Monday, October 11, 2010

IDIOT Obama: As U.S. Economy is 11.5 MILLION jobs short, He's STILL siding with Rubin, Summers, & Paulson's INSANELY TREASONOUS, nation-gutting, economy-killing Goddamn-Sachs & JPM bankster friends..

  Americans should SUE  Harvard University graduate school... for delivering  TWO IDIOT  presidents in a row! 

  Harvard M.B.A. "graduate"  George W. Bush  WENT ON VACATION, and IGNORED repeated and insistent FBI, CIA, &   intel agency warnings "AL QAEDA PLANNING ATTACKS IN AMERICA  AT THIS VERY MOMENT" - and that marked the high point of  his presidency. 
   Harvard Law grad Barack Obama PLEDGED,  in his every waking moment during presidential campaign 2008, to  deliver "CHANGE!" to economically strapped American citizens, homeowners, and taxpayers suffering through eight long, dismal years of Right-Wing George W. Bush + Hank Paulson (FORMER Goddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN Hank Paulson)  "loot the peons to enrich the wealthy" economics.... and then, as president,  Barack Obama went on to put George W. Bush's ECONOMY KILLING  retread financial hacks  (Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, etc.)  BACK in charge of the new administration's   economic oversight - with the same entirely predictable ECONOMIC CONTRACTION results.

   ARE Bush & Obama  Harvard Grads IDIOTS, or what?!  

"There they go again..."! 

  The Huffington Post is the new,  slightly "more hip" New York Neo-Con propaganda outlet, replacing the "Old Grey Lady" (NY Times) and Washington Post as the  so-called "liberal media" standard bearer in America. 
      Actually,   a daily glance at the front page of the Huffing Post is sufficient to get the temperature of those New York, City-of-London, and Tel Aviv  self-proclaimed  masters-of-the-universe Neo-Cons'  satisfaction meter,  those Neo-Cons who are continually trying to dumb-down and pacify the peasants as they rob us American serfs, proles, peasants, and peons  blind. 

  But being "hip" and being a "media leader" means you HAVE to report on the compelling issues SOMETIMES,  before you bury those stories deep in the back pages, behind confusing and obfuscating headlines,  or way down below  the day's usual fix of  hip but entirely useless celebrity and garbage  infotainment stories.  (Tonights HP menu, several chatty stories about the Chamber of Commerce subverting American democracy with, you know, titanic, unlimited foreign donations to America's politicians & political campaigns, and a few more chatty  stories on Christine O'Donnell,  teenage heartthrobs, witches, Nazi alter-egos, homophobes, by no less than HuffPost infotainment editor Roy Sekoff.... etc.,  etc., etc., etc.) 
 So in tonight's case, we get THE REAL NEWS for a moment or two  - at least until the HuffPost's Neo-Con editors decide to get back to their normal ' hip'  news  distraction offerings.   

  And THE REAL NEWS is that America needs to add 11.5 MILLION new jobs - just to get back to pre-recession levels (not including population growth).

  But the  really  important news is that, aside from those families affected by job losses, rising inflation, and lower income, and a collapsed American social safety net,   is  that NO ONE GIVES A DAMN!

    NOT  the idiot president surrounded by his Larry Summers, Gary Gensler, Jacob Lew, (Robert Rubin minions)  "OF, BY, and FOR GODDAMN-SACHS"  Neo-Con staffers.  
  NOT the entire U.S. government, which is IN BED with the Goddamn-Sachs "EXPORT U.S. JOBS to China, India, Asia, and Latin America" crew.
    And certainly not the "Major Media" including the New York Times, CNN, Time, the Washington Post, Fox 'news,' and, yes, even those New York yuppie intelligentsia who staff the Huffington Post -   NO ONE  is MAKING JOBS  "PRIORITY ONE"  for America!!!

      As we said at the top of this post, Americans SHOULD SUE  Harvard University for sticking TWO IDIOT presidential  CLOWNS IN A ROW on us hapless American serfs!  
  WHO COULD IMAGINE a "DEMOCRATIC" President  in these past few decades,  who DIDN'T MOVE HEAVEN & EARTH  to try to get EMPLOYMENT numbers UP, and UNEMPLOYMENT numbers DOWN, in his first 2 years on the job?!
     Like a would-be Goddamn-Sachs partner, Obama seems to be taking the OPPOSITE tack: GLOATING that employment is DOWN, and unemployment is UP!   

  IS THAT what they're teaching in Harvard these days?  That the way to be a Neo-Con master-of-the-universe is to WRECK America's production, jobs, and employment economy - WHILE handing  BILLIONS (upon TRILLIONS) of  hapless  taxpayer-extorted dollars to those very New York, Wall Street, and "multi-national bankers"  masters of economic sabotage?!!!
U.S. Economy Is 11.5 Million Jobs Short, EPI Says

William Alden,   Huffington Post    Oct. 11 2010
Even though the unemployment rate remained flat at 9.6 percent in September, the labor market would now need to add a total of about 11.5 million jobs to restore the pre-recession rate, according to analysis from Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute.  (cont'd)