Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Democrat" Senators Baucus, others, LAUGH as POLICE CALLED to DENY SINGLE PAYER advocates a SINGLE PLACE at HEALTH-CARE 'reform" hearing -

Note how Senator Baucus and other "Democrat" Senators DENY EVEN ONE PLACE at table - of FIFTEEN 'experts' - to a single spokesman for SINGLE-PAYER health care.
Senator Baucus CLAIMS to "RESPECT" and "CARE DEEPLY" for the views of those who want Single Payer health care, but he is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH - as the raw numbers - FIFTEEN TO ZERO - illustrates - even though a HUGE percentage, possibly A MAJORITY, and a GROWING majority or Americans at that, ALL WANT what Canadians, Europeans, ISRAELIS, and other industrialized nations ALREADY HAVE!