Friday, May 1, 2009

CONFIRMED! Obama's "CHICAGO FIXER," Rahm Emanuel, is RUINING, er,"Running," America's Treasury & Economic/Fiscal Policy...

Well, well, well.
As usual, we here at DemNationUSA are three months, four months, even two-dozen months or more ahead of the "major media" in analyzing either,
a.) the causes of the latest US foreign policy / economic disaster, or
b.) predicting that the forces of evil (disenfranchisement, anti-intellectual, reactionary neo-Confederates & their financial-predator, war-mongering, police-state Neo-Conservative allies, in that unholy alliance of natural enemies, the Neo-Con/neo-Confederate alliance-from-hell) will soon create that disaster.
(See our previous post, "Obama's COSMIC STUPIDITY")

In this case, we were "only" 3 or 4 months ahead of the "major media" in determining that President Obama has PUT HIS ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL "policy"
(if, that is, you call HANDING OUT TRILLIONS of US Taxpayer dollars, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS an 'I.O.U.', much less stringent, forensic accounting to be "A policy") -
- and the ENTIRE powers presidency & Economic Policies over to the tender mercies of his fellow Chicago pol RAHM EMANUEL...
... and the only reason we figured it out (only) four months ago, is because Rahm "THE CHICAGO FIXER" was only announced as Obama's pick for White House Chief of Staff 4 months ago, and up until that timed,
then Senator Obama had publicly and repeatedly pledged himself to ENDING the Iraq war, providing for "TRANSPARENCY" in government dealings, and, generally promising "CHANGE" !!

THE MOMENT "the FIXER" Emanuel was chosen, WE KNEW what BOTH Obama's Foreign Policy _and_ "Economic" Policy would be -
they would be reprisals of JOE LIEBERMAN's REPUBLICAN Neo-Con WARMONGERING & treasury-crushing TAX-CUTS FOR RICH" policies in "Democrat" clothing, because as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Majority Party Whip, the conduct of the entire Pelosi 110th Congress was a very forceful & accurate predictor of how Rahm Emanuel would run the White House, what with White House _Chief of Staff_ being one of the most extremely important positions in the ENTIRE US government. (The Chief of Staff being immediately next to the president, and thus the president's de fact GATEKEEPER and SKULL-CRUSHER/enforcer.

Here is the WALL STREET JOURNAL effectively saying (our paraphrase) "(Treasury Secretary) TIM GEITHNER is EMANUEL's b____, NOTHING happens at Geithner's Treasury Dept. without PRIOR APPROVAL by Obama's official White House Fixer & Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:
< WASHINGTON -- On Jan. 20, Timothy Geithner took control of the Treasury Department, directing the government's response to the financial crisis.
...Within three weeks, the White House TIGHTENED ITS GRIP, alarmed by the poor reaction to Mr. Geithner's performance [BY PUBLIC REVULSION to the "BAIL OUT BANKERS FIRST, let every one else rot!" agenda] during the rollout of his rescue plan, government officials say. Since then, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF of STAFF Rahm Emanuel HAS BEEN SO INVOLVED in the WORKINGS OF TREASURY, that "RAHM WANTS ITS" has become an unofficial mantra [THE OFFICIAL word-of-god!] among some at the Treasury, according to government officials. >

Now in a recent radio show episode "liberal" talk-show host Ed Schultz declared NANCY PELOSI to be "The most LIBERAL member of Congress," but of course this is simply a WAY off-base analysis by the normally reliable Mr. Schultz, in fact Pelosi is a CORPORATE, DLC, right-of-center Democrat who took "Impeachment off the Table," relentlessly KOW-TOWED to the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY (aka the "AIPAC Lobby" but the "Israel" should be in front of America" as in the "ISRAEL-America Political Action Committee"), pushed through and signed the Bush-PELOSI-Paulson $700 BILLION bailouts bill - WITHOUT A SINGLE demand for audits or oversight - and at every step of the way, Speaker Pelosi has been DEFINED by the DLC/corporate DC Democrat agenda.
And the fact that Pelosi put RAHM EMANUEL in charge of the House Democrats' 2006 Congressional Elections effort, the DCCC (Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee) is confirmation of Pelosi's DLC/corporate tendencies: Mr. Emanuel and Speaker Pelosi NEARLY SABOTAGED the Democrats 2006 congressional election, Emanuel RESISTING DNC Chairman Howard Dean's 50 STATE STRATEGY, pouring money into HAND-PICKED Right-Wing corporate Democrat candidates, and SHORTCHANGING the funding of grass-roots, genuinely "liberal" Democratic Candidates.

Here, Wiki shows ANOTHER stranglehold connection Emanuel has on the Obama White House:
< Emanuel is a close friend of fellow Chicagoan David Axelrod, chief strategist for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Axelrod signed the ketuba, a Jewish marriage contract, at Emanuel's wedding, an honor that goes to a close friend. [16] >

Here, liberal blog "Down With Tyranny" catches Emanuel's hand-selected list of 10 Freshman "Democrat" Congressmen - "Democrats" who just happen to MOST PREDICTABLY VOTE REPUBLICAN on those CLOSE, TIGHT vote fights which define the difference between RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS and "liberal" Democrats:

Here, writer Matt Stoller catches Rahm Emanuel's SABOTAGE of GENIUINELY "Liberal" Democratic candidates, and how Emanuel NEARLY LOST election 2006 (among other things, Emanuel TRYING TO KEEP THE IRAQ WAR _OUT_ of Dem. candidate talking points: Because as an AIPAC/PNAC/LIKUDNIK Neo-Con, Mr. Emanuel is a FULL BLOWN WAR-MONGERING Neo-Con]:
< Democrats pushing the conservative line, or giving credit to Rahm Emanuel, don't get it. RAHM EMANUEL DID EVERYTHING HE COULD to LOSE the House. [!!] His recruiting and use of money was strategically unwise, and he was bailed out by a national trend that brought us the Senate, the Governorships, state legislative chambers, and state constitutional officers all over the country.
Rahm Emanuel did his best to force Howard Dean to move money out of party building and into his terrible TV ad program that lost IL-06. He sniped at Dean, at Moveon, at George Soros, at blogs, at anyone he could. He ran scared, and he put his thumb on the scale against liberal Democrats. He couldn't even win in his own backyard, with the milquetoast Dan Seals and charismatically moderate Tammy Duckworth. Most significantly, for a good amount of time he didn't want Democrats to mention Iraq, period. If Rahm Emanuel were actually been a loyal Democrat instead of someone hellbent on sabotaging liberals, imagine how many seats we could have picked up. >

And our Coup-de-grace, here's a blow-by-blow Down-With-Tyranny blog entry "HOW Rahm Emanuel and the Pelosi DCCC _LOST_ Election 2006 - SAVED ONLY by outside-DC, grass-roots Dem organizations like,, Emily'sList, and DNC Chairman Howard Dean's FIFTY-STATE STRATEGY
(note: the Dem.National Committee may be an "inside DC" Dem. organization, but Chairman & former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is most certainly a DC Dem. OUTSIDER)


And, as much as we have ranted, above, we haven't even mentioned the EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS Emanuel made as a WASSERSTEIN-PERELLA "investment banker".
As we now know, "INVESTMENT BANKERS" as the Investment Bankers desire it means "CASINO GAMBLERS and SPECULATORS - with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT _FORCING_ TAXPAYER to MAKE GOOD ON THE LOSSES whenever the 'investment banker' Speculators CRAP OUT with TRILLIONS of dollars worth of bad bets and BLACK-HOLE DERIVATIVE DEBTS!"


Well, here is the WALL STREET JOURNAL article stating what we correctly analyzed three months ago: DLC Rebublican-in-Democrat's clothes, INVESTMENT BANKSTER LBO/takeover artist RAHM EMANUEL is RUNNING BARACK OBAMA's WHITE HOUSE _AND_ ECONOMIC POLICY; The ENTIRE US TREASURY is Emanuel's and Goldman-Sachs' BITCH,
and Emanuel has ZERO intention of informing Americans about ANY of -
#1. WHERE THERE BILLIONS (upon trillions!) of BAILOUT DOLLARS have gone -
#2. the FULL EXTENT of Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWTIZ's TORTURE GULAG - how many prisoners were KILLED in US hands as "VERBOTTEN!" a secret, as the true purpose of Nazi death camps in WWII Germany -
#3. Just how much the United States hand over to Israel every year, WHICH MONEY MAKES A U-turn and comes back and INFLUENCES AMERICAN POLITICS (BUYS the US House, Senate, Congress, White House, and US government agencies) -

#4. Hell, Mr. Emanuel and his predatory GOLDMAN-SACHS banksters team WILL NOT even tell Americans JUST HOW MUCH we have paid out in Bailouts - somewhere between THREE TRILLION and TWELVE TRILLION taxpayers dollars, WHICH the GOLDMAN-SACHS bankers, ISRAEL LOBBY, and "Democrat" Rahm Emanuel DO NOT FEEL that American peon taxpayers have ANY right to know!!

This has been a rather long rant, but - describing the PNAC AIPAC NEO-CON GOLDMAN-SACHS _TAKEOVER_ of the "Democrat" Party, is like trying to detail how COCAINE MONEY has affected Colombia's economy & politics in just one blog.

Rahm Emanuel Declares Candidacy for House GOP [REPUBLICAN !!] Whip

by David Sirota,
Sept. 16, 2008

I thought the House Democratic Caucus Chairman was a position whose mission is to help ELECT MORE DEMOCRATS, so that Democrats can do more things Democrats promise to do. According to Inside U.S. Trade, I'm wrong.

Here's the snippet (no link because the publication is subscription-only):

< "Among the House Democratic leadership, Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) is actively advocating that Democrats would be better off having the votes on pending [free trade agreements] this year for a number of reasons, sources said. They said that one of the reasons Emanuel cites is that there are likely more Republican members in this Congress than there will be in the next, which would mean that fewer Democrats would have to take a potentially divisive trade vote now." >

Correct: EMANUEL -- one of the ORIGINAL ARCHITECTS of NAFTA -- wants congressional Democrats to pass controversial NAFTAs with Colombia, South Korea and Panama right now, so as to avoid inevitably STRONGER opposition from his own [DEMOCRATIC] party in the next Congress.

To really fathom how incredible this is, understand that Emanuel -- the Democratic leader -- IS EFFECTIVELY ACTING AS HOUSE __REPUBLICAN__ WHIP. He's saying that he wants these bills up for a vote because there are enough Republican votes right now in the House to pass it over current Democratic objections -- and there won't be enough GOP votes in the next Congress.

How many polls have to come out showing that the vast majority of Americans do not want their jobs and wages crushed by hacks like Emanuel? And how come Democrats are led by con artists who spent their White House career shilling for Wall Street, then cashed in as an investment banker, then bought a congressional race, only to go back to Washington to continue his corporate crusade over the dead body of his own caucus?

(Which is to say, "How Rahm Emanuel OWNS the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE, and has Turned the Obama administration into the GIVE GOLDMAN SACHS, AIPAC, and the War-Lobby TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars open, never-ending, NO AUDITS ALLOWED! SPIGOT for those RADICAL RIGHT-WING organizations & policies !!!!

At Treasury, Big White House Role
After Early Snafus, Emanuel 'HELPS' Geithner With Policies; 'Rahm Wants It'
MAY 1, 2009
WASHINGTON -- On Jan. 20, Timothy Geithner took control of the Treasury Department, directing the government's response to the financial crisis.

Within three weeks, the White House tightened its grip, alarmed by the poor reaction to Mr. Geithner's performance during the rollout of his rescue plan, government officials say. Since then, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been so involved in the workings of the Treasury that "Rahm wants it" has become an unofficial mantra among some at the Treasury, according to government officials.
[continued at the Rupert Murdoch pro-wars, pro-torture, pro-police-state, pro-tax-cuts-for-rich in time of war; pro-UNLIMITED NO OVERSIGHT TRILLIONS for FAILED, CORRUPT BANKSTERS Wall St. Journal -