Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Democrat's PATHETIC COWARDICE - Former INDEPENDENT Minn. Gov. JESSE VENTURA offers a FAR MORE SPIRITED DFENSE of Speaker Pelosi, than ANY Democrats!!

DESPICABLE!! the "DC Democrats" let GOV. VENTURA be more outspoken in CONDEMNATION of VP Dick Cheney, the United States government's use of TORTURE, and REPUBLICAN ATTEMPTS to SMEAR Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi FOR BUSH & CHENEY's CRIMES, than paid, professional, ostensibly "Democrat" 'leaders,' Representatives & Congress-critters have thus far attempted to defend Speaker Pelosi from the Republican SMEAR-MACHINE - even though our Senators & Representaives are CHARGED with upholding US laws, the US Constitution, and International Conventions on war crimes!

The Wall St. Journal captures the ABJECT COWADICE & BUREAUCRATIC TREACHERY of the DC "Democrats" - right there in the three-word headline, describing former California "DEMOCRATIC" Congressman (and former Clinton administration Chief of Staff) President Obama's newly selected, current CIA Director, LEON PANETTA, trying to AID the REPUBLICAN EFFORT to PIN THE _ENTIRE_ TORTURE SCANDAL on 'fellow Democrat' Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi! - AS IF Nancy Pelosi "lying" about a SINGLE CIA BRIEFING she was given in 2002, was THE CRIMINAL EQUIVALENT of the ENTIRE 6 year Bush-Cheney-Dod-CIA system of TORTURING prisoners in US prisons!
"Panetta's Pelosi Smackdown"

"CIA officers _briefed truthfully_ on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah," Mr. Panetta wrote in a memo to agency employees. "It is not our policy or practice to mislead Congress. That is against our laws and our values." A day earlier, Mrs. Pelosi had claimed that CIA officials had "misled" her at a September 4, 2002 briefing on enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding of the likes of Zubaydah.
How the hell would Mr. Panetta know if the CIA had "briefed truthfully" then Minority Leader Pelosi back in 2002??
HOW DARE Mr. Panetta suddenly PRETEND to be COMPLETELY IGNORANT of ALL THE LIES the Bush administration, the Dept. of Defense, _and_ the CIA, have RAMMED DOWN AMERICA's throats these past 8 years; implying that only Speaker Pelosi was lying in this case, despite a MASSIVE, ongoing CIA effort to COVER UP the KNOWN deaths, DURING TORTURE, of AT LEAST 100 PRISONERS IN US CUSTODY, and the unwarranted, no oversight detention of HUNDREDS of often INNOCENT SUSPECTS over all these years since 9-11 and the invasion of Pakistan started filling up Vice President Cheney's signature torture gulags?!!
But Mr. Panetta IS CORRECT abotu ONE thing: It IS "against our laws and our values" to mislead [lie to] Congress."
This is PURE BUREAUCRATIC INSANITY, if not COWARDICE & TREACHERY - Mr. Panetta PRETENDING that a SINGLE MEMO given to then Minority Leader Pelosi is more consequence in the Torture debacle - than the hundred prisoners killed by torture in American prisons?
Mr. Panetta is NOT LEADING, he is TAKING ORDERS from his very CIA officials WHO ARE NOW, AS WE SPEAK, working relentlessly to COVER UP THEIR TORTURE PROGRAM -
and PIN the blame, or at least Public revulsion & demand for token scapegoats, on his own party's congressional leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

HOW PATHETICALLY LAME, how COWARDLY, how CORRUPT, complacent, & DESPICABLY TREACHEROUS are HARRY REID, STENY HOYER, the Obama White House "brain trust," and the other DC Democrats???
(With all apologies to those few Congressional men & women, like Reps. Conyers & Kucinich and Senator Leahy, who have been FIGHTING for IMPEACHEMENT, WAR-CRIMES, and/or TORTURE investigations).

THEY, the COWERING, TREACHEROUS DC Democrats, from the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE (read, rahm emanuel) to the Senate, to Speaker Pelosi's own House members, not only go along with CIA Director Panetta's bureaucratic COWARDICE & TREACHERY - but they, the "Democrat" 'leaders,' LET former Navy Seal, former pro wrestler, and former INDEPENDING Party Minnesota Governor JESSE VENTURA, put forth a FAR MORE SPIRITED DEFENSE of Speaker Pelosi regarding Republican efforts to SMEAR the Speaker, "SHE LIED ABOUT BEING BRIEFED ABOUT TORTURE!" - than ANYTHING Democrats have done or said on Speaker Pelosi's behalf!

While Gov. Ventura has been pounding the airwavs on every show he can get on, to ROUNDLY and ENERGETICALLY DENOUCE the Cheney-Bush CRIMINAL TORTURE PROGRAM, and to say "whether or not Speaker Pelosi was informed or not is IMMATERIAL" - the DC Democrats have been silent, bordering on COMPLICITY WITH the Republican SMEAR MACHINE (as Panetta most certainly is) for WEEKS now!!

Here are video clips of Gov. Ventura on "The View" and Fox & Friends, explaining that TORTURE IS A CRIME, and that if the former Navy SEAL Ventura were given "A WATER-BOARD and DICK CHENEY for a half hour," "I could get Mr. Cheney to CONFESS TO THE SHARON TATE MURDERS."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2h8imURMFk&annotation_id=annotation_617080&feature=iv That's because DC "Democrats" Like REID, HOYER, EMANUEL, John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, and even Vice President Joe Biden (et al, ad naseum) ARE FAR MORE CONNECTED to the BIG BANKS, the WAR-LOBBY, the AIPAC lobby, and the corrupt US financial "donor" game, than they are committed to being "Democratic"!!
This of course is SHEER TREACHERY out of the JOE LIEBERMAN "pretend to be a Democrat, until you are the powerful SENATOR FROM ISRAEL, from the War-Lobby, and from the Insurance state, when you can REVERT to your REAL AUTHORITARIAN, big-business, autocratic, kleptocratic corruption stripes" playbook.

As MSNBC news host Ed Schultz said, "IF the Republicans want Speaker Pelosi to APOLOGIZE or RESIGN for [merely] saying that the CIA LIED to her in claiming it briefed her about TORTURE in their 2003 briefings" (when Pelosi was then House MINORITY Leader Pelosi - at a time when Republcians RULED the HOUSE, SENATE, Executive Branch, AND judiciary with an iron fist) "...THEN WHERE IS _OUR APLOGY_ from BUSH, CHENEY, the CIA, and Dept. of Defense, for LYING AMERICA IN TO the IRAQ WAR?" (slightly paraphrased)

THAT is how DESPICABLY CORRUPT, COWARDLY, & TREACHEROUS the DC Democrats are - not only will they THROW THEIR OWN SPEAKER UNDER THE BUS for a FULL WEEK of Republican ATTACKS that would BOLSTER the PRO-WAR, PRO-TORTURE, PRO-WAR CRIMES Cheney-GOP position, but in order to do so, the DAMN TREACHEROUS, COWERING, CORRUPT, pro-war DC Dems have to, #1. pretend that Pelosi "lying" ABOUT A SINGLE BRIEFING SHE RECEIVED is EQUIVALENT to the TORTURE and MURDERS of prisoners in US prisons over these past 7 years; and #2. the Dems. must IGNORE the record of the CIA being used as a DEMAGOGUGE, war-hysteria PROPAGANDA ARM of the Bush-Cheney-GOP rush to invade Iraq all through 2002 and early 2003!!