING  ordinary Americans for long periods of time,   for being unable to pay small fines... 
Speaker Pelosi is giving Marie Antoinette a run for the money in historical infamy and/or cluelessness.
ACLU and Brennan Center Reports Expose Resurgence of Debtors' Prisons
http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2010/10/04-0  (h.t. m.k.)

NEW YORK - October 4 - Poor defendants are being jailed at increasingly alarming rates for failing to pay legal debts they can never hope to afford, according to two new reports released today by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Brennan Center for Justice.
The reports detail how states across the country, in the face of mounting budget deficits, are more aggressively going after poor people who have already served their criminal sentences, and in so doing undermining re-entry prospects, paving the way back to prison or jail and burdening the public with yet more costs.
"Incarcerating people simply because they cannot afford to pay their legal debts is not only unconstitutional but also has a devastating impact upon men and women, whose only crime is that they are poor," said Eric Balaban, senior staff attorney with the ACLU National Prison Project.
The ACLU report, "In for a Penny: The Rise of America's New Debtors' Prisons," and the Brennan Center report, "The Hidden Cost of Criminal Justice Debt," show how the resurgent phenomenon of imprisoning people who are unable to pay fines and court fees is in fact counterproductive. States and counties, hard pressed to find revenue to shore up failing budgets, see a ready source of funds in defendants who can be assessed financial penalties above and beyond their criminal sentences that must be repaid upon pain of imprisonment.