Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As TALIBAN ADVANCE, Pakistan EXPANDS Nuke Plants - Bush & Cheney FAILED America's Security re Terrorists & Nuclear Weapons!

DESPITE SPENDING their ENTIRE term of office,
post- 9-11, banging the drums of "9-11 TERRORISM!" and "NATIONAL SECURITY!" -
- the administration of DICK CHENEY and GEORGE W. BUSH have paved the way for a TITANIC FAILURE, in that singular, nightmare scenario that was their stock-in-trade in whipping up war-fever in America:
While Bush and Cheney were ACCUSING Iraq's Saddam Hussein of "CREATING A NUCLEAR PROGRAM" that would result in "MUSHROOM CLOUDS OVER AMERICA," THEY, Cheney & Bush, WERE ENABLING Al Qaida & the TALIBAN to METASTASIZE in... PAKISTAN!!

Pres. Bush & Vice-President Cheney, WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, WITHDREW US TROOPS FROM Afghanistan, BEFORE Osama bin Laden & Al Qadia had been captured, killed or destroyed, SPECIFICALLY to prepare for their "Captain Ahab obsession" not for a white whale, NOT for Al Qaida, NOT for Osama bin Laden, NOT for justice for those Americans killed in the 9-11 attacks - but to USE the 9-11 terror attacks as AN EXCUSE TO INVADE IRAQ, a country that had NOTHING TO DO with 9-11. THIS MASSIVE strategic and tactical FAILURE, ALLOWED Osama bin Laden to ESCAPE the US noose at Tora Bora
(Cheney, in the form of the US High Command, even SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED the US Delta special-forces team from launching a raid toward's bin Laden's Tora Bora hideout, from an "insertion point" BEHIND bin Laden's position in Afghanistan's mountains,
which OBSTRUCTION of US tactical operations sure enough gave bin Laden the route he needed to escape from US controlled Afghanistan into the "tribal areas") - and ALLOWED AL Qaida, bin Laden, and the TALIBAN to METASTASIZE IN TO PAKISTAN !!

Here is the March 2002 VIDEO of then US president George W. Bush saying
"I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS [bin Laden!]- I tell you, I REALLY just _DON'T_ spend that much time on him anymore" !!!!!

(And click here for Bush supporters and Bush apologists at the, all chiming in, "YES, Osama bin Laden is now IRRELEVANT to the fight in the 'war on terror,'" simply because President Bush made that ASTONISHINGLY insane, ABSURD assertion!)

Here Dan Froomkin, one of the Washington Post's rare competent writers, details President Bush's INSANELY TARDY efforts to capture or kill bin Laden - in 2008, SEVEN YEARS after Bush stupidly and smugly declared bin Laden to NO LONGER BE A THREAT to Ameica or Americans! -

Despite Taliban turmoil, Pakistan EXPANDS Nuke Plants

[That is, presumably,

NIGHTMARE that Bush & Cheney used AS AN EXCUSE to INVADE IRAQ in March 2003!]
By Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON — Pakistan is expanding its nuclear weapons program even as Islamic extremists in northwest Pakistan advance in the direction of several highly sensitive nuclear-related sites, U.S. officials and other experts said this week.
.....Pakistan's government is completing two new nuclear reactors to produce plutonium for weapons that would be smaller, lighter and more efficient than the 60-odd highly enriched uranium-fueled warheads that Pakistan is now thought to possess, the officials and experts said.