Friday, May 22, 2009

TREACHEROUS DC Democrats Let Cheney-GOP "We did not torture, and it was legal if we did" Talking Points HANG across USA - UNCHALLENGED, UNCONTESTED...

"Democrat" leaders LET REPUBLICAN Colin Powell DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM: it is not DEMOCRAT 'leaders' who are PUSHING BACK AGAINST Vice President Cheney's HATE & FEAR demagogue "Obama makes America LESS SAFE in the war-on-terror" speeches: it is former REPUBLICAN Secretary of State COLIN POWELL offering up that rebuttal!
WHY do the DEMOCRATS - including Experienced "Leaders" like FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOHN KERRY, and Senate Majority "Leader" Harry Reid & House Majority Leader STENY HOYER, ALLOW Right-Wing Talking Points to POISON the political debate in America, UNCHALLENGED, UNCONTESTED, UNMOLESTED??
Just by banging the drums of "TORTURE IS GOOD FOR AMERICA!" with ONLY "the media" offering any counter-balance, Cheney's APPROVAL RATING has ALMOST DOUBLED in the past few weeks... on a tide of SHEER LIES, FALSEHOODS, INNUENDO, and DEMAGOGUE fear-mongering!
McClatchey news: "Cheney Speech Contained Omissions, Misstatements."

WHY do the "Democratic" "leaders" in the House and Senate ALLOW former Republican Speaker of the House NEWT GINGRICH, to go on nationally broadcast TV, saying that Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi SHOULD BE FORCED TO RESIGN, for having said that "IF the CIA now claims I was explicitly informed about Water-boarding and other TORTURE methods in a SINGLE BRIEFING I was given, IN 2002, when I was ONLY THE MINORITY LEADER [and the Bush-Cheney White House had NEAR GOD-LIKE POWERS to 'defend America' in the aftermath of the 9-11 terror attacks] Then they, the CIA, are LYING abou that memo or briefing" - WHEN EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, AND THE CIA LIED America into GOING TO WAR on FALSE PRETENSES in the spring of 2003?

WHY DO DEMOCRATS make KEITH OLBERMANN do THEIR WORK, of explaining to America that TORTURE is both a CRIMINAL VIOLATION OF US LAW, a criminal violation of international treaties that the United States has signed on to, AND IS above all COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE - an argument that Olbermann EASILY MAKES in 20 minutes almost every evening he is on the air, but that Democrats - ENTRUSTED with DEFENDING THE US CONSTITUTION, and EMPOWERED to SPEAK to the American people AT LEAST AS MUCH AS REPUBLICAN DEMAGOGUES are - WHY do Democrats SHIRK their Duty, to CONFRONT the LIES and CRIMINAL CONDUCT of the Bush-Cheney TORTURE GULAG.... EVEN given Mr. Bush & Mr. Cheney's sad, sordid attempts to PIN THE BLAME for the Abu Ghraib "ABUSE" scandal ON FEMALE PRIVATES ??
This, of course - tacitly DEFENDING TORTURE, by EXPENDING _NO_ ENERGY, effort, or resolve to CONFRONT it - is SHEER, DEMOCRAT COWARDICE, if not "We are a dictatorship" TREACHERY.
IT HEARKENS DIRECTLY BACK to America's HISTORY AS A SLAVE NATION, where NATIONAL LEADERS - Senators, Congressmen and of course presidents - could pontificate for hours on end about the "MORALITY" of a system that was founded on FUNDING OVERSEAS WARS (the original SLAVE RAIDS that fed African slave markets, and thus the trans-Atlantic slave trade); DEPENDED upon APPLIED TERRORISM - the SADISM and VIOLENCE endowed in Slave Overseers and slave-catchers to WHIP, TORTURE, RAPE, EXPOSE, BEAT, HUMILIATE, DEGRADE, or KILL SLAVES; and inculcated a sense in "polite society" that there were NO CRIMES, NO sadism, nor any murderous brutality involved in the so-called "peculiar institution" upon which entire swaths of American society and the American economy were dependent on?
Keith Olbermann easily DEMOLISHES the lies that former Vice President Cheney has "FORCE FED" America.... arguments and expositions that ENTIRE SWATHS of the so-called "DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP" REFUSE to make, despite their vastly greater budgets, despite their vastly greater exposure to American citizens, and despite the Democratic Party's leaders & Representatives VASTLY GREATER RESPONSIBILITY to UPHOLD and DEFEND the United States CONSTITUTION and its laws.

From pretending that TORTURE is NOT torture, to pretending that FEMALE PRIVATES were a "FEW BAD APPLES" in the BUSH-CHENEY-RUMSFELD-WOLFOWITZ TORTURE UNIVERSE, to PRETENDING that torture was "AUTHORIZED by Legal authorities" (when, as Mr. Olbermann points out, Cheney instituted HIS TORTURE program LONG before he got White House two-bit lawyers to rationalize what had already been done), to PRETENDING that Torture was PRODUCTIVE...
ON EACH of the above points, despite WELL ESTABLISHED FACTS in both media & government documents, the DC DEMOCRATS ARE OMINOUSLY, COWARDLY, TREACHEROUSLY SILENT.

And above all, Olbermann BLASTS Mr. Cheney for being CULPABLE for the DEATHS OF AMERICANS on 9-11, Mr. Cheney now claiming in his speech at the American Enterprise Institute yesterday that he took a "SECOND LOOK" at the THREAT OF TERROR ATTACKS ON AMERICA __ONLY AFTER__ the 9-11 attacks!
Mr. Olbermann pointing out that there were literally hundreds of professionals in national security, counter-terrorism, law-enforcement, and the US military, both in and out of the US government**, literally begging, pleading, and requesting that then Vice President Cheney ADDRESS the LOOMING Al QAIDA TERROR THREAT in the first 8 months Bush-Cheney administration - a responsibility and obligation that Vice President Cheney steadfastly REFUSED to step up to.
**(note: FBI Counter-terror & Al Qaida EXPERT JOHN O'NEILL was SO DEMORALIZED by the CIA, FBI, and Cheney-Bush administration's REFUSAL to PROSECUTE Al Qaida for the BOMBING of the USS Cole on 12 October 2000 in a Yemen harbor, that Mr. O'Neill literally QUIT the FBI in frustration, and took a job as Chief of the NY Port Authorities World Trade Centers towers - where he was KILLED on 9-11, last seen going up the stairs into the burning building to try to help victims reach safety. Critics of Mr. O'Neill paint him as "out of control" and "unwilling to cooperate with State Department protocols" when he went to Yemen in early 2001 to investigate the terror attacks, but the facts remain: PRESIDENT BUSH and VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY did NOTHING to seek justice for the US Sailors KILLED in the Cole bombing, until they used the 9-11 attacks as an EXCUSE to INVADE first Afghanistan and then IRAQ.)

SO, this week, the 3rd week of MAY 2009, Mr. Cheney's APPROVAL RATINGS SHOOT UP from 20% to 37%... because the COWERING, TREACHEROUS, PATHETIC DC Democrats GIVE Mr. Cheney a FREE PASS, an OPEN STAGE, a RED CARPET RECEPTION, to once again broadcast his DEMAGOGUE, BLAME-FEMALE-PRIVATES; "I had legal authorization," "FEAR THE TERRORISTS," "Americans MUST RESORT TO TORTURE" lies.