Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Liberal" Congressman Kucinish advocates... a STRONG AMERICA INDUSTRIAL Policy...

Yet again, what is DERIDED as "Liberal" and "way-out left" by the demagogues of the right - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Rupert Murdoch's entire Fox 'news' crew; the big-business demagogues like Kudlow, Krauthammer, George Will, the hired media pimps of the Texas oil barons... and even by the so-called "Moderates" "news" editors at the Washington Post, the New York Times, & the entire NY/DC "establishment" which they represent -
- and it is GENUINE "LIBERAL" advocates & legislators -

in this case the inimitable Congressman DENNIS KUCINICH -
who advocate policies that would ACTUALLY produce a STRONGER, MORE FINANCIALLY SECURE America.

It has not even been 8 full months since the Bush-Republicans (and their awful Neo-Con "Democrat" enablers) WRECKED the ENTIRE US FINANCIAL MARKET(s) in September 2008 - and ALREADY the GOD DAMNED DC "Democrat" "leadership" - so in bed are they with the Neo-Con right-wing big business lobbies - are trying to FORGET the SERIAL, ECONOMY-GUTTING policies and agendas of the Cheney-Bush administration:
#1. INCREASED DEPENDENCE on FOREIGN OIL, at the behest of the Texas oil barons and their NEW YORK Wall Street BANKERS (read - Goldman Sachs) - who tried to CORNER the ENTIRE world oil market, and EXTORT tens of billions from American consumers.
#2. ATTEMPTS by the Cheney-Bush administration to - SELL US PORTS to a Dubai, United ARAB Emirates, DICTATOR-owned consortium!
#3. the SABOTAGE of America's RENEWABLE ENERGY industrial capability (in furtherance of #1, above)
#4. the SABOTAGE of America's AFFORDABLE Health-Care: DOUBLE DIGIT INFLATION year after year pushing American families AND BUSINESSES IN TO BANKRUPTCY....
We'll stop right here for now, simply because - President Obama, while nominally improving #1 & #3 above, has now "ADOPTED" the Bush administration's DEREGULATION and SABOTAGE of AFFORDABLE Health Care as HIS OWN POLICIES !!!!!!
This is SHEER TREACHERY on the Part of Mr. Obama's closest advisers, who of course feel EMPOWERED because Obama and his predecessor (President Bush Jr.) have handed THEIR VERY FINANCIAL COMPANIES TENS OF BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.
So, getting back to Congressman Kucinich: WHILE EVEN HALF of President Obama's "NEW" administration policies are a CONTINUATION of the sheer "GUT AMERICA's ECONOMY" policies of his disastrous predecessor, leave it to courageous, outspoken, uber- "LIBERAL" Representative Kucinich to ACTUALLY STAND FOR A STRONG and SECURE America - a FINANCIALLY SECURE and INDUSTRIALLY PRODUCTIVE America that Mr. Obama's TREACHEROUS advisers, the ENTIRE NY/DC press corps, and the TREACHEROUS neo-Confederate/Neo-Conservative Republican party are ALL WORKING TO SABOTAGE, still!