Monday, May 4, 2009

Texas Repub Gov. Perry Appointees DONATED $5 MILLION to his campaigns... WHAT did the Repub Prosecutors CONVICT Ala. Dem Gov. Siegelman for?!

As we have posted earlier, KARL ROVE'S LYNCH-MOB Republican PROSECUTORS in the Alabama US District Attorney's office CONVICTED Alabama Democrat Governor DON SIEGELMAN - of "corruption" in connection with Gov. Siegelman PUTTING A CAMPAIGN-DONOR on an Alabama statewide health-care oversight board.
(If we are not mistaken, it wasn't even a paid job!)
However, the AMERICAN press/media IS SO INSANELY CORRUPT, and the "DEMOCRAT" Party is so EQUALLY COMPLICIT in Big-Biz & Big-Finance CORRUPTION - that Siegelman's LYNCH-MOB CONVICTION basically completely escaped notice of the American corporate media machine - certainly not where near the attention the press-media JIHAD poured on Clinton administration appointees Web Hubbell, Henry Cisneros, and others endured in the 1990s.

Perry appointees donated nearly $5M to Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry has accepted nearly $5 million in political campaign donations from people he appointed to state boards and commissions since taking office in 2000, according to a newspaper review of campaign finance records.

The Houston Chronicle reported Monday that nearly half of the donations came from appointees who serve as higher education regents, including more than $840,000 from those at the University of Texas System. In some cases, Perry's appointees gave money in weeks before or after being selected.