Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama Gets ALL the BLAME for America's ECONOMIC MELTDOWN... as a result of HIS OWN INSIDIOUS White House Neo-Cons !

President Barack Obama is not a very wise or intelligent man:   He is a victim of his own arrogance and conceit -
...he REFUSES  to EXAMINE the economic data that surrounds him (the TITANIC ECONOMIC COLLAPSE that ENGULFS America) objectively, because IF  he did want a genuine and UNBIASED ACCOUNTING for America's economic crisis,  he would DEMAND of his Treasury Department, Wall Street, and the Fed Reserve Bank  a COMPLETE ACCOUNTING for every dime of the "BAILOUTS" that his Emanuel, Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Gensler (et al, ad naseum -  Robert Rubin minions and toadies all)   "Financial Geniuses" have DISHED OUT to the Big Banks - an amount now well over $20 trillion - TWENTY TRILLION of taxpayer extorted "Bailouts" that IDIOT  Obama  is,  at best, completely UNWARES of (or, at worst, COMPLICIT in the titanic DEFRAUDING of American taxpayers to the benefit of wealthy, fraudulent, criminal bankers). 

 There is a SIMPLE REASON that President Obama Gets _ALL the BLAME_ for America's ECONOMIC MELTDOWN...  HIS OWN INSIDIOUS White House Rubinite Neo-Con "economic team" is MAKING NO EFFORT to disclose all that TITANIC FRAUD,  they are HAPPY to let their Neo-Con comrades at the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox 'news,'  Weakley Standard, and other Neo-Con outlets  PAINT  the "Democrats"  WITH THE BLAME for  TWO DECADES of  financial "DEREGULATION" now leading to this "TOO BIG to fail"  "BAILOUTS" EXTORTION  INSANITY !!!!!!
  Indeed, Obama has GIVEN, AT TAXPAYER and American workers' expense, MORE TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars  to the fraudulent, predatory, economy-killing bankers, in just TWO YEARS of "bailouts," than Bush, Cheney, Paulson, John Snow, and Alan Greenspan could STEAL from the American economy in eight long years of economic sabotage....
     Polls show Republicans don’t believe that bankers and their frauds played any role in the economic meltdown, Obama responsible for most of it  (ht mk)